Hi!!  I am the narrator!!  This is the story of Cody Howler and Andy Hooves.  Please don't edit beyond spelling mistakes. 

Chapter 1: The Dead Pack

Way in Coral Canyons, under the bridge in the gorge, lived a peaceful wolf pack.  The leader was Scar Howler, and his mate was Rose Howler.  They had only one son, named "Cody Howler".  They didn't know why they named him Cody.  They just did.  Cody was a black pup with white markings.  He also had weird stubs on his head which very closely resembled antlers.  The Howler Family were very proud of their son, but one wolf, named "No Mind", thought the Howlers was a disgrace.  No Mind was possesed by evil.  I must destroy them before they have more pups with antlers, he thought.  There's a reason he has the name, you know!!  Now, No Mind is exactly what a bad guy would look like: Big black body, tough legs, and brainless.  So one day he did one very dumb thing.  I shall now switch to "Dramatic Mode".

The sky was streaked with scarlet that day, and the ground was dry with horror.  No Mind crawled up the bridge towering over the camp.  It was a dark day, that fateful day.  No Mind, on the rock, his outline dark and hideous, on that very day, pushed down slowly and then extended his legs forcefully.  He was not only jumping, but making the huge rocks from the bridge fall down and crush the camp. Then, on that very fateful day, the fate-changer, No Mind, brushed tons firewood on te ground.  Now, he threw the blazing logs into the camp and laughed.  That laugh echoed off the walls and pulled down more stones the size of elephants.  The camp disappeared in a cloud of dust, and Coral Canyons was washed in silence.  Silence.  Golden silence!!  No Mind thought.  The moans of pain and worry had stopped, and No Mind slipped away into Sarepia Forest.

Meanwhile, Cody crawled from under the rock he as hiding under, his tail burnt from the flames.  Switching to "Silly Mode".

Introducing... NinJuliacornFox

Cody crawled from the ruins of his pack.  His antlers hurt and his behind hurt.  The fire spread on the ground, firewood scattered everywhere.  Cody stared back into the ruins.  There were dusty fires everywhere, but Cody managed to get to the forest.  He lied down in the prickly moss and, tired to the bone, licked what looked like a cupcake with rainbow sprinkles.  POOF!!  A Unicorn in a ninja suit and fox clothes appeared. 

"I am NinjuliacornFox" huffed NinjuliacornFox.  "Julicorn for short" she added.  Then she farted out a rainbow with skittles and lollipops and cupcakes.  It was also on that day Cody's fate changed.  "I am the guardian of this cupcake.  I thought you needed help,"  a cart appeared on the rainbow.  "Climb into this cart.  It will transport you to Sarepia Forest.  Take this."  Cody climbed into the cart while Juliacorn sprinkled sprinkles onto his fur.  Then the cart moved away.  It felt like cotton candy, and Cody was about to take a bite out of a lollipop when it occurred to him how it appeared.  Suddenly, the rainbow and cart disappeared, throwing Cody straight into a deer. 

Andy Hooves: Live and Forget

     No, I am not going to tell you Andy's intro.  You can make that up on a separate page.  All you know right now is that Andy is a fawn who is orphaned and has suddenly got Amnesia and bad memory from the hit.  Meanwhile, Cody scrambles off of Andy and asks, "Are you okay?  My name's Cody Howler.  What's your name??"

"I'm Andy Hooves, but you can call me Andy Hooves.  My name's Andy Hooves.  Did I say that already??  What's your name??  My names Andy Hooves," Andy replied, stars flying over his head.  Ahh no I must've hurt him real bad!!  Cody thought.  I should hunt him but I don't have the strength, and company would be nice.  Even forgetful company.  "I'm Andy Hooves.  You're Cody Bowler.  I'm a deer.  What are you??  Also, just so you know, I'm Andy Hooves.  I'm a deer."

"I'm Cody Howler.  I'm a wolf." Cody woofed.

"A wolf.  Wow!!  I never met a wolf before.  Just so you know, I never met a wolf before." Andy stammered.

"Well, let's find shelter for the night," Cody said awkwardly.  His antlers seemed to blush red.  Andy followed Cody, murmuring "a wolf!!  A wolf!!  I never met a wolf before!!  A wolf!"  Cody soon found a small cave and used moss to make beds.  Cody and Andy both lied down.  Cody was so tired after all that happened, but it seemed impossible to sleep.  However, Andy soon went a snoozing as soon as he felt moss.  Still murmuring what he murmured before in his sleep, Cody soon was lulled to sleep by Andy's almost poetic words. 

The Lime Chronicles

Andy was dreaming, and I'm only including this part to have some fun.

"WUT TIME IS IT?!" Andy Yelled.  A Lime-Monkey holding a lime-sword suddenly appeared and said: ADVENTURE LIME!! and then the Lime-Monkey stabbed a Lime-Dragon and Lime-Juice squirted everywhere.  Then the background faded and Andy reappeared in a Lime-House, and a Lime-Servant asked if he wanted some Lime-Orange Juice and some Lime-Red Velvet Cake.  "I think I'll have some Lime-Onion Grass," Replied Andy.  Lime-Onion Grass was served.  Suddenly (again), an evil Lime-Dragon (accidently) broke the roof off the Lime-House Andy was in.  The Lime-Dragon (LED) was holding a Lime-Princess (LEP), who was crying "HELP!!"  Andy whipped out his Lime-Sword (LES) and leaped at the Lime-Dragon.  He bravely swung LES at LED's arm.  LED dropped LEP, but Andy forgot how fragile Princess Limes are.  As LEP hit the ground, Lime-Juice blasted everywhere.  LED gasped, swooped down and picked up LEP, then roared in Andy's face.  Lime-Spit showered Andy, and then LED spewed Lime-Fire, which is really just hot limes.

Andy cried "NO!!" as LED swooped away with LEP.  With LES in his hand, he dashed on, following wicked LED.  Finally, LED got to his castle and went inside.  Poor Andy had to cross a moat of Lime-Lava, which is hot lime juice, fight off Lime-Goblins, and eat a Lime-Wall, which is a wall made out of stacked limes.  He climbed to the top, unsheathed LES and charged.  


He ran right into LED and LEP.  They were making out.  "We're dating," LED explained happily.

"WUT?!" Andy cried.  Then LED ate LEP whole and Andy woke up. 

note: If you want more "Andy and Lime Chronicles", tell me in comments!!


"WUT TIME IS IT!?" Andy hollered, acting out the only parts of his dream he remembered.  

"I don't kno-AHH"  Andy squirted lime-juice into Cody's face.  Cody popped up and slipped on lime-juice.  "Where'd you get all these limes??" Andy shrugged.  Then he shrugged again.

"I think one of the limes had a rainbow and sprinkles on it.  I thin-," Andy remarked.

"WUT LIME IS IT?!" Cody barked.

"I forget.  Sorry, I forget," Andy mumbled.  "I think one of the limes had a rainbow and sprinkles on it."

"Uhh... ok," Cody muttered.  He sat down, annoyed by Andy. realizing that the cave just flooded with lime juice and sprinkles.  NinjuliacornFox appeared once again.

"Hi.  Destiny calls both of you," NinjuliacornFox said.  Then she made out a rainbow with a cart on it.  "Ride this cart.  It will take you to Mt. Shiveer.  There, you will learn important skills with a mentor.  She is a snow leopard named Snow Kat 'Ice Dancer' Meow.  Then she will Test you.  Finally, you will see the final Boss - I mean, Guide.  Now start adventuring!!"  Cody and Co. hopped into the cart and sped off to a land of snow leopards.

Snow Kat "Ice Dancer" Meow Trains: Long Chapter

Cody & Co. had arrived at their destination.  Snow leopards roamed around them, eyeing them suspiciously. A snow leopard with a tutu's belly growled.  Cody felt uneasy, when suddenly, Snow Kat "Ice Dancer" Meow Appeared.

"Welcome to my domain,"' she meowed kindly.  "I already know who you are.  Follow me."  They both followed her into the snow.  Suddenly, she gracefully leaped over them and landed nicely onto the snow without stirring up a storm.  She spun quickly around on the ice, lunged, and landed perfectly on her back paw, still spinning.  Andy gasped, awed.  Cody clapped shyly.  Ice Dancer mewed, "Focus on getting to my cave while trying to not get caught by Tutu, my friend."  The hungry Snow Leopard with the tutu smiled.  Is she trying to kill us?? Cody wondered.  Andy didn't seem aware of the danger.

Cody hopped down to the branch lower as Tutu scrambled up the tree, licking her lips.  "C'mon Andy!!" Cody yowled.  Andy leaped off the whole tree.  "NOO!!" Cody cried.  Andy landed perfectly right on Tutu.

"Run," Andy said calmly as he forced Tutu down to the ground.  How can he be so calm when we can die?? Cody thought.  Cody finally got to the ground when Tutu burst right up.  Andy and Cody slid to the cave while Tutu slipped on the ice. 

The Test

'"' Good job," Ice Dancer purred, impressed.  "Tutu, you may eat them now," she secretly joked. Cody gasped, frightened.  Andy burped.  Tutu licked her lips.  Cody and Andy were weary from before, but Tutu was already charging.  Quickly, Cody whispered to Andy, Bow your head.  They both bowed their heads so Tutu ran into 2 pairs of antlers.  Then Cody lifted hes head and got a good look at Tutu for the first time.  Tutu had a pink tutu on her, obviously.  She was very thin, had a very long tail  and she a forked tongue.

"What should we do now?  I think my memory is improving.  Also, what should we do now?" Andy muttered.

"Drive her back," Cody answered.  They drove Tutu close to the wall, but she leaped and landed on Cody.  Cody rolled over, smushing Tutu.  Tutu got up and swiped, driving Cody and Andy close to the wall.  She got closer and closer, and they could hear her stomach growling.  Suddenly, lime-juice squrted in her eye.  Andy was holding a lime in his mouth, and Cody had a lime wrapped in his tail.  They had those limes the whole time!!  Working together, the squirted juice at Tutu and drove her away.

"I sssssssurender...." she hissed.  Ice Dancer clapped and cheered.

"You're a fast learner, you two.  You completed the test.  Unfortunatly, NinjajuliacornFox got sick eating a rotten egg.  Your final guide will come to get you soon  You can stay here for a while.  Just so you know, I would've saved you if you really were gonna get eaten."

Tutu, A Long Chapter

Since they had time, they wanted to learn about Tutu.  "Why do you act like a snake??  I wonder why.  Did I tell you I wonder why you acted like a snake??" Andy asked rudely.  Cody panicked, afraid Tutu will get mad.

"I'm half sssssssnake.  My father wasss a sssnow leopard, and my mother wasss a sssnake.  Ssssee my tail??  It can wrap around you and ssssqueeze your life out," Tutu remarked happily.

"Why are you so hungry??" Cody asked timidly.

"I haven't eaten for yearssss because I ate my next-neighborsss because I couldn't find any food.  But don't worry, I'm the only cannibal here.  My neighborsss are asss sssweet asss sssugar.  I ssstill can't find food."  Tutu sniffed sadly.  Her stomach growled even louder.

"I'm so sorry!!  Do you want to eat something right now?" Andy asked.  "Also, do you want to eat something right now?"

Tutu looped her tail around Cody and raised him.  "Yess I do, and thisss tired little wolf looksss perfect to have for dinner!!"  Cody squirted lime-juice at Tutu.  Tutu drops Cody angrily.

"If y-you're s-so eager to eat, w-why don't y-you have a l-l-l-lime?" Cody stammered nervously.  Tutu nodded and opened her mouth.  Cody whispered to Andy, "have any limes?"

     "I don't know how, but limes keep appearing whenever we need one," Andy replied.  A million-billion-trillion limes appeared out of thin air.  As Tutu swallowed down  the million-billion-trillion limes, Andy repeated what he had just said.  Soon, Tutu had eaten all the limes and now had a humongus bulging belly.

Suddenly, the whole of Jamaa shook.

The Final Boss - I mean, "Guide"

A crack of thunder roared, wind howled, and Jamaa shook. A deep crack opened and a rain started falling.  The Ulrimate Chimers flew out of the crack.

'"Hi :3"' She purred.  Yes, she is a girl.

"OhMahGawdIt'sTheUltimateChimeraInAnimalJamHowDidThisHappen?" Cody and Andy cried together.

'"Wut?  I just came to be your guide?"' She said.  Cody and Andy imediatly discussed a plan to fight her.

"Attack!!" Cody yowled.  They, together, squirted lime juice at the Ultimate Chimera.  She stumbled back, falling into the crack.

"Oh Mah Gawd!!  I just wanted to deliver a profecy!!  I'll deliver it quickly:

Mindlessisouttokill,butathingandathingshalldefeathim,theywill!!Withaweoponattheirside,theywillfightthetide,andthebloodshalldie.Theyshallsee,fall,withtheirownhind,andsee thehorrorandhistoryof----01:30, August 13, 2015 (UTC)01:30, August 13, 2015 (UTC)01:30, August 13, 2015 (UTC)Happywolfpuppy (talk)" she fell into lava ans smoke gathered everywhere.

"Oops!!  What did she say??  Also, oops!!" Andy mumbled.

"Some profecy.  I wonder what was the word she was about to say," Cody answered thoughtfully. The smoke began to clear.  They were standing in a big black hallway, and at the end, No Mind stood.

"Mwahahahaha!!" He laughed heartily.  "I've been waiting a long time for this, Howler.

The Battle

"I knew from the moment that you were a disgrace to me, young Howler," he laughed.  "I knew you would come and mess up my life."

"WUT?!" Cody gasped.  Andy shifted uneasly.

"Long ago, I was the strongest wolf.  I was the greatest fighter." His voice dropped to a snarl.  "Then you came, you lime-using twot.  You and your miserable friend. You messed up my life by doing nothing.  You never wanted to tear apart people.  You believed in peace.  You turned the pack around so they would follow the path of peace.  I have trapped your actual boss under the floor.  Now, I shall show you my fighting skills..." No Mind lunged at them, mouth wide open, ready to snap their necks.  However, I forgot about the limes.  Immediatly, lime juice squirted everywhere and No Mind stumbled back.  United, Andy and Cody pushed him back, closer and closer to a pit.  Suddenly, the hallway started to crumble, years of abuse weakening them.  The floor cracked, and they all fell into the darkness.  "You're coming down with me!!" No Mind yowled.

The Boss Loose!!

Bam!!  They hit the floor.  Well, more of, they hit the limes.  Lime juice squirted everywhere, and No Mind panicked.  Cody and Andy ddn't mind the limes.  They looked up, and saw Greely the wolf, Liza the panda, and Sigurd the deer.  Their eyes were shining red.  Suddenly, Greely sprouted extra long, stretchy paws and Grabbed No Mind, and gave him to Tutu, who randomly appeared, teleported to them by Ice Dancer.  NinjuliacornFox appeared, and shouted, "LET THE BOSS LOOSE!!"

No Mind yowled and tried to escape, but Tutu grabbed him with her tail.  "Let go of me, you @#&^*&!!"  Tutu roared and stuffed his body into her mouth.  A white bunny came.

"KILLER RABBIT!!" Cody yowled.  He and Andy squirted limes into the rabbit's face.  The rabbit died.

"That was easy.  Also, that was easy," Andy snorted.

"OK.  Now, you can release No Mind," Greely announced.  Tutu grumbled and spat him out.  No Mind immediatly rushed up to Cody and tried to bite him, but got booted by Andy.  Then Cody charged and sent No Mind a'flying.  Finally, they both squirted No Mind with lime juice.  Overwhelmed, he died.

"I never wanna do that again," Cody huffed.

"WUT?!" Greely yowled.  "I thought you wanted to avenge your family!"

"Uh, no," Cody answered.  "Thanks for preparing me with guides, though, but I hate killing."

"Oops... sorry." Liza honked.  "Oh well.  What's done cannot be undone.  Just so you know, I made up that profesy.  Tutu, can you escort them back up?"

Tutu brought them both back up.  Ice Dancer and NinjuliacornFox bid farewell.  "You were great mentors, and great mentors," Andy announced.  "Bye."

Tutu asked where they were going.  "I don't know.  We're going to live in a lime field," answered Cody.

"Uhh... can I come with you guysss?"   Tutu stammered, blushing.  Andy nodded.  Twice. 

"I think she likes you .Also" Andy whispered to Cody

"Ermmm..." Cody said.

From that day on, they lived in a lime field and were occasionally visited by NinjuliacornFox and Ice Dancer.

They lived limely ever after.  Comment if you think I should write more (This story is pretty bad, so I don't think so)


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