I was sleeping near the campfire and something happened. Lots of crocodiles with the name “Sarepia Forest” came out of the trees. They were all green and were wearing blue bows and arrows. I thought they were glitches so I went to them. I clicked on one of them. Its card was… black. All black. But blood dripped from the crocodile. I closed the card and, suddenly, a loading screen popped up. It was 3D, like the actual in-game characters, and has all of the crocodiles. Instead of the friendly messages telling you to buy a membership, there was a message, written in a red, bloody font, saying "LITTLE SHYSTAR, FATE WILL NEVER BRING YOU BACK TO JAMAA". Of course, I was scared by the message.

The loading screen ended and I saw myself in a forest-y area. It looked just like the Sarepia Forest, only it was more realistic and creepy. All of the crocodiles I saw earlier appeared and they formed a circle around me, dancing.

"Welcome to Crocodile Forest..." one of them wrote in a speech bubble.

Maybe that's a new place? I thought to myself.

"Who are you? What am I doing here?" I typed.

"You're here to complete some tasks..." another one of the crocodiles replied.

A dark green crocodile with a black bow and arrow and black horned leg pads came to me. His nametag spelled "SaRePiA fOrEsT wIlL rUlE tHe WoRlD".

To be continued                                                                               

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