Mojave watched Puskayo leap onto Puscaya and nip her ear roughly while Puscaya batted her sister with his large white mitts.

"Not so rough, Skayo dear, we don't want Scaya's ear to bleed. " Arizona said curling her tail around her kittens and bringing them close to the warmth of her belly. "Besides my lovelies, its feeding time.".

She lapped her Puskayo's ear as she softly grumbled. "Mom, I'm too old for kisses!"

Sahara padded in and glanced at Arizona kindly. "Oh my, what lovely kittens, Ariz, when did you have them?", Arizona smiled and said "Yesterday while you were on a hunting patrol with Firewood, Tumbleweed and Saguaro.".

Mojave quietly padded out to play with Iran, Arabia and Sandy while the she-cats continued chatting. "Oh my, one's clutching my leg. " Sahara murmured amusingly glancing at Puscaya on her leg with her scarlet eyes. " Ah, Puskayo's the silent one with me, and Puscaya's the one looking for a cuff to the ear " Puscaya's ears perked and she padded shyly back to Arizona. " Ah I better be checking on Mojave, probably with Iran and Sandstorm at the crystal mines. " Meanwhile, Mojave lapped the water from the oasis, before being shoved in by Arabia " Ugh! Idiot!" She padded up before perking her ears. " You hear that? " She said looking nervous " I hear it too, " Iran murmured while Arabia said annoyingly, "Stop I know what your doing!" Sandstorms green eyes looked worriedly at the bush " I hear it from there! " Slowly run away from the Oasis." Arabia glared at his friends, " I heard you, goofbrain! " Right then Arabia froze. Hiisssss.... A 2m cobra slithered out and sniffed the children before Hissing again. " Three, Two, One... " The 4 middle-aged sandcats ran as fast as they could, until Arabia fell down.

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