BEWARE: this may have violence

It was a normal evening. I came home from school, sad. My teacher, Mr Johnson was being very mean to me... he made me have to write a paragraph on my favorite animal! FOR HOMEWORK! It was torcure! PURE TORCURE! I ran to my room, crying with tears. I of course played the only thing that made me happy: Animal Jam!! It was this game where you pick an animal and be it and then go on adventures, get pets, make a house! I had a bunny called Miss Prettygirl. She was white and had pink stars all over with a tiara and cape! I logged on. But I couldnt! " It has to be fman, the hacker! " I said shocked. I tried to go back on. Suddenly, though, when I got back, my bunny was on the floor, dead, blood rushing through it's eyes. The other jammers around me where pitch black shadows, ripping of the bloody limbs of my poor bunny! Before anything else happened, a loud scream coming from the electric box called the computer yelled " ILL GET YOU! ". Then, out my window, I saw a bunny that looked like Cute, except bloody! AND DEAD! I yelled and ran away, pooping my pants! The next day, I told my sister, Sam, that my rabbit was evil! She laughed and walked away. But then, as she walked away, she frozed and became bloody red! On her chest, the blood spelled: " YOU ARE NEXT ". Suddenly, everything went black as I was taken to a world with dead animal corpses with blood oozing from their heads and knives in their chests. On top of them all was MISS PRETTYGIRL, WHO WAS TORCURING THESE ANIMALS! She looked at me and grinned evily. Then, she JUMPED ON ME AND LET MY RED, METALIC TASTING SUPPORT LIQUID FLOW OUT!

Yes, reader, if you are reading this and dont spread this to 10 other pages by midnight, Miss Prettygirl will come and kill and torcure you like she did to me!




1) Dont take this seriously because this is a trollpasta.

2) PLEASE, don't spread this to 10 other pages. That's stupid as hell.

3) I'm aware I spelled torture wrong.