Your dream is to get a black long spike. My dream is to get a black long spike. It's everyone's dream to get a black long spike collar. I actually once successfully got a black long, but then I saw something horrible happen...


A picture of TheCagedDemon

I was on Animal Jam, Aldan, Jamaa. I was walking around until a fox called Magical ToughSpirit said, "Black long on trade! If I accept, I'M FREED!" I was confused by this and wondering why she said this. But my dream was to get a black long so I clicked on the tag. The username read, "TheCagedDemon". I ignored the rather strange username and offered her a blue long, gltich sweather, neon bow, and black beard with white tip. And believe or not... she accepted! (NOTE: Actually did not. Ok, carry on.) I was so happy and overwhelmed with joy. Then she yelled out, "FINALLY, I'M FREE!" Her fox then had the blue long I traded her and she left. I was very happy with the black long, even though I was a non member. My goal with the black long is to get a green beta tiara or green beta blanket. I went to Aldan and kept yelling out, "Trade me fairly! Black long on trade!" I did get trades, but sadly they were unfair. Some were, but I didn't want to accept. I was very picky. But then after a few minutes, I got logged out. I was confused.

I logged in again quickly. But then it logged me off again. I thought I was being hacked and I changed my password. Then, I logged into my account. When I got on, my bunny looked like Magical. I freaked out a bit and though that TheCagedDemon hacked me. First, I looked at my items. Thankfully, I had everything. Inculding the black long. Then, I checked my den, animals, gems, buddies, diamonds, tickets and my messages. Nope. Nothing. Expect my wolf looked like Magical as well. I was so happy! I tried to change my animals back to the regular color. But when I did, nothing happened. I just shrugged and refresh the page. Still the same color. In fact, I had a fox! And I was a non member! I shook my head and tried to change my color again. But then when I did it this time a message popped up like when you get suspended. But instead of saying why it got suspended, it said this, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING? YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED UNTIL 1 DAY!" After that, I got logged out. I was scared and confused because I didn't do anything. I contacted AJHQ and they said they will fix the problem.

3 days passed by after the last time I logged in. Then on Saturday, I decided to login and I thought AJHQ fixed the problem. And it looked like they did! My bunny and wolf was back and the fox was gone. But then I noticed I had nothing expect for the black long. I gasped in fear even though I had the black long. I was going to log off, but the game wouldn't let me. Then a message popped up like if I got a warning. But instead it said, "I ACCEPTED YOUR TRADE AND I AM FREED. NOW YOU'RE UNDER THE CONTROL OF THE BLACK LONG. IN FACT, THAT BLUE LONG YOU TRADED... IT CAN CONTROL ANYONE IF YOU WEAR IT. AND NOW I HAVE IT. I CAN DO WHATEVER I WANT WITH YOU. NOW ME AND THE BLACK LONG CONTROL YOUR ACCOUNT. YOU TRADED MORE THEN ITEMS... YOU TRADED YOUR ACCOUNT." I was so scared that I clicked the "X" on my desktop. But it said, "I NOW CONTROL YOUR COMPUTER." I started to scream and I shut down the computer from the button. But then it quickly brought me back on Animal Jam. My bunny was in a place like the phantom vortex but it was completely dark. But surrounding her was animals that looked like Magical. They were all wearing blue longs. Infinity (my bunny) had the collar on even though I was a nm. She was bleeding all over.

I was so scared. Then, she started to cry. Not like the crying emotion. Actual crying. Tears were coming out and she yelled out, "WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO ME?" Then Animal Jam disappeared. I never tried to go on Animal Jam again. But one day, I decided to go on. But instead of the homepage, it said, "I know who you are... you aren't allowed on Animal Jam. I am watching you." Then I decided never to go on the website again. Then a few months later I got a message from AJHQ. Or at least it said it. When I opened it up, it said, "You are doomed. I have watched you and know everything about you. On June 26th, which is your last day of school... it will be the day that I will come for you and you are mine."

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