Credit goes to Derpasaurus Rex who made AJ Creepypastas The Lonely Rabbit, The Stabbed Wolf and the Eyeless Fox (and other creepypastas involving the Cursed Clan of Animals)

One day, I decided to log onto Animal Jam. It was Christmas Day, and because my membership was going to end the minute I logged on, I decided to use the membership card I had received on Christmas. I typed in the code on the card, went through the whole process of where to put it, and then went on Animal Jam to play.

Since I would receive 10 diamonds, I decided to go to the Diamond Shop to buy myself a new animal. I clicked the arctic wolf statue and then began to debate whether or not to buy an arctic wolf, an eagle, or a snow leopard. Finally, I settled on the snow leopard because my sister already had an arctic wolf and an eagle.

Once I finished transforming into my snow leopard (who was named Precious Cuteviolet), I clicked on the "Change Your Look" icon to make a new look for my snow leopard. I changed the top color in the Change Colors section to a pink color and the eyes to the girly eyelash eyes. I then decided I was satisfied with my snow leopard’s look, but when I clicked the exit button, I immediately noticed that somehow, my blue pirate sword had gotten onto her. I didn’t remember putting it on, then I remembered watching two of Derpasaurus Rex’s AJ creepypasta videos. Those two videos were The Lonely Rabbit and the Stabbed Wolf. I also watched a bit of The Eyeless Fox, but I got bored and quit watching the video, which was why I didn’t count it as “fully watched.”

All those videos had something in common: the Cursed Clan of Animals (CCA for short). My lips began to quiver because if something like this happened to anyone, it could only mean one thing: They could be forced to join the CCA too! I clicked my way out of the Diamond Shop, but the message, “This room is full. Please try again” popped up. My lip began quivering more and my forehead was sweating.

I decided to go to my den, but what happened after I clicked the Den icon was something I truly regretted. My current den was a restaurant den which was designed to resemble Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzaria. I DID go to my den, but there was a crimson liquid dripping from the furniture – blood, perhaps. I clicked to move my character, and immediately I was teleported to a small house with animal bones and remains inside and outside. The music playing in the background was Winter’s Dance – but reversed. The only reason why I know this is because I grabbed my sister’s DSI and recorded it. When I played the song backwards, it sounded like Winter’s Dance.

I moved my character inside the house, and standing there was The Lonely Rabbit, The Stabbed Wolf, and The Eyeless Fox. I knew it! I might had to lose an animal in order to stop fully joining the CCA. I typed in the chat box, “You can have my snow leopard, so long as the rest of my animals don’t join the CCA.” Then I could see all of the CCA members where I was smile wickedly. Panic started to consume my thoughts. Maybe the CCA wants all my animals??? I wondered. After all, the CCA was a clan which always ruined your Animal Jam experience until you join THEM. I quickly switched to my deer and I saw that my snow leopard had joined the CCA. BY HERSELF. Then it went to a cutscene. My snow leopard was looking hungrily at The Lonely Rabbit, and before I knew it, she used her pirate sword to chop off the rabbit’s head. As the body of The Lonely Rabbit fell down lifeless, I could see Precious Cuteviolet slicing open his head (and I mean the Lonely Rabbit’s head) and eating his brains. I felt so sick I felt like throwing up! The Eyeless Fox and the Stabbed Wolf were both surprised, but then I could hear two voices (presumably the Eyeless Fox and the Stabbed Wolf) saying, “We never loved you, Lonely Rabbit. Our newest member of the CCA is the Cannibal Snow Leopard!” I thought, Cannibal Snowleopard is DEFINETLY a fitting name for the snow leopard member of the CCA. After all, she eats animal organs! After that, I found myself in Jamaa Township, so I assumed I could log out. When I looked out the window after I was done playing Animal Jam, I swear I almost saw a headless rabbit body for a while. Then, the body disappeared like it was never even there at all.

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