(Goodbye Techy....)

The fox backed up

The dog's tail went between her legs

The wolf cried

There lied Tech, vines covering her lifeless body , her eyes glazed over , staring at nothing.

"I-I " the fox choked out " can't b-belive t-this"

"who?, WHO IS RESPONSIBLE!?" yelled the wolf

"me.." said the fox " I left her alone and came back and" she broke down " TEEEEEEEEECCCCCHHHHHH!" she screamed.

The dog fell to the ground and cried " YOU CAN'T BE DEAD! TECH! NO!"

The fox put her nose on her friends body " thank you for the good times, I'll miss you "

The wolf growled " c'mon , we gotta find her killer "

they ran into the bushes

" I GOT A SENT! " yelled the dog

A blue spirit flew close behind

" I bet it was saurtech!" yelled Icy

they banked a sharp right

" who ever " the wolf growled

"THEY WILL REGRET IT! " the three yelled together

( goodbye tech.....)

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