AA jammer is the child of Greely. He saves Jamaa, falls in love, gains powers, and kills the Phantoms forever. There is nothing wrong with him. Nope. No flaws at all, except for the fact that he's blind, but it's only
My wolfaboo research report by respeanut-d2uywja
mentioned once and it doesn't affect the story in the slightest. Deal with it.

WARNING: Content may be 2 scary 4 me!!!!1!11!

Chapter 1

It was an average day, because the perfect way to catch a reader's attention with an opening is with an average day. An ARTIC Wolf (Arctic Wolves don't exist in fanficland) named King Frozenwolf was bored. He then saw Phantoms. "OH NOES!" he screamed. "HAHA UR UGLY" a crocodile said. Crocodiles are overrated, because every time you go to Jamaa Township you see CROCODILES EVERYWHERE and not 1000 WOLVES, right? "WAHHH" King said, but then he found out he had AWESOME DARKNESS MOON LIGHT DEATH KILLER EVIL NOT EVIL POWERS OF AWESOMENESS POWERS!! "I NEVER KNEW I HAD THESE WHY" King said. "OH NOES HE'S LIKE GREELY" a Phantom said. King battled the Phantoms and won. "LOL I HAVE POWERS 2 LOL INTRUDE" the crocodile said and he used his EVIL BLOOD SUN DARK LIFE KILLER NOT EVIL BUT EVIL POWERS OF EVILNESS POWERS AND MADE KING FAINT! Blood spilled from him, and blood was everywhere, all over the crocodile's claws! Animal Jam, rated E for everyone.

Chapter 2

"You fainted!" a beautiful voice said. "I did?! You saved me! OMG!!!" King said. "I am Princess ARTICmajor!" (Arctic isn't even a word in fanficland, people. Get used to it). "Blood was everywhere and it was scary! OMG BLOOD SCARY!" Princess Articmajor said ("said" isn't bland at all!). "Where do u come from?????" Princess said. "I don't know! My parents were killed by Phantoms when I was 2! I was blind, and I still am! I keep having nightmares about their death!" King said. "OH NOES THE PHANTOMS ARE HERE!!" both of the ARTIC Wolves said at once. "HAHA WE IS HERE 2 KILLS THE SON OF GREELY!11!1!" the Phantoms/Zero Wing translators screamed with grammar just as good as an actual fanfic writer. "I love you! I always have!" Princess said to King, hugging him, even though she just met him 2 minutes ago. "I luv u 2!1!1!" King said and they kissed and the power of love killed the Phantoms! "THIS ARE NOT DA ENDS!" the Phantoms said, and blood went everywhere. Animal Jam by National Geographic Kids for all ages! Bring the kids!

Chapter 3

Suddenly, Fman122 came out and clawed Princess Blood went everywhere! King was crying of fear and anger! Suddenly, Greely jumped out of nowhere and killed Fman! "You're my son, King!" he said to King. "WHATS??? I THOUGHT I WAS USELESS AND WEAK CROCS BULLIED ME!" King said. "Let's bring back beta!" Princess said! AJ went back to beta!

Chapter 4

"OH NO WE IS DEFEATED" the Phantoms said as they died off for good. "Daddy what happened to the crocs???" King asked Greely. "The only animals that came after beta that are stil here are the ARTIC Wolves!" Greely said. But it wasn't over yet! I am the writer, and I make clans on AJ! MORE BLOOD! MORE BLOOD!!!!

Chapter 5

Greely gave King and Princess every rare ever! Suddenly, a Phantom appeared!

Logic: But wait, aren't the Phantoms killed o-


"I must protect Princess!" King said! He spread his huge, awesome black Mech Wings and showed off his awesome black spike collar and white fox hat! Blood splattered everywhere as King, Princess, Greely, and Warrior Clans attacked the Phantoms! It was a tough battle that lasted for hours. Hours of bloodshed! It ended!

the end