I rushed through the zombies, hitting them with my sword, kicking some as I took some poor zombie's arm and fough the others with it. I reached the door with my friends, we were safe for now, the first wave of zombies were dead and we all hid inside the first room.

"Phew" I said "Hard work."

"Yeah, but at least we made it for now." Tara, my BFF replied.

"And what are we gonna do with the other zombies? We almost failed with those." Kai said.

"I'm not too concerning about those dead guys. Ya remember how we killed them? It is gonna be a walk in the park" Dray smiledand leande on his sword.

"Yeah" I said. "So what now?"

"We should get the other 'mutants'"

Actually, mutants aren't things like monsters. They're just people that fight aganist those pesky zombies and demons trying to invade the world.

But first things first. My name is Zalia, but my codename is Shadow. Im part of an organization called "The Revenge". It was made to protect the world from the zombies and demons. Everything began a year ago when the leader of demons, Keyar, found the way out of the Black Volcano - their home and prison. They united with a horde of zombies they brought back from the dead and decided to rule the world. So today was another ordinary day of my life.

We went into all rooms; they were empty. All 'mutants' were in the first room. Suddenly, we heard Tara's voice:

"They're coming!"

Everyone hid inside the first room, except for me and Dray. The zombies were pounding on the first door. There was no way to go in without getting our brains get eaten by zombies. Suddenly, Dray took his sword and got into the pile of zombies, fighting anyone of them who dared touch his brain. But the zombies were too strong. They all attacked him and lied on him, I couldn't see anything. I hoped Dray would jump out of them, alive, but I knew it wouldn't happen. His brain got eaten by them and soon they left his corpse on the ground.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" I cried, rushed through them, took Dray's corpse and got into the nearest room. I leaned my back on the door, tears falling down my face.

"Furstrating, isn't it?" I heard a voice. Simon, another 'mutant' was in the room, too.

"They... They killed him..." I said sobbing. Dray was really irritating, but he was a friend. And I hate when a friend dies. "I have to break through them and get to the others." I said. "But those zombies are in the hall. How could I get to the others without getting caught?"

"In moments like these, I wish I didn't have a brain." Simon said. This gave me an idea. I looked a the corpse next to me. I took Dray's hoodie and put it on me. I pulled the hood over my head. It hid my face.

"Perfect." I said.

I opened the door and quickly went out, leaving Kai in the room. The zombies gathered around me, trying to kill me.

"Ahem, don't you remember how you ate me already? You ate my brain, now I don't have one." I said, hoping the zombies would believe me. I took off my sword and cut some zombies' heads. They didn't do anything to me, cuz they already ate Dray's brain. Soon I reached the end of the hall, most zombies were dead. "It's all over for now." I thought.

But I was proven wrong.

Suddenly, a giant, 4 meters tall demon stood in front of me. He was black, brown and red and reminded me of  a giant cockroach.

"You thought you can get away with it, little girl? No way. These zombies are stupid, but I'm gonna kill you. You will finally get what you deserve.

"No way, squished cockroach!" I cried and took my sword. I jumped aganist him and slayed him with a single hit of my sword. The door opened.

"Wow, you slayed him alone!" I heard a voice.

"Yay, you're alive!" Tara shouted and hugged me.

"Yeah... but Dray isn't." I said.

"Well,... Dray was a... good warrior and... even though he was a total freak, he was a friend." Kai said.

All the 'mutants gathered here. Except for one... Simone, Simon's sister.

The next day we were all searching for her, althrough we knew she is probaly eaten. Untill we get that virus message on Tara's computer:

You all thought you can get away of with this? You are just little kids, we can kill you all just with a wave of hand. Give up and we may not kill you yet. But for now, you get this: We have put bombs around Claw Island, they will explode right after 6 hours. You can't save the people there, because evry time a human goes near the island, the time to explosion will shorten with 40 minutes. if you dare, come save the people. We will be waiting.

This surely didn't mean anything good...

"We must save the people on Claw Island. But how can we tell them without getting on le island?" Tara began thinking aloud. "I know how!" She esclaimed after short time. "We will evacuate them with the flying jetpacks. We will fly over the island and tell the people about the danger. Then we will send a transporter to get them."

And the plan was done.

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