I, the great and powerful Lunifer will tell you another story because i'm happy there's a moon in the background here :D


Sol is a cat (from warriors) who wants to destroy the warrior code. And then he fell into a world of confusion c:

Chapsticks 1

Sol was in a world of random confusion, and references too. He set off too try and get out so he can kick the warrior butts. Travelling north, he saw a white figure in the distance.. DOG! But this dog, he was standing on 2 legs and playing a guitar? Wow. Such confusion. The dog started playing a song, with his guitar. Sol did'nt want to do anything with dogs, so he ran away. His next destination was a white, bright room. There was a key in a wine bottle, with a big cork. That key was the key to the door! 

Sol tried to:

Smash it

Take the cork out (it was too in)

Poke a hole with his claws

But how hard Sol tried, he could'nt get the damn key out. LIGHTBULB! He could push the cork IN and then get the key out! Smarty Pants dance, Smar- Ok get back to work. He tried his plan, and wola, he got a key. The problem is... he's a cat. Cat's don't know how to use keys -facepalm-


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