Did you know that there was supposed to be another alpha?

Her name was WhiteMoon, and she was a eagle that was white and black. That is why there is a eagle as a playable animal.

All WhiteMoon wanted to do was hurt every single animal in Jamaa, so AJHQ replaced WhiteMoon with Liza. But one person didn't want Liza. His name was Robert Parkers.

So, when no one was at AJHQ, Robert went in and switched Liza to WhiteMoon, because the next day AJHQ would release Animal Jam.

The next day, people were reporting that an eagle was saying mean things about jammers. When AJHQ checked the files they saw WhiteMoon.exe, and AJ1alpha.1233.They didn't know who did it. When AJHQ tried to fix it, it didn't work.

Robert Parkers later began became Fman122.