Chapter 1

Infinity Awesomefox. Infinity Awesomefox was a neutral jammer. He wasn’t very bad, and isn’t very good either. His username was LostFox63. He had never scammed before, and he had heard many players do it. He decided to try it. He logged on Animal Jam and automatically sent to Jamaa Township. A smirk tugged on his lips and as he typed, “spike giveaway my den it is trust”. His smirk became wider as he saw a few hopeless little jammers go to his den. He teleported to his den and saw a few arctic wolves and many other animals. “alright”, he typed. “trust me and win my  spike”. The two default color bunnies which look identical to each other glanced at each other, then to Infinity. “Should we trust him”? they whispered to themselves but Infinity heard it. “Of course you can trust me, I’ll even give you my other spikes and betas if you do a good item”. He used the wink emoticon and sat down. “He’s too nice”, they whispered. “I’ll go first”, a light blue and pink arctic wolf smiled and stepped forwards. She traded a rare spike wrist, which he declined. He knew better to accept at the first try, he knows he’ll get better stuff in their other hopeless tries.

 “OMG he declined my spike wrist!!!” the blue and pink arctic wolf squealed jumping up and down. A green cheetah suddenly traded him a black long collar, which he actually thought about accepting but declined. “close”, he typed and crossed his arms. “We’ve decided, we will trust you”, the two bunnies said together. They traded him four headdresses of different colors, six black long collars, two glitch rings, and other spikes. He was almost screaming with triumph and clicked accept right away. He was going to lock his den when the bunny gasped. “He will pay!” in the last split second before he locked his den. Of course, he didn’t notice that. Infinity quickly dressed his little arctic wolf with a headdress glitch ring spikes.. and many other rare items. His legs were shaking and his heart was beating so fast, his hand trembled when he typed. He logged out and flopped himself on his bed and closed his eyes, totally unaware of the bunny’s feelings.

Chaper 2

Infinity logged on again, and smiled. He remembered 5 months ago when he just scammed for the first time, and what a huge success, he has gotten extremely rare and even started a little YouTube channel of his own. Infinity had completely forgot about the bunny and he let all his fans believe he got rare on his own. He scammed countless jammers over the past 5 months and never even cared about their feelings.

He smiled as he attempted another scam and succeeded. He sat on his bed smiling to himself thinking about how rare he had gotten. He gasped when he felt coldness of metal resting on the side of his neck. “You think you have gotten away so easily, have you”? a chilling voice asked. “W-w-what are you t-talking a-a-about”? He stammered, and was ready to scream for his mom before a hand covered his mouth. Now, Infinity was panicking, he was blindfolded and tied up unable to move. “Tell me, why do you do this”? A rough, cold hand pressed against his face and he felt his hairs rise. “D-d-do w-what”? Infinity asked, his voice horse. “Scam”. The person whispered in his ear. Now, Infinity could not reply.

Infinity struggled when he felt agonizing pain on his right arm. “Oh, you have been scamming poor little jammers so bad, some of them committed suicide. Here’s the pain they feel when you scam them!” Infinity let out a muffled scream as felt searing pain on his left arm. He felt warm blood trickle down is skin and he thrashed his legs. He felt tears began to form in his eyes and roll down his cheeks.

The person untied him with his blindfold still on. Infinity hesitantly, wincing at the pain, took his blindfold off with his injured arms and hands. “Ouch”, he whimpered. Infinity’s bed sheets were soaked in blood and he changed them. He wrapped his arms in bandages and let his sleeves of his shirt fall down again. He turned on his computer and went on Animal Jam. Infinity let out a sigh of relief when he saw his items still there. He shook his head suddenly getting very scared. Whoever that just attacked him out of nowhere was still out living in the world. Infinity curled up into a ball and started sobbing and he pressed his hand against his mouth and cried. ‘I didn’t know! I didn’t know!’ he thought. He moved his animal around and a bunch of jammers surrounded him. “Hey Lost! Buddy me Lost! Come to my den, Lost! You’re so awesome, Lost!” they shouted. Infinity did a smiley emoticon and said, “thanks all! Im going to give away a short collar”! Suddenly the ‘you’ve gone for too long and got logged out’ button popped onto his screen.

Infinity quickly refreshed and logged back on, but the server he was sent to was empty and the music was kind of out of tune. “What’s going on”, he murmured out loud to himself. He was scared now, his heart thumping so hard that he thought it was going to jump out. He broke into a cold sweat and trembling, he moved his animal around exploring the dark empty server. Infinity went into the Diamond Shop and it looked bright and fine. Infinity was relieved and moved around but suddenly his wolf stopped and started howling. “What’s wrong?” He whispered to himself and started clicking faster hoping the wolf could move. Then he could see it, a bright blue shiny diamond pierced into the paw of his wolf. Dark read blood began spreading everywhere and his wolf howled and howled. More diamonds crashed onto Infinity’s wolf jabbing into the helpless wolf’s fur. Suddenly a diamond went threw the wolf’s neck and it’s head dropped on the ground.

Infinity let out a gasp and moved away from his laptop. “Oh god oh god”, he screamed and his hands covered his mouth. He can still see the way his wolf’s head rolled onto the ground, and blood spraying everywhere. Its jaws were slightly parted, a thin line of blood trickled from its mouth. The body lay on the ground, torn flesh and blood pouring out on the shiny marble floors of the Diamond shop. Infinity swore he could have even heard the blood gurgling sound effects. The creepy voice, exactly the same voice he heard from the attack earlier the day let out an evil chuckle. “My, my, such a beautiful face, I love the way when my lovely little scammers get scared”, it said. Infinity knew his mom wouldn’t be coming back home until tomorrow morning. “Why are you doing this to me”? Infinity whimpered. “You deserve it, you scammed so many innocent jammers, you need to know the pain sooner or later”, The voice said. “Show yourself”, Infinity yelled. He only felt a hint of courage spark his determination of his words but it drained down again when the thought hit him. ‘How can he hear me speak’? Infinity thought. “H-h-how can you hear me speak”? He asked, sweat dripping down his face. No answer.

A bunny suddenly appeared over his wolf’s corpse and looked at Infinity from the screen. “Do you remember me”? The little bunny asked. Infinity was shocked from the fact he could hear the bunny from his laptop screen, but he replied anyways. “N-no”. Infinity backed away. It all matched now. The bunny was the evil person who was doing this.

“You will suffer soon, I will be back, when you’re dead”! The bunny squeaked, more like a cuter voice now. Infinity was still scared. He started cry until a hand, or maybe a paw knocked him out. Infinity fell face flat on his keyboard, out cold.

Author's Note: I don't know if I will continue this.. maybe yes? I will go back on working on my other story, and gawd all my fingers are literally dead right now. ~Darkriverr

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