Deh black wolf

I took a screenshot but it's not so good


a screenshot (not deh best) from deh creepy ass bunny

 [NOTE: this is a parody.]

Mt. Shiveer

First, when I was in mt. shiveer I decided to go on that slide. After I did this behind my animal was a black figure staring at me and then I said:

who r u?

and then he/she said:

you are in the dark servers.

and the letters were blood like sauce and a message popped: The letters are wrote in blood. after that the black figure disappeared. then everything turned black and sauce splitted everywhere. then I did not know where I was. and then I noticed actually that black figure was a wolf (black) with no eyes like it was having a plastic eye surgery.

AND AFTER that I decided to log off because I thought it was just a bug but it won't let me do that. I decided to go switch servers and then I realized the servers were all written in sauce (blood?) and the servers' name were all HELL .

Dead 4 l1fe

I thought someone was hacking me and then I went to my den to buy stuff. when I closed that page the black shadow figure (wolf) appeared again. but this time it was with a bunny with  black color both but with X red eyes. and then he/she send a message (the bunny): Hello little girl. (with red (sauce) letters OF COURSE.)

and then I said: i'm not a girl you ugly fag (by the way now I was having free chat with no stuff like safe things)

black wolf: yeah yeah shut up they're the same now die (WITH RED (SAUCE) LETTERS!!!!!111!1)

and then the black wolf had now red eyes that blood(sauce) tears were falling from deh eyes.

AND THEN the black wolf charged at me and the screen faded in black. AND THEEEEEEEEEN it showed a picture of my animal being eaten by that wolf and sending a message:

You shouldn't have been in mt. shiveer.

and then the bunny near the wolf said (by the way the image was frozen):


I got banned for 45 years

don't mess with these trollers

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