And now for page two! Last time, we introduced the scammers and fakers. This time, we'll talk about the jammers that are slightly uncommon. (NOTE: This series is MEANT to be a bit funny. This was a random idea.)


Beggars, the annoying ones of the Animal Jam universe... I want them to all burn in my grandmother's fireplace.


Mate beggars go around, well, looking for a girl or boy. Most of the beggars are girls searching for a boy. If they find the one they want, they'll beg like they're pleading Jesus to keep their lives. On the extremely rare occasion, the jammer will STALK the person! They can be found in Jamaa Township, but almost always in the Pillow Room. If you see one, confront them. Inform them that Animal Jam is NOT A DATING SITE and that it's just disgusting to have a mate in a kid's game. They will probably end up blocking you or raging.


Item beggars trade unfairly most of the time, and when the trade is declined, they'll throw a hissy fit and cry. Some of them claim that they have no items or that they're homeless. They may follow you, pleading for an item using caps most of the time. They can be found almost always in Jamaa Township, preying on rare jammers. If you see one who screams that their unfair trade was "fair," block them. If one claims to be homeless, click their tag and scroll through their animals to see what items they have on. Look at their pets. If they're rare, confront them. If you have free chat, announce that you shouldn't listen to that person and to block the jammer. They'll probably end up using the cry emoticon and run off.


Adoption beggars are jammers who want to be "adopted" and constantly yell what they are. They may ask ANYONE around them to adopt them, even if they're up for adoption or someone isn't even adopting. If you decline their question, they'll probably throw a rage-fit and scream "I REPORT YOU AND BLOCK YOU!!! AJ WILL BAN U! UR SO MEAN!!!!11". They can ALWAYS be found in the Pillow Room, no doubt about that. If you encounter one of these crazy jammers, ignore them or say that you're not adopting.


Role-players... PVP is basically everything in AJ role-play...


Clanners are usually wolves or bunnies who are dressed up as Warrior Cats. They regularly wear raccoon or fox hats, swords, bows and arrows, leg armor, tail armor, leaf necklaces, spike collars, elf bracelets and gloves. They can be found anywhere besides Jamaa Township, almost always in Sarepia Forest. If you see one in role-play, simply ignore them or play with them if wanted. If you don't like using wolves or bunnies as cats, give them an explanation on why another animal would be a better choice. They'll probably role-play kill you, rage or ignore you.


Powerplayers are role-players that kill you easily, tear limbs, twists heads, break necks and more terrible damage. They are the WORST role-players to see. They say that they kill you in one hit and dodge your attacks. Powerplayers tend to heal themselves... They are almost ALWAYS found in Sarepia Forest. If you see one, confront them. Tell them what an animal can and cannot do. Inform them that animals don't have super strength and superfast reflexes. They almost always go into a rage and role-play kill you over and over... And over. They may block you and report you. Then, they will proceed to laugh in your face and continue slaughtering everything in sight.


These role-players are obviously animals that are mythical. The most common mythicals are dragon mixes, unicorns, winged animals and animals that have powers. They tend to act like a powerplayer at times, sometimes swallowing you whole, killing you easily and stealing your soul... If you see one, you can either play with them, ignore them or go all animal-nerd on them. They'll probably end up killing you if you role-play with them. If you confront them, they may throw a fit, ignore you or just say "whatever I DO WHAT I WANT!!!!!."

I swear, there's not bit of reality in this game. Stay tuned for page 3!


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