I woke up, It was Thursday and it was my daily Animal Jam time! I rubbed my eyes, washed my face and went straight to my old computer. I clicked to boot-up button on the right bottom side of the computer, and it showed the normal windows 10 screen. I entered my computer password, and after everything on the desktop loaded, I clicked Chrome which was on my program bar. The program slowly opened, and I could see previous tabs I have visited alot. There was the Animal Jam website homepage in one of the tabs, I clicked it and inpatiently waited for it to load. After several minutes of loading it finally brought me to the homepage, I smashed my keyboard buttons entering my username and password and logging in. The loading screen flashed as I was determined to log on as fast as I could. When the loading screen went away, I could see in the upper right corner where the Mail icon was located that I got a Jam-A-Gram. While I spinned the circle in the Daily Spin, I seemed to get 2 Jam-A-Grams, And then it stopped to 20. All of them were by a person who's username was scribbled with...A pen? All of the Jam-A-Grams were with gifts, When you would open them Animal Jam would crash and bring you to the normal homescreen. And of course, you had to log in again entering your user and pass twice. When opening the last gift, There was an actual item in it, but it didn't seem right. The item was similiar to a party hat, but it looked weird, The normal puffy fashion on the top was an animal Jaw, I tried not to look. The bottom puffy circles were replaced by bloodshot eyes. I just quickly accepted the gift and it appeared in my inventory. I put it on trade, and after 3 seconds people buffled in with a billion of trades for my "Party hat?". One was overpacked with rares, beta items, but it was all from a New Jammer. I thought this day wouldn't get weirder but it eventually did, I was automatically sent to my den with the New Jammer. I typed in the chat bar and slowly pushed enter, my bubble cheat read "Who are you and what do you want from me?", Then there was gunshot noises, they sounded really far away. Animal Jam didn't explain this in the newspaper, How can a game have Audio files all of a sudden? I know I know, the normal music but...Gunshot noises? REALLY? The New Jammer stepped forward, with a grin on its suspicious face. It spoke with a voice, "Hello there, child.", The voice was a grown man, probably 48 years old. I froze, my heart almost stopped pounding the second I heard the voice of the person. I slowly made my movements, clicking on the keyboard as slow as can be. I eventually replied, My animal used my voice to speak. "Who are you?..." Then, I heard my door open, I felt pain in my back since something was digging into it, I didn't want to turn around. I could already tell blood was soaking down the injuries of claws, which I atleast think were rushing in my back. I eventually fell down in my chair, I felt human hands taking me with them, I didn't open my eyes cause I was too afraid to what will happen...20 Minutes after, I had opened my eyes and saw what was infront of me. A crumbled Mira statue. Staring at me. With those rocky eyes and a stone head.

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