Template:WARNING! THIS PAGE MAY CONTAIN EXPLICIT CONTENT NOT FOR USERS BELOW 12-13!Plot to the story: After a large group of animals die, animals who ment the most to them give them a second chance at life if one of them finds the "Flag of Love," which doesn't actually exist.

Untitled drawing by ashleaf1-d7pm4uy
== ==

Shadow DaNeese

A young pup lay motionless in the mud next to the river of The Lost Temple of Zios. She cried softly, slowly dieing from starvation. A pack of lions walked up to her and laughed. "Aww, is someone hungry?" A female lioness chuckled. A male lion walked up next to her and kicked his dung in the pup's face, and walked away with the lioness. The pup wailed in pity of herself, and tumbled into the lake. She screamed with fear, and skin next to her rib cage ripped like white cloth. She tried to breath, but she choked from water. The world started to fade. She never saw something so forced. Momma! Momma, please! You were there! Where are you?! She yelled in her mind. What she thought was true. Her mother went out hunting a week ago. However, she never returned. Light flooded her eyes as she was about to


die. She was going to go to Zios's world, where she would be happy! But, it all went away too fast when The entire world went black.

Teams ~By Raggedyanniam

Chapter 1: Shadow DeFreece

"Is she dead?" A young hyena asked, staring at a young pup, wide eyes to closed. "Quiet, Rosy! I do not know." A scrawny, old hyena replied. She lifted up the pup's flank, revealing a bright silver patch of fur, that seemed to reflect the moonlight's shadow. Suddenly, the pup's flank started moving, and a small breath could be heard. "A miracle!" Rosy whispered. "Finally, a sister!" She paused for a mome

Untitled drawing by ashleaf1-d7prgxp

Shadow as the moon reflected onto her.

nt. "Alile, what is her name?" The old hyena looked up to the moon. "Her name, her name shall be shadow."

Shadow opened her eyes, coughing up blood and water. "Oh dear!" Alile gasped. "Rosy, fetch

some bunny. I need to get honey." She continued, walking out of the den.

Alile adopted Rosy after she was abandoned from her tribe, and they made a small den under the roots of a huge tree in Sarepia Forest. Shadow cried with confusion. "W-where am I? WHY AM I HERE?!?!" She screamed. Rosy skipped back to the patch of moss where Shadow lay, and dropped the rabbit next to her. "Eat up!" She said cheerfully, biting (and choking a little) on the rib of the creature. Shadow reluctantly took a tiny bite of the rabbit's ear, and vomited. "Relax! It's only two months old!" Rosy said, desperately trying to cheer up shadow. But it didn't work. Shadow cried all night, even when Alile introduced her to honey. Finally, they all went to sleep.

It was dawn. Shadow opened her eyes, crust crumpling out of her tiny eyelashes. A ray of sunshine creeped through the door of the den. Rosy sneaked up behind her, hiding behind Alile's sleeping flank. "That's light!" She said. Shadow immediately screamed, mistakenly clawing Rosy in her snout. Blood dripped down her paw as she held it on her nose. "I-I'm so sorry!" Shadow cried. Rosy laughed, licking the blood off of her paw. "Aw, it's okay! It appears you do talk!" Shadow looked skeptical, as she stared at the giant stain of blood under Rosy's feet, but she nodded, trying to be polite. "It's only blood. Nothing bad." Rosy said. "W-what is light?" Shadow asked. Rosy paused. "I honestly don't know. I asked Alile one time, but she just snarled at me and ordered me never to talk about it." Shadow nudged Rosy. "You're my only friend..." She said to Rosy. "I listen to what you say. Rosy's eyes lightened. I'm not alone! She thought.

Suddenly, the ground started shaking. Alile woke up by the sound of screaming outside. A crack of thunder hit the tree, and a branch started to spark. The blood on the floor turned into a dust-like substance, and flew to the door of the den, as if a magnet was sucking it in. "Girls, get down!" Alile yelled, grabbed both of them and pulling them to the back of the den.

The roots that sheltered them started to crack, and they were lifted clear out of the ground. Shadow couldn't believe her eyes. She was staring at a GIGANTIC black thing with 6 legs, one eye, and a purple mouth with razor-sharp teeth. "ALILE?! WHAT IS THAT?!" Rosy screamed in terror. Shadow couldn't believe it! This was the first time she has seen Rosy so scared. "That, that is a phantom." Alile replied, trying to dig a hole big enough for them to all fit in. The phantom was blocking the most beautiful thing Shadow ever saw- the light. It lifted up a tiny- almost microscopic bird, and slowly started to crush it with it's tentacle. The bird tried to fly away. It's wings were flapping so fast that they lit on fire, and the bird started to melt itself. "NO!" Shadow yelled, climbing up to the phantom's face, and tearing at it's eyes. The phantom roared in pain, letting the bird go. But alas, it flung Shadow off, burying her in the blood and bodies of the other animals. That was it, everything was black once again.

Chapter 2: Jay Wind

            Jennifer, Jay's mother, scurried across the snow, looking for a cave to claim for themselves while Jay slept in a basket between Jennifer's teeth. The wind blew violently as snow flicked in the family's eyes, blinding them. Jay screamed and cried as the blanket she lay under frosted to crisp. "Do not cry,

Untitled drawing by ashleaf1-d7prj18

Jennifer and Jay

dear child! We are to find a home!" Patrick yelled, the wind deafening his voice. Jennifer moved against him, trying to stay warm.

The sun was slowly fading under the horizon, and Jennifer's worries were beginning to be a reality. It was as if Mt. Shiver was trying to kill them. Jay tried to dig to the bottom of the basket, but the snow was so high to the point where she would suffocate if she reached it. They were wandering endlessly for hours, and it was finally 10:00 P.M. Jennifer couldn't go any further, and collapsed under the snow. Patrick was desperate to go further, but the oil was almost completely run out in the lamp he held on his paw, and he knew that if they went further, they would die. He dug a small cave beneath the snow, and nudged Jennifer into it. Finally, they went to sleep, afraid of what may happen tomorrow.

The sun came up, warming everything below it. The storm had stopped, and other animals that inhabitated the area exited their homes. However, the snow had not followed the storm. There was at least fife feet worth of snow. Luckily, the surface was strong enough to hold them. However, one was missing. "W-where is Jay?" Patrick asked calmly. The basket and the blanket were gone, too. Jennifer immediately started digging threw the cave, frantically trying to find her daughter. "WHERE ARE YOU, JAY?!" She screamed. She came across a huge clump of ice, and decided to dig around it. What she saw inside the ice was unforgettable...

Jay was in pieces, her blood blue and purple, her tongue crimpled up, stuck inside the ice. Patrick stared at the ice, speechless. After about fife minutes in shock, he pick up the ice and chucked it at the ground, splitting it in half. But it was too late. Jay was dead.

Momma? MOMMA! WHERE ARE YOU?! Jay thought in her mind, right about to go to zios's world.

Please!! Let me live!

But, right before an angel-fox was about to lift her up in her arms,  everything was black.

Chapter 3: Felix Connor

             A cub named Felix Connor yawned as the sun's ray lay right on him. A new day! Horray! He thought cheerfuly, about  to skip out of the den door. "You're not planning to leave without batheing, are you?" Chuckled Felix's mother, Natasha. Felix groaned, and stomped over to his mother, while she licked his flank, then pelt, etc. Colon, Felix's brother, was too, awakened by the light.

He almost immediately crouched into the hunter's position as a plump field mouse scurried across the den floor. Right when he was about to leap, their father squatted the mouse with his paw, picked it up, and swallowed it whole. "DAD!!!" He cried. "I was about to get that!!!" But the father laughed and said,"Just say I'm a hyena... These are life lessons you are to learn!" Felix laughed at his brother's failure, and darted out of the den.

This was Felix's home, Appondale. He loved the sound of the eagle's squaking, the rhino's stomping, and the giraffe's laughing. He felt he was a giant among them all, and that he was their king. "Cubs can't be kings, genius!" Felix's friend, Marzia laughed behind him, making him squeal. "How did you know that was what I was thinking, genius?" He replied with anger, and joy. "I guess you can say I'm special!" She replied, leaping at him, claiming she was a hyena. They laughed and battled as they tumbled down a hill. My life is perfect, isn't it? Felix thought for a moment, forgetting all his worries.

As the sun set, a few other parenting lions called their cubs in, Felix's dad came out with Colon and said,"Time to hunt!" Yes! He thought to himself. Hunting was his pride and joy. The feeling of saving his own family from starvation by doing something he thought was fun and easy was incredible. He felt like a hero. "What are we gonna' hunt today, dad?" Colon asked. What his father replied made Felix lick his lips as if he were going to die. The reply was,"Zebra." No, not wildebeast, no, not meerkat's, no, not vulture's, zebras. Something lions die for. Felix hopped next to them with pleasure. Today was a good day. Today was the best day.

Felix's feet dragged on the ground. They searched for four hours, and still, they found nothing, not even a dung beetle. Even their father looked dissapointed. "Dad, are we going back now?" Felix asked. He paused for a moment, thinking about Felix's question. Then, he finally said yes.

As they were walking, the ground started shaking. At first, they didn't pay much attention to it. But each time, it got louder, and stronger. "Dad, what is that?" Colon asked curiously. "Meh, I don't know. Don't worry about it." He replied. But Felix heard the sound of many animals all at once. This got louder, to the point where everybody in the area could hear it. "What the hell is that...?" Their father whispered to himself. As he turned around, he heard a bunny squeal in pain as thousands, if not millions of animals trampled it within seconds. He stood in shock for a moment, and ran the other direction. "GUYS! COME ON!" He yelled, running. Colon ran with him, but something caught Felix's eyes. It was hundreds of zebra.

"WOAH..." Felix said to himself. As he turned around, he started to worry. Where was dad and Colon...? He thought to himself. They were nowhere to be seen. As the animals ran closer, Felix stood where he was in confusion. "MOVE OUT OF THE WAY!!!" A rhino yelled to him, before he was about to crush Felix. But before Felix could even blink, hundreds of thousands of animals crushed him under their feet.

Untitled drawing by ashleaf1-d7po7ze

Felix at death.

This went on for 6 hours before the only sound anyone could hear was the chirping of a cricket. He was in a bloody pulp with some body parts missing. He was dead.

 "Hello, young one..." An angel fox whispered to Felix.

He didn't know where he was or what was happening. He was simply strangely calm and relaxed.

"You're grandfather was not a very nice man... But we couldn't teach him a lesson. So, we shall give his lesson to you. Once a horror always a horror...!" The fox continued. And, just as the others,

everything was black.

                            Chapter 4: Aristotelis Solveire (Final introduction)

                 Aristotelis (Aris) was just born as the phantom nearly destroyed all of Sarepia Forest. However, his father was killed by the phantom just moments before the birth. His brothers and sisters said he was a mistake. He was thought to be "Immortal" because of his tiny size.

He cried feriously as his mother walked away from him, leaving him cold and starving. "You are not my child..." She whispered in anger. "You are a monster! You killed your father! DIE!!! DIE IN HELL!" She screamed.

"Mother, what are you doing?" The eldest of the siblings asked. Her name was Lilian. She was known to be very wise, and an excellent hunter. Their mother breathed in for a moment and answered,"Your father is dead, you know that right?" She said calmly. "That is his fault. He does not deserve to live..." She paused for a moment. About ten minutes later she spoke. "His name shall be Aristotelis. It is the original version of the name Aristotle, which means the best purpose. He is the best purpose for murder, blood, death, the leader of the beasts."

Lilian was about to speak, but she closed her snout, knowing that if she dared argue, her mother would kill her in a heartbeat. Instead she nodded, and left the den to battle the phantom, who was nearly dead. Aris stared at her mother with wide eyes, his skin ripping as his stomach was slowly eating him alive. "I- I don't pitty you. I know what you did. Die..."

It was midnight. Finally, the phantom was dead. However, 24 animals died, including two of Lilian's siblings. 

Their mother was sleeping soundly on a deer's pelt. Lilian snuck to the dark corner where Aris was dieing. "I will take care of you... I will make sure you live. You have the best purpose. You have hope." She whispered to him, feeding him leftover phantom. Aris smiled at Lilian, and closed his eyes

. He was still dieing. Lilian closed her eyes. "I was too late. I am sorry..." She whispered. "But, before you go, remember this. Your name means the best purpose. Not the best purpose for murder, but for hope. You are not a monster. Remember that... I am sorry."

 "Hello? Lilian? Mother?" Aris asked in his thoughts. A fox angel leaped into his view.

"I know you are not a monster..." It said. "But your mother thinks so. I must carry her words to you. You cannot enter Zios's World."

And that was the last death. Everything was black.

                         2 Chapter 1: A colder welcome

                  A dozen spirits slept peacefully, unknown what would happen next. "Is it time...?" A feminin voice asked. "Quiet! I do not know." Another answered. A loud roar silenced their questions. "It is time. Let the spirits awaken." A low voice yelled. 

The smallest of the four voices nodded, and pressed his paw down on a diamond. 

A moment later, the sprits awakened with real voices, and were free to roam. "W-where am I? Who am I...?" A spirit asked, becoming more visible. "You are Jay Wind, remember?" The voice replied. "The rest of you are Felix Connor, Aristotelis Solveire, and Shadow DeFreece." Jay snorted with disgust. "Why are we here?!" Aris cried. A lioness, who seemed to be the leader, answered. "You are in Hell, or the Phantom's World. You are dead, remember?"

Shadow, Aris, and Jay stood still and nodded, but Felix was cursing and screaming at the voices. "I AM ALIVE! DON'T LET ME DIE! I WANT TO GO HOME!" The leader of the voices lifted her paw at his mouth. "Remember me? Marzia?" She asked. Felix was left in shock. "M-Marzia?" He whispered. "Silence." Marzia said.

The room was finally visable. It was quite strange. It was a cobblestone hall with vines growing between the cracks. A flag was floating in the middle of the room, and blood was splattered all over the walls.

Untitled drawing by ashleaf1-d7pr9g0

The room with Jay, Felix, Aris, and Shadow in it.

"Please, let us live!" Jay cried. Jennifer, Jay's mother, appeared out of the voices. "You can live again, dear." The rest of the voices appeared. They were Rosy, Alile, Marzia, Jennifer, and Lilian were there. "Do you see this flag?" Lilian asked them. A red flag with a wood pole that was in the middle of the room lowered onto the ground. They all nodded, scared of what may happen next.

"This is the Flag of Love. It will be hidden in the world, and you must find it. There shall be three teams, but only one animal will survive. If you find the flag, you will return to Jamaa, and your life will restart. Remember, all of you must work together, but no helping the other team. If you create a friendship with someone in a different team, it may be harder to slaughter them when you face one of them in battle." Rosy came up, and made the flag disappear. "Team one will be: Jay, Aristotelis, Shadow, and Felix." She said. "Team two will be: Connor, Morris KiKi..." Aris stared at Jay for a moment. "You're pretty cute, you know?" He chuckled. Jay gave him a disgusted look and said,"Listen here, short stack! If you think you are going to be my lover, make sure you achieve walking on water first!" Shadow and Felix laughed, and looked away.

"That is everyone!" Alile yelled. "Now, your journey is about to begin..." Lilian said without showing any kind of emotion. Three large pieces of the wall lifted up, revealing a dark, huge forest, the tree tops so high and wide, it blocked the entire sky. "Team one, rise!" Marzia yelled. Jay, Aris, Shadow, and Felix stood up. "Go through door one, and begin." "Team two..." The four of them marched out of the door, their heart pounding. Will we be the first ones to die? Aris thought to himself. Occcupied by kosh.

                                               To be continued...

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