The Prologue.

Once upon a time, there was a pink fox named Lily. Mythical Spiritlily, that is, but she preferred to be called Lily. One day, her parents, Blossom Arcticfox and Duke Shyfriend called her downstairs, to the bottom of their beach house den. "Lily, it is time for you to go and explore Jamaa. Get to know the types of people there are, and make some friends," Blossom spoke. Duke nodded in agreement. Lily looked up at the two, her tail flicking. "Really..? By myself..?" Her parents nodded. "Now go." Duke barked. Blossom added, "Have fun, my little flower!"


This is Lily.

Chapter 1: The Arctic Wolf Named Enchanted

Lily walked out of the den and into the world. When she reached Jamaa Township, she looked around. "Wow, there's so many people!" She squealed. She walked around some more. A young bunny was at the Mira statue, yelling out, "Dance around the statue and you'll get 1,000,000 gems!!" Lily kept walking, ignoring the bunny. "It'd be a waste of my time.." She thought, flicking a ear. As she walked through the middle of the township, she saw a young snow leopard handing out papers. "Extra! Extra! The llama heartstone has been found, and the llamas have returned!!" The snow leopard yowled. Lily took a paper and dug through her purse for five gems. She handed the leopard some gems as it nodded a thanks back to the young fox. Lily spotted a clothing shop and went in. "Jam Mart Clothing," it read. As she entered, an arctic wolf greeted her. "Hello, young fox. I'm Enchanted Arcticwolf, but just call me Enchanted." she barked. Lily, being the shy fox she was backed away a bit. "Hello.." she whispered.

Arctic Wolf

Enchanted the Arctic Wolf

The arctic wolf comforted Lily. "It's ok, I won't bite. So, is this your first time out in the city?" Lily nodded. "My parents sent me out here to meet new friends and find out everyone's personalities here. Say," She smiled. "Would you like to join me?"

Chapter 2: The Glam Sisters

Enchanted nodded. "Yes, I'd love to! Where to next?" She asked. Lily smiled. "Let me go shop first."

After a few hours of deciding which outfit to wear and which clothes to buy, the two new friends walked out. "Man, that was GREAT!" Enchanted squealed. Lily spotted a little room which everyone called, 'The Adoption Center.' "Let's go there," Lily said. "Oh, the pillow room?" Enchanted replied as they went in.

As they got in, the music turned to a relaxing zen-type music. There were a lot of baby bunnies and wolves waiting to be adopted. Just then, three  little bunnies, about the age of six, hopped over to Lily and Enchanted. "Hello, I'm Spirit!" The white bunny with a pink heart over her eye and a small scarf, raccoon tail, and an aviator hat squeaked. Another bunny, who had the color of magenta and a magenta-pink spot on her side squeaked, "I'm Fauna!" The final bunny out of the trio hopped to her sisters' side. She looked like a mix of Spirit and Fauna, with a hot-pink pelt, a raccoon tail, a star hat, and a clover blanket covering the flowers on her side. "I'm Grace!" She smiled. All three squealed in unison, "And we're the Glam Sisters!" Now, Enchanted, Lily, and everyone else in the room were struck with cuteness. Spirit smiled cutely, "Will you adopt us..?" Enchanted nodded her head in a no, and everyone in the room said, "Awwwww." The three bunnies looked down sadly, tears welling in their eyes. Lily felt bad for them, and gave Enchanted a nudge that said, "At least let them come with us." Enchanted gave in and sighed, "You can come with us." The trio immediantly lifted up their heads. "REALLY?!" They all said in unison. "Really." Lily smiled back.

(WIP :3)





Spring bunny


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