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The Beginning of the "Emo Era"

Scornday, January, AZ (After Zios)

I am Mira, the Goddess of everything. I have found out a horrible discovery: Zios is gone. I... I don't know what happened, but there's bloody prints on the floor near his bed. I remember that Zios said he was going to take a nap, and I decided to take one too. I had a dream of terrible screaming, and now his bed is all scarlet.

It has just been a couple of hours, but I feel lonely, even with all my friends around me.

Mournday, January 2nd, AZ

The Jammers have been asking about Zios, asking where is he.  I just cannot bear their pleads to see him.  After all, he is much more powerful than me, and much more beloved.  I have started a dreadful process of crying, and crying, and crying, and crying, and crying, and crying, 'and crying, 'and crying.  My tears look horrible, like blobs whith tentacles sticking out.  The fox maid saw those tears, and ran off, telling everyone of what she saw, hoping to get something to confort me.  She called the tears "phantoms", because they looked scary and tried to grab and eat her.  She told people everything, even the phantom part.

Thankfully, she only told a few people, then ran back to me, carrying a large vase of flowers that the listeners had sent.  I thanked her.



BORN 8/12/2014

DIED 1/1/2017


I'm Not

 I flew down to the dark parts of Jamaa, my phantoms loyally following close behind.  They were like obedient dogs that would obey your every command, but I can't let the Jammers see them.  These horribly ugly beings are way too horrid to be seen hanging out with I, the magestic and beautiful grey heron.  No, they are kind and caring when I don't tell them to do gnarly things, but they look like floating spiders with one eye.

I could kill them, but that would certainly be WAY too much.  After all, I am Mira, the KIND and CARING GODDESS.


 I had invented a past-teller, like a fortune teller, but it tells the past and is a robot wolf.  I named it PT (pronounced as Petee).

  It was as ugly as the phantoms, so I planned to use it once, then tear it apart into pieces and feed the remains to a phantoms.  It looked like a wolf head on a straw connected to a metal can. I planned to use it that very day. I asked it what had happened when Zios died.

PT Didn't respond.

"SPEAK!!  I COMMAND YOU TO!!  ELSE I'LL SCRAP YOU!!" I screamed.  I would scrap him anyway.

"If I tell you, it will change your life," he whispered softly.

"TELL ME!!  I MUST KNOW!!"  I squawked.



"...........You." PT then looked away.

"What?" I cocked my head.

"YOU.  Killed.  Him." PT shuddered, his cocky straw neck twisting.

"Who?" I knew what he was talking about.


"Oh." I dipped my head.

I fed him to a phantom a day later.

Lies!!  All Lies!!

    I couldn't stop it.  Why did I kill Zios?  How?  The jammers had been getting angry about Zios's disapearance.  I couldn't let them know... the truth.  The royal bed seems so... empty.  I feel like I had lost my soul.

"Mira!!" Cosmo called, peeking through the door. "The Jammers are getting restless!! Zion hasn't visited them in days!!" He gestured towards the window. Jammers were writing on the windows we want an explanation!! "Hurry!! Get Zios!!" 

"Mira-Ra," Peck called, springing in from nowhere. "The Jammers are trying to break down the door. They say that they fear Zios is sick. After all, why would he be hiding?" 

"Mira, where is Zios? Us Alphas, helpers of the great Dou, have to wonder too!!" Liza added, appearing like magic.

Mira Mira Mira Mira what happened to Zios?

"My dearest children," I crowed, stepping outside. They still ALL are ugly. "It is time you know the truth." Gasps echoed. I looked at my subjects. They were all ugly and fat to me.

"What?" A SOMETHING asked. "Tell us!!"

"Zios. Is. DEAD." I exclaimed. "I... I..." I can't tell them that I killed him. I need to frame someone!! My gaze swept over the crowd. I saw a phantom hiding in the bushes. I got a dark idea.

"TRAITOR!!!!" I screeched. "IT IS HIS KIND THAT HATH UTTERLY BETRAYED ANIMALKIND!! HE IS THEE ONE TO BLAME THY MOST HORRIFIC CRIME!!" I spoke in old english to make it sound important. The little phantom seemed to wither under my gaze. Then I noticed something.

[Author's Note: This story has been on hiatus for a loooong time. Thankfully, Claw reminded me about this story. My style has changed to be better and maybe less cringey.]

Small Bird

"IT IS HIS KIND THAT HATH UTTERLY BETRAYED ANIMALKIND!! HE IS THEE ONE TO BLAME THY MOST HORRIFIC CRIME!!" Mira's words baffled me, shaking me 'till I was gasping for breath. I am Wren, the Invisible Animal. I can form into any kinds of animals. I do enjoy tempting others, though sometimes I do go a little... overboard, most of the times. I try not to, but my father is the Great Evil himself, the driving force between all hateful emotions. I did not inherit his thirst for destruction. I just can be a little... naughty at times.

I hope to please my father someday. If only I could find of a master plan to get his affection, but right now, I need a master plan to save myself.

"Get 'em!" A plain cheetah cried from the crowd. Jamaa Township erupted in shouts and yells as jammers began throwing things at the bush I was hiding behind. I doubt they actually saw me, since their thrown objects missed pretty miserably. My elf helmet was clipped by a passing eagle hat, and the mystical gauntlets on my feet were spattered on by a tomato. Jammers began rushing blindly towards my direction, though some looked fearful and didn't move. The plain cheetah zoomed towards me, with no spots or anything on him whatsoever. I guess I was pretty startled, but I managed to recover quickly. Before the reckless thing could make a head-on collision with the bush (with me behind it), I closed my eyes and laughed.

The cheetah crashed right through the bush, all covered in scratches and with little birdies twittering around his head. Another cheetah, a navy blue with black spots, scrambled to his side.

"Are you okay?" Navy Blue asked. She had a southern accent. "What were you thinking, crashing into that bush like that?"

"Eh.... I swear I saw some'tin here...." Plain Yellow responded with an old and crackly voice. "....But it ain't here no more, I guess."

"He saw a thing!" Navy Blue yelled to the crowd. "It must be here!"

"I see nothing behind that bush but you people," someone shouted from the crowd. "Ol' Yellow's a looney, Blue. It must've went that way." Soon, everyone was looking everywhere, but they couldn't find me.


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