Detective, detective, detective, strange things have happened, to you and to others. Questions you have, no doubt, plague your mind day and night. You started happily, are still happy, but at times puzzled. That's the point isn't it? You thrive off of puzzles, yet there are some that trouble you, that people blatantly lie about, and that have no real answers. Your quest to discover them, begins now.

Early Life

James Cleveari was born in a large Sky Island community. He was large for a fox pup,  and loved playing with the other children in the kingdom. His favorite place on the island was the large pasture that they landed in after the slide. It was big, open, perfect for tag and frisbee, and he spent many days playing with his fellows. Around the age of 11 he began becoming very interrested with perception and notacing things. By 14 his friends found it very difficult to play hide and seek with him as he always deducted the most logical place for an individual to hide, based upon their personality and sound when he counted. He never was socially wkward though, and had a great sense of humor. He played pranks taht were very impulsive and rarely logical.

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