Amelie had recently met a brand new friend on her home wiki, and was about to walk out of her den to meet her. She was currently padding through the township, and came upon a path. "Wait, so.. Yeah, this is the right path! I'm so excited!" Amelie squealed as she hurried down the bamboo trail. After a few minutes of walking, she came upon a mythical sight.  

 A giant, castle-like den, with a beautiful garden to the left of the gigantic yard, and a small cherry forest with a stream running through it to create a swimming pond on the left. Amelie's jaw dropped. She looked for a way to get in, and found a small, gray gate. She tried to open it, and surprisingly, it was unlocked. What stood before her was a large, brown and gold stage, with various instruments scattered across it. She sneaked beside the stage, and found the door.  

 She anxiously knocked, and waited for about a minute. Suddenly, a cyan fox hurried and opened the door, "Oh! Hello! You must be Infinity's friend!" Amelie nodded excitedly, "Come on in! I'll go get her!" Another cyan fox, nearly identical to the other, with only a shade lighter eye color, popped up. "I'm Echo! And that was my sister, Moon!"  

"Nice to meet you, Echo!" Amelie exclaimed. A minute later, Moon ran back to where Echo and Amelie were, this time with Infinity in tow. "Amelie, I'm so happy to see you!" Infinity exclaimed. "I know! Me too!!" Amelie squealed. "I have to introduce you to everyone!" Infinity smiled.  

"As you probably know, these two foxes are Echo and Moon. They're serious gamers." 

"It's nice to meet you!" Echo said. "Yeah, pleasure to meet ya Amelie." Moon said with a smile. "Okay, follow me, I'll show you Jake."  

Amelie followed Infinity upstairs, and she knocked on the door. A brown wolf with a football jersey and a phantom necklace opened the door and said, "Yeah? What do you need, Infinity?"  

"Jake, this is Amelie! I met her on da internet." Infinity explained. Jake stared at Amelie, in a daze, and suddenly dropped to the floor. "..Uh... What just happened..?" Amelie asked. 

"Oh, it's natural.. Whenever he meets new girls, he instantly faints. It's simply how he lives." Infinity snickered. "Oh! You have to meet Inga! She loves new people!" The gray arctic rushed down the stairs, and into the garden. A light, light grey polar bear was watering one of the large beds of petunias. She didn't seem to notice the two. "Inga! My friend Amelie came over!" The polar bear turned her head, and excitedly rushed over. "Hello, hello! It's so nice to meet you!" She greeted. 

 "You must be Amelie! I've heard so much about you!" The polar bear said. Amelie looked behind Inga and looked at the giant flowerbed, which was actually separated into three parts. There were trellis-es bordering the garden away from the rest of the giant yard, and a rose hedge to the either side of you when entering the garden. It was absolutely beautifal. 

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