You pad through the woods, your fur flat. You were a tiny kitten with no clue where you were. Previously, you were thrown out of a truck by your alcoholic owner when he didn't want you anymore. You lightly shook as you padded through the dark forest. Fear struck you every time a sound was heard, causing you to jump.

You were a fragile little cat that had to jump at every small sound to keep your hide.

As you walk half-crouched, you hear a noise. You froze in place, your heart nearly stopping. It was someone humming, sounding rather soothing. Carefully, you pad to the noise, which is coming from a very large tree. You look up to see where the sound was coming from.

A big, dark brown tabby with a pale underbelly and flecks on its legs sat on a low branch, humming. Its eyes were closed and its ears were laid back. Its legs dangled off the branch it lay on, purring as it hummed.

You took a step, but something snapped from under you. Fearfully, you freeze as the tabby's dark orange eyes open. It turns its head to you.

"Hello, young one.." the old tom says.

You take a breath. "Please, don't hurt me!" You suddenly wail. The tom jumps at your sudden cry.

"I wouldn't hurt a kit. I'm far too old, anyway... Hurting kits is against my rules."

You tilt your head, standing up straight. "You won't..?"

The tom nods in response. He quickly bolts down from the tree with a cough, slowly approaching you. He sat at your level.

"What is your name?" He calmly asks. You reply, saying your name shakily.

"Nice to meet you... My name is Rag. Where are you from?" You stop and think.

"I don't remember... Some messy house. I was thrown out of a truck.." Your eyes begin to water at the thought of your past. The old tom nods.

"I came from a lab... it was strange there. There were many other cats like me. I remember a few... Lutz, Page, Felix, and Kennedy. They were noble cats... Unfortunately, they died saving a few others from a fire that started in one of the rooms. I was one of those young cats."

You sit and listen to the story. "Soon, I escaped here. I got many strange looks from the other cats for unknown reasons... There were strangers all around us all. The other five cats rescued were taken by people on the streets. Luckily, I escaped the filthy hands of the humans. I can't do what I wished back then..."

"What did you want to do?" You ask. Rag sighs.

"I was looking for Mix, a spirit of a she-cat that died in experiments. She resides in a cave deep in the ground. The cave is in a mountain, the very top of it, to be exact. I couldn't make it because I couldn't climb, unlike other cats. You look like you'd be able to do just that..."

You nod. Thoughts rush through your head. Maybe you'll be rewarded for your actions!

"Will I get anything for doing that?" You ask. Rag nods.

"I will give something. It's a surprise. Trust me, it will keep you alive here in the woods. Humans cannot be trusted." You nod, energy pulsing through your veins, all of a sudden. You bounce up. "I'll go!"

Rag nods. "Go through the city. You'll find the mountain not too far from here." You bolt off with no thoughts. You wanted that reward. You didn't know what was ahead of you. Besides, you're just a kitten. How would you know better?

((((its gonna be a while before i finish this sORRY i have so much to do)))

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