note that these bunnies are my nana's real life pets HAHAHA and every other character are real pets


Intro - "early sun documents"


"our studies show that entities are breaking into our test chambers 29704 and 71141 this week. we have discovered many elements of our proof of this discovery and we are currently holding an investigation. we need more recruits to work at the facility and we are currently running low. in this case, we have picked a select group of students in our community that are at a youth age to take part.

we must teach them our ways, but their young minds won't comprehend. we must use something to get them to listen to us. something that will love them equally as much as they love it. it will teach them by speaking from a mind chip.

if the entity will not comply, use force. if it dies, revive it with the special vial of liquid. if that does not work, dispose without word."

signed, mr (REDACTED)

Chapter One - The Breakout

Awesome and Rocket were two black-furred bunnies who lived in Texas. Texan bunnies who lived alongside quiet cats, energetic dogs, loud ducks, and a squirrel they never got to see up close that lived in the playhouse that was transformed into an enclosure. The humans, especially that tall girl with glasses and poofy hair, loved the other animals there. The bunnies did get quite the attention, but liked to run from them.

Too bad there was a WALL between the two of the siblings.


They would tear the fur off each other's body, because... nobody knows why they did this, but they did anyway. So, the humans made a wall, and they haven't really seen each other in about a good year. They do chat, but never really get to see one another, except when they got to run around in one of the pens they had made. What annoyed them more was the pet duck, which they think is named O.B. Anyway, they just sat in their cages, talking to each other.

"Hey Rocket!" Awesome boomed, pressing the side of his head against the wooden wall. Rocket let out a grunt, seemingly awoken from sleeping.

"What do you want, crazy?" Rocket replied groggily. "I'm trying to sleep..."

"Dude, dude! I have an idea-" Awesome was cut off by a screech of disagreement.

"You goofball! You know we can't get out of these cages, and you almost got yourself hurt!"

"But hey, the doors aren't closed well!" Awesome snickered. He could hear Rocket let out a giggle. "Why didn't you say so then?" Rocket said a bit more energetically. Awesome raised onto his hind legs, pressing against the door. With an angry grumble, he threw himself against it, the wooden door swinging open with a 'pop,' throwing him into the dirt. Rocket also flew out, bit landed on his feet, stumbling with a breath, catching himself.

"What about Wigwom?" Rocket said, long ears twitching. "We should help him. He can climb!"

With that, Awesome hopped over to the rather tall stool by the cage door, climbing onto each step carefully. He stood up on the top one, calling for the squirrel. He could see Wigwom poke out of the hole in his sleeping area, leaping swiftly onto a branch positioned against the wall. Wigwom smiled, jumping over to the door, which was covered by a soft of wire with empty squares in it. "Wait a second!" he said, running to the back of the playhouse enclosure and crawling out of a hole drilled in the wood.

"The humans let me go wherever now!"

"What about the other animals too?" Rocket suggested. "We should help them.. Wait, they should be coming out any minute now."

"Wait... Turn around, guys..." Wigwom said a bit hazily.

Chapter 2 - Something's Not Right...

"Wigwom, there's nothing there other than the ducks, but they're sleeping! Seriously-" Rocket was cut off by a gasp.

They weren't in their backyard anymore.

In front of them was a dazzling woods in front of them, the leaves light green and the trunks a pale chocolate color. The sky was a shade of light orange-pink, the clouds dark orange against the setting sun. Wigwom clung to Rocket's side in shock. All three of them looked up, sparkling, dew-covered grass in the woods. They could see a field in the distance, golden flowers springing up from the dirt. A cool breeze blew through the trees.

"Woah," Awesome said. "This is cool! I've never seen anything like this..."

"I don't feel so good about this," Rocket said with a sigh. "Something doesn't feel right here."

"Lighten up, brother! Come on, let's go see what's in the woods and field down there."

With a sigh, Rocket was tugged along, Wigwom clinging to his back. He followed his brother, hopping along the flattened grass trail that led into the woods, a darkness forming. As stubborn as he was, he kept on going. Rocket bit his tail, causing him to shriek in pain and surprise, jumping forward and whipping around.

"What was that for!?" Awesome growled. Rocket let out a half laugh.

"You shouldn't be going down routes you don't know," his voice suddenly turned stern. "Who knows what's out here?"

Awesome stepped back, a clicking sound erupting into the air. Suddenly, a rumbling noise shook the ground, the wind cutting off. The trees began to shake as the ground seemed to spin, a circular outline glowing bright blue around them. The trees in the wide circle decayed on spot, the trio straight in the middle. Wigwom let out a scream as the ground began to raise under them, a few other square and circular spots forming in the earth, rising up in the same fashion. The dirt was pulled up, easily falling off, tumbling to the ground. Once the noise stopped, they were up high, looking over a moss-covered, dark stone wall, ancient carvings on the front of it. Awesome could make out the shape of a few rabbits, a dog, and a cat that looked like it was grinning.

"What just happened!?" Wigwom wailed, burying his face into Rocket's back, paws gripping tufts of black fur.

Awesome raised onto his hind legs, seeing a broken-down valley in the distance. The trees were decaying, some sort of white sap dripping out of them, black and gray bubbles swirling in it. The ground was a dark brown color, the plants shriveled up. A dead beehive could be seen on a tree in the distance, the branch cracking and falling to the dead ground, the hive crumbling. He shuddered.

"Man, what happened here...?" Awesome sighed, ears lowering back against his head.

"What did I tell you?" Rocket grumbled. "I told you not to go down unknown paths, and look what you did! We can't even get back down now!"

"Then we'll have to pass over that way..." Wigwom sighed, looking up.. "Oh no..."

Awesome peered over the wall, seeing a staircase winding down to the ground, a metal plate on the floor below it. He sighed, hopping onto the steps and trailing down. When he reached the bottom with the other two following, he stepped on the plate. The same rumbling sound echoed into the air behind the wall, the sort of figure that they rode up on sinking back down. They all landed on it, causing the process to become faster. All was silent.

"I guess we should get moving," Rocket huffed, hopping forward.

Chapter 3 - Bad Academia

After a long while of travel, the sun began to fall. A sense of fear stirred in Wigwom's chest. He didn't like the dark, especially if he was this far from home. He didn't even know where he was! He sunk into Rocket's black fur, bushy tail curling up on his back. His small form clung to the rabbit, eyes growing tired.

"Where are we going..?" Wigwom questioned groggily, ears twitching. Rocket nearly collapsed, feet aching. He slumped down on the ground, belly pressed against the dirt. Awesome sat down by his brother, head low from being tired, hunger biting at his stomach. Pain shot through his chest and abdomen.

"We've been traveling all day," Rocket whimpered. "We need to sleep..."

"I'm sure we'll get... somewhere... if we keep going..." Awesome encouraged, but he too was tired. He could feel something watching him, a sick feeling rising. He felt like something was watching behind his back as the starless night sky grasped the land, swallowing it in darkness. The echoes of the low wind caused him to shudder, enhancing the odd feeling. "No.. something's out there..."

"There's nothing there, and you're gonna scare the squirrel..."

Rocket slipped asleep in a matter of silent seconds, the eerie howling of the wind greeting him as the squirrel and his brother fell asleep. Awesome sat up on his hind legs, scanning the dark area. It was nearly pitch black, and time was being stolen from them quickly. The howling of the wind was high-pitched now, and it reminded him of the sound he heard in his dreams- a faint sound that reminded him of the sounds of a piano and a hair-raising ring that went on and echoed out.

The night was crawling in quicker as he stared into the dark, his friend and brother already in a deep sleep. Awesome felt a shiver run down his back, something poking and jabbing at him. He felt drowsier every second that passed, a hushed voice urging him into sleeping. Unable to keep his balance, he slipped over, feet aching terribly. His eyes seemed to fall shut in an instant, a pitch darkness taking him in.


A terrible ringing sound flooded back.

Awesome woke up in a rather bright room, something jabbing his skin. He raised his head to find himself on a broken piece of wood, sharp bits of it poking at him. He pulled himself up, some of the shards stuck in his fur. He groaned in exhaustion, paws still aching from a long travel. All around him were bookshelves, stacked with tons of books, hundreds, as it seemed. There was no door, though, and he wondered how someone could reach this room.

He hopped onto the slate floor below him, paws hitting the cold ground. He shuddered, sitting up to look at the books. There were no titles or authors- just books with dark cases. They looked awfully dusty, as if they had been sitting there for a lot of years. He could see a bit of the labels on the shelves above each row.




"ever since"



"they rearranged us"

Awesome pondered on why the labels were there. All of a sudden, a loud boom echoed in the formerly dead silent room, causing him to look up. A hatch was on the ceiling, a ladder sliding down. Hesitantly, he climbed up, keeping his grip on each bar. He pulled himself up when he reached the top, paws landing on another dusty surface.

There were many chairs and desks in this room, a row of computers in the back by a wooden door. On the opposite wall there was a whiteboard with a few expo markers sitting on a sort of rail on the wall, the floors wooden and the walls painted a dull cream. An old-timey television was hanging from the left wall, wires hanging out of it and its screen was shattered, revealing the inside of it. A lingering coldness was trapped in the old classroom. There were even papers on a teacher's desk in the right corner, an old lamp unplugged. Scratches and peeling paint were decorating the walls, along with crayon scribbles and stained drinks or whatever was spilled.

Something really pointed out on the whiteboard. There was a symbol drawn in blue, a triangle with an X in it with three curved lines to the sides with straight tops. A circle was below it, lines inside it. It seemed to have a faint glow to it, some of the mystery substance it was drawn with dripping down to the rail. Bullets were scattered along the floor, some of them having the blue on it. In a corner, a faint crimson splatter painted the floor and two walls. He shuddered.

"Is anyone there?" the bunny called, shivering as he grew uncomfortable. "Hello...?"

A slamming noise interrupted him. Turning to a shelf on the wall by the whiteboard, a book hit the ground with a popping sound following it, dust flinging into the air. Carefully, he hopped over to it, dusting off the dull red cover to see big words in black.


He flipped the cover, seeing a blank opening page and then a glossary. He read the first few words that he saw on the first page with text on it. It looked like it was typed out and printed.

"Ever since Bandit has passed above it has been different.

The school has lost its pet of the class. It has been hard for our top students, having grown close to the cat. The information has been lost on where he came from, but we suspect that this is a different galactic dimension and that things aren't right here. Are we just looking at ourselves how we think we are? On the outside, do we blabber out our thoughts like everyone else would do? We don't know.

This cat has shown us the gates of infinity. He tells us there is no God or devil. We are existing in a circle of time, where it all repeats. They rearranged us."

He stopped reading, closing the book and pushing it aside. He didn't want to know what else was in this. He knew he would end up getting lost in his own thought about what has been written. Shuddering, he left the room, crawling under a crack in the door to be greeted by another room of darkness, the lights of the last room fading out as the shadows creeped in the distance of what looked to be a hallway.

Chapter 4 - contact 0029704

With a light sigh, followed by a deep breath, he hopped into the shadows. He could feel the walls closing in, the rough sides brushing his long whiskers. The walls reminded him of stones packed into each other, stacking up to form a wall. His whiskers were now beginning to curve, feeling the edges of the rough walls poke at him. There wasn't a way for him to turn back, a sense urging him on, something he couldn't seem to get rid of. The walls felt like they were about to crush him, his body growing stuck as it was cut off, head poking out while the rest of his body was trapped between two stone walls. A red dot flickered in the darkness, causing him to look up. Awesome grew uncomfortable as it looked like it inched closer slowly, its pace picking up.

As it shot at him all of a sudden, he jerked his head down out of instinct, a wave of air brushing the ridges of his ears and head. The dot flew past his head, flying past him down the hall. It was like a long bullet, cutting through the air swiftly. He heard the air 'whoosh' as the bullet cut through, the glowing, flickering tip going off in the distance.

"I thought I could kill you quicker..." a raspy voice echoed out, low and menacing. "...But you've got senses."

Awesome didn't speak, but listened to the stranger's words, slightly quivering- this person, or whatever was in the shadows, was going to kill him!

"I never thought someone would find the way out of the room. I did that to help you, and I led you here intentionally. You don't know where you are, huh?"

"Who are you!?" Awesome whimpered. The stranger stopped speaking, a dead silence filling the room for a few seconds.

"You're in the lab of the United Services of Radioactive Workers. This is a highly secret organization. But now that you know about this..." a click sound interrupted him, reminding him of the sound of a knife popping out of its case, "'ll never be able to speak of it again."

Two pairs of empty, glowing white eyes opened in the dark. Awesome shuddered, body lightly rocking against the walls. The light of the glowing eyes grew brighter, making out the brightened look of a boxy muzzle with a few ridges by the dog-like nose, the tip of it glistening. Its mouth opened, revealing multiple, needle-like teeth on each jaw. The tongue stuck up, having two fang-ish curves with sharp edges, dull streaks of some sort of crimson on them.

The rest of its body began to show, light pooling around its black, scaled waist. Its head was covered in thorn-sized spikes, the spikes on its muzzle curving back like its teeth did. It had a long neck, the underside fading to gray to white. Many scars and torn scales dotted its chest and throat, along with a bullet stuck in the side of its jawline. The creature had two extra-scaly arms with large 'paws' with massive claws. The rest of its body was hidden in the shadows.

"And you'll never see my face again, nor will you ever tell the tale. I brought you here just to kill you- and my favorite food is rabbit, anyway... You're really something special, aren't you? Bandit would approve of you. You may be small," the monster said with a raspy laugh, "but you've got strength. You've got the best senses. And I'm looking for a subject to harness that power. That's why you're here..."

Awesome began to squirm, pushing against the walls that kept him in place, trying to squeeze his plump, fluffy body through the narrow exit. The beast's tongue was stretching out, the thin muscle's two razors clicking out, a sharper edge slipping out. He held back a frightened scream as it spoke again.

"You hold a special power you don't know about. And that power is just a few inches out of my reach..."

With a petrified screech, Awesome flung out of the two walls, plunging forward as the creature's tongue shot out, the razors missing his soft flesh. He plummeted into the darkness, hearing the monster's angry scream echo out. Cold air hit his belly as he fell, fur sticking up with the wind.

Awesome felt like he stopped falling for a minute. He was still in the act of falling, but the air was gone. A warm sensation flooded over him, some feeling of care.

"Contact 0029704," it said. "Contact 0029704. They have all the answers."

Chapter 5 - Wild Eyes, Domestic Face


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