The stars swirled above a massive clearing where 6 large tents stood in a perfect circle, statues of animals near their entrances. The pair of animal statues in front of one particular tent that had gear patterns were monkeys. Light shone brightly from inside. "GRAHAM! I THOUGHT YOU AGREED TO NOT PLAY ON THE COMPUTER AT NIGHT! I'M TRYING TO GET TO SLEEP HERE!" shouted a grouchy female panda, Liza the Panda Alpha. Peck, who was sitting next to Graham, pulled her mouth into a silly smile and started dancing to some YouTube music Graham found.

"How did you even get WiFi out here in the middle of Sarepia Forest anyway?" interrupted Cosmo who was also disturbed. Graham just ignored him and increased the music volume, not that it wasn't loud already! "Turn that computer off RIGHT NOW!" screeched Liza, but Graham only turned it up even more.  "THAT'S IT! NO MORE COMPUTER FOR YOU!" roared Liza, slamming her paw on Graham's computer's power button. Graham hit Liza in the face with a gear only to get knocked out by a furious Liza the panda. "Now everyone, get to bed!" Liza shouted as she went back to her tent.

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