That was we Cocker Spaniels were. We were all trapped in this unreleased place, thanks to a little mistake I did. Okay, maybe 'little' isn't a way to describe what I did to get my kind trapped in these outskirts of Jamaa. Now, I, Symphony Spaniel, will tell you a tale, a tale of the Spaniel.

It all started back in the testing servers of Animal Jam, where unreleased animals and items would be tested. We, unfortunately were the only animals due to other animal kinds being deleted by AJHQ.

Goat? Deleted.

Ram? Deleted.

Fennec Fox? Deleted.


The list goes on and on, and we feared that we may be next. Well, that was before the 'Alphas' arrived. Those little idio-Nevermind, I must continue with the story. As I was saying, when the Alphas arrived, they took us under their wing and we were happy to be of help to them. We bonded together, but the Alpha us Cocker Spaniels could relate to was Cosmo, that retarded jerk. He used to be so caring, so kind. I remember him telling us this:

"Now, everyone, what do you see in the night time?"

"Stars, stars, and more light gas." I said loudly enough for forty Spaniels to hear. Cosmo just laughed. "You see, each constellation above us all tells our stories. For example, that leaf near the moon? That's my story. Now, pick a constellation to tell your story. Other Spaniels chose extravagant constellations, but the constellation I chose was a simple rosebud. "I see great good in you, Symphony." He smiled.

Uh huh, yeah right. Years after that, I started studying the stars. I would predict the coming of meteors and comets, but, I remember that very day we were banished into this horrid place. I could still remember the pain it caused me when I forgot to tell everyone that a dangerous meteor shower would be coming and kill lots of Jammers.

"Symphony, we trusted you! Now, jammers are DEAD because of you. What is wrong with you?! Are you some sort of retard?! I knew we couldn't trust you!" Peck yelled into my ear. I was hurt by her insult, and lowered down my head. "I-I'm sorry, I-I forgot forgot to tell you... Forgive me, please." "Why the actual flying fur would we forgive you?! Can't you even realize that you killed THOUSANDS of innocent animals and you expect forgiveness, you female dog?! Leave, and don't you and your kind return!" Cosmo shrieked. I ran away from the Alpha Palace. "Spaniels, follow me! We will never return to Jamaa!" Slowly, our bodies began dissolving into code. It hurt too much. It felt like I was being skinned alive.

Then, there was no trace left of Cocker Spaniels ever living in the testing servers, or Jamaa. AJHQ had completely deleted us all.

I don't know, how long it's been. I miss the sunny skies and the starry nights. The Alphas have no sympathy. They don't deserve the right to be an Alpha. I growled at the thought. Now we're just stuck here.

Years later, we discovered something special about this place. We could turn this place into a magical paradise. After lots of hard work and effort, the Moonlight Forest, was born.

Deleted animals could come into this Forest, even mythical animals. I was happy, we were all happy. Even if we were banished from Jamaa, we finally found our own home, hidden away from all of Jamaa. Somehow, jammers began venturing into the place, and we were surprised on how they could do this. With all of the strength I had, I made this place completely disappear off maps, and jammers could no longer run randomlu into here. Soon, stories of the Moonlight Forest was passed on as legend instead, and we didn't really care that much. Only worthy jammers could go in this forbidden part of Jamaa, but we have to wait for the prophesized day two jammers would restore the Forest, and reveal it to everyone. We were terrified, because if the Alphas EVER found this place,

We would all be doomed.

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