On a quiet, Tuesday morning in the Summer, I decided I would log onto Animal Jam. All I did was normal stuff I would usually do. Roleplay in Skyclan, trade with other jammers, go on the Forgotten Desert adventure, etc. I was bored at the time and decided I would roleplay in Aldan. As I was roleplaying, a roleplayer (warrior cat to be exact) attacked me. So, I attacked them back and after the fight, a wolf with a black blowing scarf, dark fezhat, yellow boy eyes, dark red base, gray lightning stripes and black underbelly approached me.

"Hello, Juniper. I want to talk to you about something in my den." Said the Wolf, who's username was "Thecivilized". I accepted out of curiousity and buddied him because his den was locked. I clicked on the button that allows you to go into a jammer's den. This is how our conversation went down:

TheCivilized; I saw you fighting and I was wondering if you would like to join The Civilized.

Me; What's "The Civilized"?

TheCivilized: The Civilized is an elite group of jammers that our chosen by me. It may sound like we try to protect Animal Jam, but we don't. We are working to wreck havoc on all Jammers. By that, I mean that we kill jammers ingame.

Me: But why!?

TheCivilized: For the fun of it. I will give you two days to decide.

And so, I decided I would join. I figured he was just joking with me. But I was wrong. A day after I had joined, for some reason we patroling Bakoy and we found a non-member just hanging out. To test my loyalty to them, I was forced to attack him. I said no but they threatened to kill me ingame. I attacked the non-member and I don't know why. I mean, it's okay to get killed ingame. After the patrol, I tried to leave. They said that once someone joined, they could not quit, but they could only get killed ingame if they told someone about them without premission. I'm taking that as an advantage. Do not join The Civilized. They are cold-hearted.

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