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Chapter 1: Introduction

The year is 2020. Animal Jam natives (the Alphas) have recreated Jamaa as a kingdom. Liza, the queen, is married to a second panda Alpha, Tristan. Greely captured the Phantom King in a prison in 2018. They hired prophesiers to tell them when the Phantom King would escape and who was to save Jamaa from destruction. Meanwhile, in Crystal Sands a small bunny is relaxing in the sun.

My name's Little Spiritmaster. I live in Crystal Sands. The sun feels so good there, that it's like Heaven! I walked in to where I work, Captain Melville's Juice Hut. A jammer walked in. "Hello and Welcome to the Juice Hut what would you like?" I said. "I come to bring a message," said the animal. I was surprised. "Who from?" I asked, confused. Why couldn't whoever it is send me a jam-a-gram? I wondered. "Liza." I was even more surprised! "Really? What does she want?" I asked nervously. "She wants you to come to the castle." OK, now inside my mind I was screaming. Would Liza make me a princess? Would I become Princess Spiritmaster? "What does she want to do with me?" "You'll see when you get there."


My animal, Little Spiritmaster.

Chapter 2: Going to the Castle

"By the way, my name's Shystar," said the messenger. She was an arctic wolf. "I bought some more food for the journey to the castle. It'll take a few days." I groaned. "Isn't there some sort of subway or something we can take?" I asked. "We could take the Jamaa Lines, but this mission is TOP SECRET and I don't trust you to not tell anybody," Shystar answered. "Hey!" I yelled. Shystar laughed. "Don't worry, Little. I may earn your trust someday. In the meantime, we should get to know each other."

Chapter 3: Jamaa Castle

It took us a few days, but in the end we finally got there. Our feet were sore, we were tired, and we needed a nice, warm, bath. When we reached Jamaa Township, jammers were hustling, and bustling. I couldn't hear myself think, but apparently Shystar could. We have to get to the castle. Some jammers might be spies for the Phantom King. Try to act normal. "Woah! I didn't know you could speak telepathically!" She covered my mouth. Any close friend of the Alphas or the Alphas can speak telepathically. When you finish your quest, Liza might give you the pow- She stopped. We had reached Jamaa Castle! It was huge! I couldn't wait to get inside!


The messenger, Shystar

Chapter 4: Inside the Castle

Inside was made of quartz, and so much diamond it almost blinded me! We walked into a room made of glass and two golden thrones bigger than Shystar! They were lined with red silk. In the chairs were the king and queen of all alphas, Tristan and Liza. "Welcome," Liza said softly. "I hope you've heard of us. If you haven't-" she got cut me. "Of course!" I shouted. I clapped my hand over my mouth. "Sorry," I apologized. Liza chuckled. "It's fine. I have a quest for you. We don't want everyone to worry and flee to the Club Penguin world, so we must keep this secret," she nodded. "The Phantom King has escaped, and the prophesiers say you are to save us from destruction." My eyes widened. I fled to the tower, shivering in fear. I'm only 10 years old! I can't do anything! I'll get myself killed! My conscience spoke out. Don't be afraid. Take a deep breath. So I did. Then I walked right back down there and agreed to the quest.

Chapter 5: Preparations

"Farewell! I have called a friend over to help you on your quest. She'll be here soon," Shystar said. Liza had allowed me to take the Jamaa Lines home. When I had prepared, I went home to Crystal Sands. Someone was waiting for me. "My name is Sparkle Arcticstar. I am the person sent to help you by Shystar." we got to know each other, and we were able to trust each other. Soon, we would start on our quest.

Chapter 6: Beginning of the Journey

We started off with a lot of food. But we knew what would happen if we had feasts every night. We still ran out of our food, though, about halfway to the Great Tower, where the Phantom King was hiding. Luckily, we had just enough strength to stop at Sarepia Forest. We bought more food there, and then we finally got to the Great Tower. "Woah," I said lazily. "I know, huge, isn't it?" she said excitedly. "I can't wait to get inside!" Suddenly, we heard a rustle in the leaves. "What was that?" "I don't know." Suddenly, a phantom popped up. "AAAAHHHH!" we ran all the way to partly into Mt. Shiveer. I groaned. "Now we have to walk ALL THE WAY to the tower again!" Just in case, we bought food at the Cocoa Hut. We started off again. This time, when we heard the rustling, a face popped up. "My name's Enchanted Magicninja. What are you doing at my king's castle?"

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