I was a normal jammer.

I used to have fun, add buddies, play….all that stuff.

I used to be normal, until I figured out I was pretty useless at trading.

I liked to trade, really. Only when things went my way.

I put something on my trade list and without saying anything, I got offers.

Yeah, a few rares at first. But my trading got worse.

I was never a huge fan of trading, even though that's what keeps the game going. I was very lazy at trading, I never would stand up and dance these days begging for trades. I always do that, and nobody trades me. I never look bright and up to my neck with rares. No, I always have a few rares on to get players' attentions.

Few pay attention to me or even dare offer.

Me trade the players? Oh, don't even get me started! As I said, I'm too lazy to trade, and always end up empty-handed, unless the jammer is generous enough to accept reasonable offers. Players often OVERTRADE for simple items, such as bows and arrows and gloves. I always trade once in a while, but with the players knowing their rares and when I'm almost to the point that I'm about to offer all I can, I get nothing. I give all my best rares in trades, knowing that no matter how low rarity the item is, I'm probably not going to get traded.

I always come out furious, steaming-hot mad.

I never was the same again.

I plotted revenge against all jammers who think they can just decline every offer they get. Even the best offer, they would just kick away like a stone in their path. Why put their items on trade if they were going to decline every offer, and leave jammers heartbroken? I had one goal in Jamaa, only one that would never be accomplished if I didn't do anything about my trading. My only wish, my hope and dream, was to get a spiked collar. It didn't matter what color or what type, heck, it didn't even matter if it came out of the diamond shop! I just wanted to get one really badly, and those jammers who have so many and decide to hoard them and never trade them away would be punished. Sure, they wanted their spikes. But, why keep so many? You only need one or two to wear, if you don't like the colors, you could trade it away. But really? All the jammers around you begging, practically SCREAMING in your face for a spike, yet they hoard all of them away.

All these thoughts filled me up with HATE and ANGER and I was thirsty for REVENGE.

Fine to all those jammers who thought putting items on trade and always declining was a fun game. I'll show them what a fun game it was to get their items hacked, possibly worse.

I created something, something that would SNATCH their rares and give it to the jammers in need of rares. New jammers, preferably. Jammers whose hopes and dreams of getting their most wanted rare would finally come true, all thanks to me.

I sent out a jamagram to all the member jammers with hoards of rares. They all panicked, not wanting to open the gift I had sent them. That gift, it contained a virus strong enough to rip their computer apart, and have them not play or use it ever again. That same gift would also snatch their rares and their account, and give it to jammers who always wanted a certain item.

Few opened the gift, few hopeless jammers got rares and member accounts.

I would take from the rich, selfish, member jammers and give to the poor, innocent, and hopeless non member jammers.

Since my animal was a black koala with giant, round, white eyes, everyone called me the black virus. Probably because my animal was black, or probably because my virus destroyed jammers' computers.

Either way, I was caught, and here I am now, telling you my story. It's not a happy one though, but what I tried doing, taking from the members and giving to the non-members, is probably something no jammer has done before.

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