Author's Note

I have no idea if this is going to be.. something. It'll probably end up discontinued or something like my other stories. So if you guys DO like it, PUNCH that lik-

Oh what?


Just finished a marathon of JackSepticEye...

-The Lonely One (talk)

Night Of Shadows

Scarlet's muscles burned. She had been training for two hours straight, and she was about to colapse, but she wouldn't- couldn't show weakness in front of her mentor, Bloodmoon.

"Now, CROSS-ADVANCE!" Roared Bloodmoon.

The other students, Silver, Blossom, Emerald, and.. and Olive.

Silver and Olive were always trying to best each other, like Scarlet and Blossom were. Emerald was Scarlet's best friend, and secretly has a crush on Silver.

The students cross-advanced, and cross-retreated.

"Thank you students, you are dissmissed." Bloodmoon waved a hand in their direction.

As Scarlet exited the room, Silver caught up with her.

"Hey, I know this great place we could eat tonight, you interested?" He smirked.

"No, Silver, but Emerald might. Besides, my father needs me at his lab."

Silver looked dissapointed as Scarlet walked out, fencing sword buckled on her left hip.


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