(o my gOD)


One day, TechSaur (LIKE ALWAYS) finally found this old Windows XP after 43856 hours of searching for it in the attic.

Suddenly, she had a GENIUS IDEA. (totally not going to kill the computer!!!1)

She then downloaded the EEEEEEVVIIIIIL spyware, known as BonziBuddy... MISTAKE.

The computer began to scream in agony. "NOOOO WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS WHAT ARE YOU DOING"

Greeted by a crappily animated purple gorilla, (which should be slaughtered with no mercy and then thrown into a 85646354977 ft deep hole) she realized how much suffering this computer would go through. She named herself "Darude Sandstorm".

EEEEEEEEEEEH like she cared.

And then she went online and downloaded a bunch of useless virus-flooding toolbars, animated Christmas trees, a fluffy cat background (which was bad in quality) and more useless junk.

The whole screen was over flooding with useless stuff.

Suddenly, the computer died. It's last words rang out.


the end lololololololol

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