It was a normal Animal jam day for me. I was online with my buddy, krg39665. We were playing Fruit Slinger, when krg left. I left too, wondering why she left. I got teleported to Sol Arcade, where krg was sitting. She said, "Can we play Greedly's Inferno for some gems?" she asked.

"Sure! I would love to!" I replied. So we finished the long adventure, since it was hard mode. I was hoping I would get 1,000 gems. Instead, I got Greedly's passage.

"Cool," I said to krg before we left the adventure,"but I would rather some gems."

She didn't reply, and left the adventure, leaving me and some of the Alphas. I left, teleporting to a dim, eeire cave. I thought this mabye an unfinished room, since it had no title. I went to explore, going through tunnels that led to a statue of one of the Alphas. I seemed to find a Greedly Statue at the end of a pitch black tunnel, knowing it was smashed as my eagle felt it with her claws. I just realised that the statue of Sir Gilbert wasn't in any of the tunnels in the cave. I headed out of what I thought was the unfinished room,but the entrance was blocked with rocks. I didn't try to break through the rocks to see what this room looked like. Instead, I walked over to a ball of light. My eagle touched with her wing, then the screen turned white. I had been teleported to Mt. Shiveer, but instead of the hot cocoa hut was a portal. Stupidly, I moved my eagle to the portal. It was flashing red and black, and had no rock surrounding like my floor portal did. I was teleported again to another cave, though it was lighter than the last one. I walked over to the lightest tunnel, where the crystals that shimmered in the tunnel reflected the light.


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