Please note that this actually works, for me, anyway. And it's probably not a curse, just an optical illusion.

Have you ever been to a hacker's den? Well if you have, there's a curse/gift that comes with it. If you stare at things for a period of time (maybe a few seconds) without blinking, it starts moving, even if it's not living.

It works on pictures, wood floors, things with markings, tile, and toys. First, stare at it without blinking. Once you see the slightest motion, your trance has begun. Look closely, and once it is in full motion, you can blink. But it will still not go away. If you are creeped at this point, look away.

I do not recommand this to sensitive people. This really is just an optical illusion. It is not going to kill you. Just look away if you start getting scared.


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