Creepy seal2

The creepy seal jammer.


Picking the creepy seal.


The creepy seal in the news.

                                                                              The Creepy Seal-- By


Warning: This may not be authorised for the consent of younger viewers.

I loved Animal Jam, my favorite game. It was awesome-- until one day, I went to Jamaa Township, where I saw the weirdest thing. A seal--not just a seal-- a seal who was covered in slime. It also had red, strange eyes.

"What is that??", a Jammer said.

Another asked, "Where can I get that design?"

I was still. Suddenly, the seal moved, slime dragging with his flippers. He passed the Jamaa central, so after, I clicked it. There was some Jammer's art, but as I flipped through them, there was slime all over them. I noticed one more strange thing about them. If a painting had an animal in it, it had red eyes-- like the seal. When I got out of the Jammer Central, I had a Jam-A-Gram from a buddy.

"Please, help! A weird seal just came here.." she said in the message.

I rushed over to where she was. And there was the creepy seal. When he passed my friend, she had slime dripping all over her.

"WHATS GOING ON??", she screamed.

Her eyes turned red, too. She stopped talking and dragged on with the seal. Suddenly, her animal fell to the ground. I didn't think that this would be in a kid's game. I decided to look at the Jamaa Journal and get my mind off it. But, when I did, there was only one image-- that creepy seal.

So, I went to make a new animal. On the list, the seal looked weird. I clicked it, and there was the seal as the option. Out of nowhere, the animal picker exited itself. The creepy seal was right in front of my Jammer. He passed me, but my Jammer got slimed. It's eyes turned red, and my Jammer became one of them.

I tried clicking somewhere else, but a message appeared that said, "Sorry. Your jammer is being possessed right now. Please try again later."

I freaked out. Then, a new message appeared.

It said: "You were gone for too long and got logged out!" .

I went back to the homepage and tried to log in again, but it didn't work.

I was very frightened. I didn't play AJ for a very long time. One day, I got back on, and my Jammer's account had been reset. I lost all my rares, and everything. All I had was a seal, but it wasn't weird looking. I played again, without the seal. To this day I haven't seen him, and my buddy became unpossessed. At least he was gone.

                                                                            THE END

Jamaa Township 1

My friend saw the seal, too. Spot him.

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