This story is supposed to take place of a character, my character on Animal Jam, Miss Toughwolf. It's far into the future, and Jamaa is no longer the child-friendly world anymore. Here is the experience....few have told.

Day 1 of the Chaos- Today is 1/17/2187. I heard an explosion not too far from my house. I woke up to the screams of other Jammers. I didn't dare step outside of my den. I merely peeked through the window, hoping to not get seen. I don't know if it was just me being tired, but I could've sworn I saw Cosmo...the Koala Alpha escaping the ashes. I'm trying to fall back asleep. I'm going to go check it out tomorrow. Goodnight, journal.

Morning of Day 1- I'm about to head out to check out whatever the commotion was last night. I have my bow and arrows equipped. It's a bit windy today, I'm trying to find my Fox Hat....

Once Miss Toughwolf was prepared to leave her den, she picked up her journal too. She strolled down to the site of the disaster. She wasn't the only one investigating. Several of her neighborhood friends were surrounding the hole it left in the ground.

"What on Mira's great green Earth would do such a thing?!", said Gorgeous Vineclaw.

"...I think that's what we're all trying to figure out.", Miss Toughwolf replied.

Update- I honestly can't figure out what it was that caused the explosion. There aren't any prints of who I thought I saw run away either....

The following night, she was preparing to fall asleep. Suddenly, she heard a knock on her den. Miss let go of the tail armor she was about to put away and trotted to her door. Opening it, there was Greely, the Alpha of the Wolves. Outside, she heard her neighbors crying. Some being lead by animals she has never seen before.

Greely asked her to step outside of her den and drop everything she may be holding. Confused, and worried, she slowly and carefully dropped her equipment. Greely pointed to a group about to take off.

"...This isn't right. There must be something I can least a few. Something tells me this isn't going to end well.", Miss thought in her head.

Miss looked at Greely with a straight face, subtly nodded and slowly padded away. She was stalling to have some time for an escape plan. As she approached her group, Miss immediately headed for the back. She nudged a few of the animals beside her. Lowering her head with theirs, she whispered:

"Look, I have a plan. Even though I don't know you guys, and I know this isn't a good situation, I think we can escape....", Miss said.

The blue and white otter looked at her with a stunned expression, locking eyes with Miss Toughwolf.

"Are you crazy?! We don't even know these animals, they can be capable of anything! I think it's best that we follow their orders and stay in line....", said the otter.

"No, that's not the best option. Where are they even taking us? I'm not sure, and I don't really want to find out....what's your name?", Toughwolf replied.

"I'm Precious ShyStar.", the blue otter said.

"Precious...huh? Look, I want you to sneak towards the middle of the line and bring back as many TRUSTING animals that you can. Don't think twice about one, just grab what your gut says is good and bring them back here.", Miss Toughwolf said as she pointed her nose to the rest of the group.

As Precious ShyStar gracefully made her way into the group and hurriedly chose people she thought she could trust, Miss ToughWolf glanced around to find a good opening for running. Precious swiftly came back with 2 bunnies, another arctic wolf, 4 deer, an eagle and a few tigers. Miss gestured them to the back with her with a flick of her head.

As the animals made their way over, ToughWolf explained the plan.

"I'm sure we all have a bad feeling about this sudden event", she said. "But...I do have a plan. I need you to cooperate 100% if you want to be successful in the great escape..."

A black he rabbit with red lightning bolts and white eyes looked up at Miss. His face showed determination, but slight fear.

"Lady.... are you sure about this? As much as I agree....I'm not sure I want to risk this.", his head dropped and he stared at the floor.

Miss ToughWolf wrapped her brown tail around him. Her blue eyes were bright with reassurance. She silently nodded in agreement.

"I'm in for this. But...what's the plan?", said the green eyed she tiger.

The tiger was merely a child....who didn't seem to have any parents in sight. She had a white under color and a light blue overcoat with black spots.

"My plan is when we make our stop for the night and the guards are surely asleep, we look for an exit. We should try to stay in the same group for the night. Let's ALL stay close. I'm going to need names in case we are separated tonight.", said Miss as she glanced at each member of the small party.

"Eternal FierySpirit", the black and red lightning he rabbit said.

"Awesome BravePaw", the little tiger said.

The second rabbit hopped towards her, it was a light brown she rabbit with dark pink hearts and light green eyes. "I'm Princess RainyStone".

An eagle, who looked as if he was a phoenix, darkly replied with obvious rage in his voice, "Major StrongClaw".

Miss looked at him for a few seconds, with obvious wonder in her eyes. Miss was never all that good at hiding her feelings. She changed expression, with determination filling her instead.

"I'm not sure how long we will be walking to our...uh...destination I suppose. But I don't think it should be very long", Miss said. The group nodded with agreement.

THIS IS A WIP! Please let me know how I'm doing and what needs to be changed! :)

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