An Introduction Of Sorts ~Prolouge~

        A black cat with amber eyes walked down a dimly lit hallway. A husky with green eyes walked next to him. 

        "Nui, we should be focusing on our troops." The cat's eyes darted to his partner, Silvia. 

        "I have other things to worry about, o gracious army leader." 

        Sylvia snorted, "What? Grooming your ears?" 

        "I feel insulted, Sylvi! I already groomed them." He huffed.

         She rolled her eyes, "Whatever you say.. Little Fuzzy Satan."

         Nui growled. "I don't appreciate your sass."

         The duo continued to walk down the ominous hallway until they reached a room with walls covered in papers. 

         On the papers, the many immortals of the realm were listed, a majority of them covered by large, red Xs. Silvia tapped her paw on the ground, and she turned into a human. She pushed some gray hair out of her eyes and checked the blow darts strapped to her waist. "One... Two... Three.." She counted ten. "Good, I still have all of them." She adjusted the gray feathers behind her ear and turned to the black cat sitting on the table. 

        "Well? Why did you bring me here?" Silvia crossed her arms. Nui gestured with his tail.         "Look around Silvi! The Immortals are dying! You know we aren't immune to diseases, poisons-"

        "-Stab wounds, bullets, yada yada. I've heard this lecture before Nui! Everyone wants to kill us! Why did you bring me here." Nui sighed.

        "Our race is dying Silvia. We must resort to finding Mortals."

Into Oakville! ~Chapter One~

        Ah, here we are. Oakville, a small town in Missouri. Plenty of trees, rivers, grasslands and-          "Italic Font would you kindly stop playing that damned guitar!" 

        And the new residents of this town, Bold and Italic Font. Now, Bold and Italic weren't your average brothers. They may be siblings on the opposite sides of the personality spectrum, and the younger of the two, Italic, may like to play his guitar; but these two were special. They were Immortals. Hell, they even met Shakespeare... and got imprisoned for a century because of that. For you see, Immortals aren't supposed to interact with Mortals, nor spill the secret that they are Immortal. 

        Italic sighed, putting his guitar away. He blinked and ran a hand through his hair. "Coming Bold!" Italic ran off to catch up with his older brother. Bold scanned the area, frowning. 

        "Hey Italic, where do you think we should go first?" Italic yawned. 

        "What about that bookstore?" 


        It is now 10 AM. A young girl unlocked a store. Her scarf flapped wildly in the wind. Pushing the door open, she set her keys on the front counter and examined the store. Books and papers were scattered across the floor. Sighing, she began to clean.

        45 minutes later the task was complete. The girl sighed and placed her glasses on the desk. She adjusted the nameplate. 


        Ah, yes. Every author needs a good pen name. Stupid nickname her "friends" gave her. Shy rubbed her forehead and waited for the next batch of idiots to stumble in through her door. Now, let me tell you this about Shy before we move on: She doesn't like the idea of falling in love with someone. Why? Because of a little bastard named Christian, that's why. We're going to get to him later (maybe).

A few minutes later, Bold and Italic walked through the door. Of course, because of Immortal rules, they couldn't TELL Shy their real names yet. No, they had to use another name. Shy looked up in surprise.                   "And how may I help you?" Her voice was quiet. Bold nodded to Italic. Italic spoke up.

       "I.. uh.. I'm Irwin, and this is my brother, Brandon!" Shy frowned. 

                 "You don't sound so sure. Anyway, what are you two looking for?"

The Immortal Rules ~Chapter 1.5~

 1. An Immortal must never have contact with a Mortal.

 2. Immortals are forbidden to tell Mortals their real name.

 3. Immortal and Mortal relationships are strictly forbidden.

4. If a Mortal finds out about an Immortal, their memory will be wiped.

5. Immortals have 168 hours (7 days) to bring the Mortal in question to Headquarters.

6. If these rules are not all followed, The Judge will decide how long of a term the Immortal will spend in prison.

7. Any Immortal seen helping fugutives will be sent to death.

~Sneak Peak~


Both brothers looked up in confusion. Italic set his guitar down and Bold frowned. "What?"

"You... You said you wanted to know my name. My, uh, real name. It's Rose."

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