Once, there was a jammer named Oblivia. She was Mira's daughter. Oblivia had learned the ways of a Alpha. She knew how to battle phantoms and take back what was Jamaa's. Mira always watched over Oblivia from the skies. Mira was killed, and crowned a goddess. She would watch over jammers from the skies.

One day, Oblivia was asked by the Alphas if she wanted to take a challenge that might as well kill her. It was a test to see if she was worthy of being a Alpha. If she passed, she would be the Alpha of all animals. If she didn't live through it, though, she would die and never be what she wanted to be.

Chapter One -

Oblivia sat in her porch swing. She looked into the skies. "In a few days, I shall battle many monsters, ones more fiercer than the phantoms who once destroyed Jamaa." Oblivia told herself. She looked down at her sword. It was splattered with dried blood from many battles she had fought. She sighed and set it down beside her. "I should go make some food. Hopefully Amber comes." Oblivia said as she walked into her den. The sun shone on the pink forest walls decorating her den. She heard footsteps in her yard. "Hello." Oblivia said, not paying attention to the lion standing in her doorway. "Hello, Oblivia. In 20 days, you shall go to battle," He said. He gave Oblivia a scroll. "Sign this if you are sure you want to battle." Oblivia knew she would sign it. Nothing would prevent her from doing it. The lion gave Oblivia a pen and Oblivia signed her name on the scroll. She saw many other names on it. She read them as she signed. She saw Amber's name! I don't want to fight my own friend! Oblivia though as she handed the lion the pen. "Thank you for signing. We shall see you competing for a place as Alpha." He said and left. This is terrible! My own friend will fight me, then will have to kill monsters, then she'll have to cross the raging river... I can't let her win, but I can't let her lose. Oblivia thought.

"Hi!" Oblivia heard the cheery voice from her doorway. It was Amber's. "Hello!" Oblivia said and hugged Amber. "I'm competing for a place as Alpha." Amber smiled. "Um... me too." Oblivia murmured. Amber and Oblivia just seemed to stare at eachother for a while. "Let's go to my den... uh, my mother would like you to visit." Amber said. "Okay." Oblivia looked at her paws as she spoke.

"So, who do you think will win? Fang, or maybe Stone!" Amber said as the two walked out Oblivia's den. "Maybe Speckled?" She suggested. "Nah, Speckled's too... weak. In a way, you know?" Amber said. "I suppose so. But Fang told me he didn't care much if he won or lost. But losing usually means dying." Oblivia said. "He's so strong!" Amber said, in a long, dreamy voice. "This competition doesn't mean fighting for love. It's for a place as Alpha, having a throne and leading all animals. You can't just dream of him winning, or else you'll die! You see, there's only a few survivors in these battles. And they come once in a life-time. This may be the last memory you can have before you END." Oblivia explained to Amber in a harsh tone. "So? I like him." Amber said in a sassy tone. "Whatever." Oblivia said and rolled her eyes.

WIP/Work In Progress

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