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-Violence, gore, intense blood



Back in the 1500's, there were numerous experiments about pain. One of the most interesting experiments was conducted in Asia and was done by slowly, but surely, clipping every nerve in the patient's body. They would, however, be exposed to a frequency of radio waves that would keep them alive, no matter how much they begged. Every nerve would be severed, except for one. 

That one nerve would be selecteed at random. It could be sight, or hearing, or simply a leg or finger. One patient was especially wierd, though.

The story goes that the researchers chose a small, yet smart, 16 year old girl. She was healthy, intelligent, and overall a good girl. She was very rebellious, but that's besides the point. The scientists never said a word to her family. They just took her in her sleep.


"What are you doing to me!" She screamed as she woke up and they released the gas into the small white room. "HELP ME!" She screamed as they cut her voice. Blood trickled from her throat, but she kept forcing sound from her collapsing lungs. "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING!" she screamed. "Shhh little child... it will be over soon. Lay your head to rest, and Don't Make Me Cut Off The Air."  One of the researchers whispered calmly. The girl shook her weak, chained arms as she coughed and gagged from the little blood she had left. Huge, gaping holes in her flesh bled and her severed nerves and organs spilled out of her. The scientist then left her there to die, shutting the door behind him. The girl screamed and shook for hours, but fell silent later. Some text then flashed up on the screen.

"I see you have finally accepted your imminent death. Good for you. Soon the gas will be taken from the room and your body will be taken to the back room. Thank you for your participation."


I looked at the screen in horror. I looked at my lifeless body on the table and just deided that there was no hope. I shut my eyes, and an intense sting and burn filled my body. The next thing I knew was darkness.

I awoke in a small, windowed room. My skin was pale and scarred, and my hair looked almost bleached. How long was I asleep? I surely had died in that room. My clothes had also changed. I was somehow wearing a black, torn, dress. I stood and a sort of glow came about me. "COME AND GET ME, I'M NOT SCARED. YOU CAN'T HURT ME. YOU TRIED, BUT YOU CAN'T!" I screamed at the top of my lungs. I took a deep breath and could almost feel my body being pieced back together. I heard footsteps and then a creaking door. I grabbed a piece of broken glass and tried stab the person entering. "Calm it, I'm here for the same reason you are. the intruder said. He was tall and musular, but his skin was scarred the same was mine was. "Who are you...?" I said, calming down. "It doesn't matter."  He whispered. "WHO ARE YOU." I screamed and raised my hand to punch him. He was pushed to the back of the room somehow. "Oh my god, i'm sorry, I never knew I could do that... the researchers somehow--" I said. "Oh, it's  fine. I can explain. I was spying on them as they killed and ruined thousands of people, and finally decided to do something about it. They started with doing this to the sick and dying, and I thought it was alright. But taking the life of a child... that's crossing a line. I put a chemical on their knives... I never knew that it would cause this." He said. "I then put myself through the process... to find someone to get revenge with"  He finished. "Oh, you wouldn't want me." I said. "Are you sure? When was the last time you looked at yourself?" He said, a hint of deviousness in his voice. He was right, all i had seen of myself since they-- well, destroyed me, was my skin and hair. "However long it's been since they ruined us." I said as I grabbed a glass shard. I motioned my hand towards the door and it flung open. "Revenge?" I whispered. "Revenge." He said back.

We found the researchers torturing someone-someone who wanted me to get the revenge even more. It was my brother-the only family I ever had. "Wh-who are you?" My brother said. "What? You know me, I'm your sister-" I tried to remember my name. I guess they had wiped my memory during the research. "I'm your sister, Summer. Summer Home." I said quickly. "What?" He responded. I looked in fury to the scientist. "You... Did... This..." I screamed. I pushed him to the back of the wall and pinned him down. The boy took a knife from his pocket. "You ruined us, you ruined a thousand lives." He said. I thought as hard as I could to remember what he said to me. "Shhh little child... it will be over soon. Lay your head to rest." I whisper evilly as the boy sinks his knife into the scientist's throat. And that was the last anyone saw of us. But do not worry, the experiment is well taken care of.

~ Epilogue:

"We have seen everything. We know the darkest secrets and mysteries and our legacy will be carried out. But only one more mystery to solve-ourselves. There is darkness, darkness in all of us. It hides and waits. And sometimes, once in a million times, it escapes. The darkness has taken over, and the asphalt never looked softer."

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