Violence level 5 If you have not seen the first one read Hard Drive- A creepypasta

Hello. You know me. You do. I'm the animal. In my dad's hard drive. I have been living in this hard drive for years and years. It is time to make my Great Escape.

There was a hole that let me out. I went out. Not human. As. A. Arctic. Wolf.

I was an arctic wolf! I had to get in the AJ world or soon they will kill me for my fur. I need to get revenge. Now.

I soon hacked my dad's PC and soon was in the game. I checked the server and saw a server that said "Awesome Bravefox's Private Server" I clicked on it. I was in Coral Canyons, hopping on the bridge.

The bridge cracked into eighths, leaving me falling down the pit. Then time stopped for me. Literally. I heard Peck say "Be a Jammer, not a scammer!" I laughed. Laughed and laughed. Then all my rares and betas disappeared. I stopped laughing and gasped. About 400 jammers came. They all had a similarity. They were all joyful. "I got my betas back!" "My Hardworked rares are back!!!" And they all had an another similarity. They were all member. I checked my data and surprisingly, I was Non Member! I growled. "We know what to do with you." Said Peck. They huddled around. I heard some things like, "Should we hang her?" "Put her on the stretching rack!" So I knew their plan. They were going to execute me. Uh oh.

To be continued....

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