What a strange bird-I must be dreaming.

SeI could feel the grass brushing across my hands as I leaned my stomach on my hoverboard. It belonged to my father, heaven knows where he his. I sighed as I lifted my head up into the night sky; stars, beautiful stars. The cool breeze hit my cheeks, my pale face. My mother named me Keziah, meaning some sort of tree. I frowned as I thought of how basically my name was Tree. I could see the lake in the distance, and as I got closer I turned my hoverboard off, and leapt off of it. Silently I stooped over the lake, my reflection glaring at me back. I dug my hands through the water, feeling my fingers hit the soft stones and algae. 

If I could have one wish. I would wish to be able to go through the water and up into the sky.

However, I think it would be better to wish that wishes could come true.

I dig my feet though the water, and lean back. My shirt fills with water and I begin to float, my nose filled with the fresh scent of night air. I begin to fall asleep, but I can't help it- so relaxed, calm, my body filled with warmth. A feeling I thought I would never feel again after Father left. Comfort. Safety.

I wake up, under water. Surprised, I spring up out of the water and spit out a fountain, gasping and turning my head for the hover board. But something is different. The earth is more sturdy, a cross next to where the hoverboard should have been. And I'm deeper and more far out into the water than I was.

What's going on?

Immediately I sprang out of the water, forcing my arms to push the water behind me. Arriving on land, I felt cold, my nose felt frostbitten. Why was there a cross? Right on that spot? How was that even possible? My hoverboard- stolen! My only prized possession! I looked down at my purple feet. No shoes. And my clothes are torn. Not knowing what to do, I kneel on the ground and scream, louder and louder each time, but no response. I begin walking, in search for another human being. None in sight.

I sprint past a beetle, a tree, anything I can sprint past. "Watch it, will ya?" I here an angry voice call.

I freeze.

Did the beetle just speak to me...?

I walk on, no matter how strange this is. I lift my shirt a little bit, and it looks like stones cut into my flesh over time. My feet begin to tear and bleed from the sharp stones I'm stepping on, and by the time I reach my bright, square white home, I'm sore all over. Automatically I step inside. An old woman peers at me, a little confused. "And who said you could just walk on in?" She hobbled over to me. "This is my house." I explain. "Do you know anyone named Mrs. Hillary Vintage?" I ask. The old woman fake laughs. "I do, because I am Mrs. Hillary Vintage."

I gasp. "Mom?" My mother, now old- how did this happen? "Oh, don't be ridiculous. My daughter drowned years ago. We found her body, burried it. God bless her soul." I can't believe it. "No no no!" I cry. "STOP!" I scream. "I didn't die, I'm still alive! It's me!" I wait for an answer. She's frozen. I think of what I just said- Stop. I gasp for a minute- after all those movies I've seen- The Girl who Leapt through Time, I thought time leaping was just fake- no it could never happen. But, what if I did time leap? In a different way? 

I fly out the door.

Did I just freeze time...? How is that possible? I run as fast as my legs can carry me.

Tears flow down my cheeks. I'm still alive though.

~Reposting if you have not read~

Will not continue.


So that meant everyone thought I was dead? That couldn't be possible. There was nobody else in the world now, just me. The grass did not blow, neither did the wind. Everything had stopped. Everything was frozen. And now I felt frozen. I wanted do be dead all ready.

I sat for a while, and then realized that time had continued once again. I sat in the water, dove deep, and did not hold my breath. I did this for a while.

Please take me. I breathed in a heap of water. I can't take this anymore. But my body, as if on cue, sprang for air. I coughed, and a large amount of dust emerged from my dry and parched tongue. My tongue should have been wet. Don't tell me I did it again!

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