I was The Chosen One. Me, out of mabye 100,000 animals. Me. I was Her. Now, you probably want to know how I became Her? Ok, I'll tell you. One day a normal Arctic Wolf named Awesome was walking through Jamaa. She had a Golden Bow and Arrows,a Milky Tiara and Blue Leg Pads.

IMG 20160402 192702


Lynx on aj


Little did she know that she was The Chosen One. She had seen a Cheetah named Daredevil. "Hi." She said to Daredevil. "hi." Replied Daredevil. "You are The Chosen One." She said to Awesome. "Huh?" Said Awesome. "Come with me, and I'll show you." Replied Daredevil. As they walked into the Temple of Zios, Daredevil said, "Over here, we will meet someone to help us along the journey." Said Daredevil. "Ok." Said Awesome. As they walked along the path they saw a Lynx named Winter. "Hello! Nice to meet you, I'm Winter!" Winter said. "Hi." Said Awesome. "Now, what do you need help with?" Asked Winter. "Well" Said Daredevil. "She is the chosen one. We need to get her to her throne." "OH MY GOODNESS!" Screamed Winter. "SHE'S THE CHOSEN!?" "Yep." Said Daredevil, smiling. "I know the way!" Said Winter. Walking up to a boat, they got on and started rowing. They rowed until they reached a tall tower. "Now," Said Daredevil. "This is the part to prove where your The Chosen. "Ok, I'm ready." Said Awesome. Lunging out of nowhere, a tall fiery dragon appered and started blowing fire at them. "Ahh!" Screamed Awesome. Flying bow and arrows and fire everywhere was a mess. finally, Awesome used her magic on the dragon. "I didn't know I had magic!" Said Awesome. A lazer beam hit the dragon. and the palace was Awesome's. Awesome smiled. That was the happyest moment in her life. The End.

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Hope you enjoyed!

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