The game Animal Jam is full of randomness and craziness. There are different types of randoms and crazies out there in AJ. This guide will tell you their behavior, responses and how to handle them!


Ever heard of a "scammer?" Of course you have! Scammers are people who trick people, stealing their items. There are different kinds of scammers around Animal Jam.


Recorders are jammers who claim that they are recording and want you to gift them for a "mailtime" video. They can be found commonly in Jamaa Township. You may see them in Sarepia Forest or the Lost Temple of Zios. If you ever see one, confront them! Tell them that mailtime videos don't work like that! Mailtime videos are when you open gifts that people send you WITHOUT you asking. They may rage, but they'll probably ignore you or say "whatever."


A trust-trader is a player who asks you to "trust trade" them. They have an item on trade, and you trade something better to see if you trust them. They'll decline until they get a good offer and then accept. They will run away then. Trust-traders can be found roaming Jamaa Township. If you see one, don't trade them! Simply block them and leave it alone.


Gift exchangers say that if you gift them, they'll gift back better items. Usually, they'll run away if the jammer who gifted them demands something in return, or they'll send back a crummy item, such as a necklace or pillow. They can be found in Jamaa Township, the Lost Temple of Zios and Sarepia Forest most of the time. If you see one, don't gift them! Be wise and ignore their childish screaming.


I'm sure everyone knows what a faker is- a person they claim to be, but they're NOT!


These jammers aren't very common in the Animal Jam universe. They claim to be Fman122 or Wretchedjungle, even though they were banned. They will go around, saying "i'll take ur aj" or "i will take all ur items". They can be found anywhere depending on how the jammer population is in a world. If you see one, tell them that user was banned. It's best to ignore them, though. They just cause an uproar of angry comments.


A YouTube faker is a jammer dressed as a popular AJ YouTuber, claiming to be that person. The most common used YouTubers that these jammers use are Kosho, Julian2, Lilacpetal and WootMoo. They are almost ALWAYS found in Jamaa Township. If you see one, search the YouTuber they play as. If they are offline, tell the user that that person isn't even on. They will probably get mad and say that it's a glitch or something, or they will just completely ignore you.


These jammers claim to be a moderator from AJHQ, even though they use the other words for curses. If you anger one of them, they'll yell "IM A MODERATOR AND AJHQ WILL BAN U!!!!!!!". They can be found in Jamaa Township and the Diamond Shop sometimes. If you encounter one, tell them that an AJ moderator would have an AJ picture at the end of their name tag and that they wouldn't exaggerate or be rude about a jammer going against the rules. They will probably rage and throw out more insults and sometimes rage quit.

There's more to come in the Guide to Animal Jam!


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