I didn't mean to hurt anyone. I didn't mean for this to happen. I didn't mean it to be my fault. I didn't mean to help the evil emerge from the lost.

Chapter 1: Before

I was a Jammer, like you. I was normal, like you. But I never thought the extra normal would happen to someone like me.

When I first logged into Jamaa, I wanted to be cool and mysterious. Naturally, I went with the all black look with purple square patterns and red evil eyes. Nobody really thought I was cool, I never got my hand on any cool rares or betas, despite playing the game almost every day for a few years. I was lost in the fact why people never took me seriously. Probably because I just had that vibe. My name, Eternal Magicghost, was just a reflection of who I wanted to be. my username, thefinalphantom, was sure to strike fear in the hearts of just a few people.

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