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This story includes members from the Animal Jam Wikia. If you try adding your own place in the story without my permission, then I will report an Administrator. 



 It was Midnight, which, to most, was the 'Magic Hour'. Stars free of dimness shown brilliantly in the sky, the moon high and full, glowing like a polished diamond. In the world of the Internet, the crew of the Animal Jam Wiki was conversing amongst each other in a Wikia Chatroom, and in a Skype Call. The group consisted of 652Graystripe, better known by associates as Gray, the top Bureaucrat, Chief, his second-in-command, DiamondDragon88, UniversalGalaxies, and all of the other Bureaucrats, Administrators, and Chat Moderators. 

 "Wumbo." Roadhawk, a Chat Moderator, piped up, causing xxCaspiea, another fellow Moderator, to start laughing. "I just earned my graduate's degree in Wumbo-ology. Be jelly." Roadhawk continued, causing Caspiea, still chuckling, to restart her laughing fit.

 "No, Hawk." PuppyGirl1244, better known as Puppy, cut in. "You don't tell them to be jelly. You tell them to be cookies."

 "Parrots." Gray randomly says. In the chat room, Hawk had put: "*Blows up all Parrots.*", causing Gray to say: *Blows up Wumbo.* Then causing a whole war between blowing up random things like Wumbo and Parrots. 

 "I'm wasting so many Bells in A.C.W.W. right now." Chief had piped up. 

 "Oh, god." Caspiea groaned. "I got another one of those stupid spam E-Mails from 'Unknown'." In the Skype Call, you could hear something slamming onto a hard surface, which was actually her head slamming into her desk. 

 "Spam?" Uni comments. "Spam Ham? Mmm." Then she posted a picture of a can of Spam Ham in Chat. 

 "I got that E-Mail too." Hawk muttered. "When I just deleted the one I got an hour ago.." 

 "I did too." Randomized, also known as Klint, said in a voice that was laced with annoyance. "I can't look into it's I.P. Address or anything." 

 Gray sighed. "We all got this E-Mail." he sighed. "What could it be telling us?" 

 The group had no clue on what the E-Mails would be about, but all they knew was that they all said the same thing: "You will be sent to a world. A world of epic proportions. Where you will battle obstacles, betrayals, and more.

 Chapter 1): Warped. 

This was the 4th week since the E-Mails sent in by 'Unknown'. It was starting to make some Users nervous and cautious. At some point, it even caused Caspiea to kick somebody out by accident, and Chat to die for about two hours. Klint, usually known for having excellent Internet Connection, had abruptly left the AJ Chat, and logged out of the Skype Call, and didn't come back until 45 minutes after, saying that something had glitched him out of the system entirely. "This is stupid." Klint had commented stiffly. 

"Probably just something like a bug or something." FlamingFirehound, a fellow User, piped up. "I'm going to play Spelunky." 

"Yeah." Rekanochi, another User, commented. "A bug. Or just some messed up person sending E-Mails like that to scare people." 

"Why are you guys so worried about it at all?" Marioracer1 snapped. "It's just an E-Mail." 

"Are you kidding?" Hawk had piped up. "First these E-Mails started coming up, then people are suddenly glitching out."

"Poor Icefern." Puppy sighed sympathetically, thinking of one of the Chat Moderators known for having the worst Internet Connection out of everyone. "She must be going through a lot more than us. After all, she does have some stupid Internet Connection." 

"Hey guys." Gray cut in. "Did you all get an E-Mail with a file attached to it?" 

"Yeah." Caspiea said. "Is the file called 'The Portal'? That's what I got." 

"Correct." Gray said. Everyone else agreed that they all got the E-Mail with the file. 

"I'm clicking it." Hawk said daringly, "Like Wumbo." then the sound of a clicking mouse was heard, and Hawk had abruptly left Chat, exitted the Skype Call, and seemingly disappeared. 

"I'm clicking it too." NunyaPie said, then she too, had disappeared. 

Then so, everyone in that Chatroom began abruptly disappearing, and they all ended up in the same place. Being teleported to.. 

The Cyber World

Unfortunately for everyone, they got separated in pairs. Some not as pleasing as others would have liked. Some were alone. Some were stuck in threesomes. Such threesomes included Klint, Hawk, and Gray. An unfortunate pair included Caspiea and Anakin Jared. Another brighter pair was Uni and Diamond. Chief was with Deputron, who was known for being dead silent in Chat. Hurricane75, an Administrator, was alone. Puppy, Blue, and Cupcat were with each other. Icefern was alone. Reka, Flaming, and Mario were with each other. 

   Caspiea was walking wordlessly around the empty world of binary codes, circuitry, and glowing blue auras. Anakin, usually known for having a bad rap among the Wiki, was pestering her to the point that Caspiea had tripped Anakin several times. Intentionally, of course. 

   Hawk, Klint, and Gray were, of all things they'd be doing, pestering each other. It all started when Hawk had mentioned wumbo, and caused Gray to mention Parrots. Unfortunately for Klint, he was right in between them, listening to their quarrel. 

   Diamond and Uni, however, had a more amiable association, chatting about Spam Ham, detective stories, and other things they liked. 

Chief and Deputron were almost polar opposites. Chief was usually energetic and spoke a lot more than Deputron, who was entirely mute, and therefore led to an unbalanced relationship. 

   Puppy, NunyaPie, and Bluestar, were talking about cookies and octopi. 

   Hurricane and Icefern, being alone in the Cyber World, were walking around aimlessly, looking for other Users. 

   Reka, Flaming, and Mario were having a half-baked relationship, occasionally quarreling with one another, and then making up and talking amiably with each other again. 

   The Cyber World was a computerized world that was empty, devoid of anything bright. Filled with binary codes fluttering above, circuitry flashing blue on the dark floor, glowing like stars. Some joked that the Cyber World was just a fantasized place that someone had made. Some believed that it was real, run by unfriendly viruses that terminated any intruders into scraps of coding that lived in the depths of the Cybernetic World for all of eternity.. 

   Back to Caspiea and Anakin. Anakin was poking Caspiea in the head, and saying nonsensical, incredulous, idiotic things. After about two hours of that, Caspiea had lashed out, nabbed Anakin, and had flipped him so hard into the floor that it cracked, sending sparks of electricity out of the cracked circuitry. Anakin had ended up with cuts and minor burns, but Caspiea didn't care. Much less show any trace of sympathy. In her mind, a voice talked to her as she and Anakin walked on. Spoke of bloodified fantasies that could be made into reality.. 

   Meanwhile, Klint, Gray, and Hawk were walking silently. Then, they heard a massive CRACK! 

   "The heck was that?" Hawk looked up, eyes flashing with surprise and bewilderment. 

   Next, there was a high-pitched cry, sounding vaguely familiar, echoing through the empty world they had found themselves in. 

   "That sounded like.. Anakin?" Klint piped up. "C'mon, we've got to get to him!" Then, he proceeded to run towards the source of the cry. 

   "Oh boy." Gray sighed, running after Klint. Hawk lingered a bit, then ran after them. 

   "Don't you HATE Anakin, Klint?" Gray called out. 

   "Yeah." Klint said. "He's still human, isn't he?" Hawk and Gray sighed at this. 

   When they got to the location of the shriek, all they could see was a severely cracked floor, some circuits on the ground sparking, and small puddles of scarlet on the floor, but no Anakin. They tried coming up with what happened and why. 

   "Maybe he dropped from the sky like.." Hawk began, but Gray cut him off. "Don't start." Gray had snapped. 

   "Well.. maybe he was ambushed." Hawk suggested.

   "By what?" Gray commented. 

   They couldn't find out. 

Chapter 2): Re-united? 

Diamond and Uni were walking quietly around the Cybernetic World, Uni was trying the 'tightrope', which was just trying to walk on a circuit without stumbling or stepping on the rest of the floor. Diamond was busy looking around, taking in the environment. They walked for 30 minutes, before a message written in corrupted, coded letters flashed in front of the pair. It said: 

W̴̬̦͓͔̙̫̱ͥ͆̀ͬͨͥḕ͔̥̭͕͈ͪ̈́ͮl̰̞̥̙̎͒̃ͥͥ̓̈́̉̋͢ͅc̸̖̠̺̬̱͐͋ͪô̝̖̫̺͙ͨͣͭmͥ̀̆͗ͩ͑͑̐͊͜͠͏͚̳̘̞e͗̌͆͏̳̞͟ ̴̼͙̪̰͖̎̍ͭͩ͡t̢͖̹̊͋̀̃̇̏̊ͬ́̀ǫ̜̭͈̖͗̊͊̐ͬ̀͜ͅ ̶̸̮̮̺̲́ͪͅm̙̝̹ͤ̀̈́y̶̛̙̞̒͒̎͡ͅ ̵̰̫̤̝͈͓̘̗̜ͦw͚̹͕̽ͭ͊̉͒́͝o̴̠̯͇̍̒̾̇̀r̷̫̙͍̫̹̥͇̭͎̍ͨ̈́́ͭl̰͇̝͍̪ͨ͌ͬ͋̓d͕͍̳̱̟̈́ͥ͝.̴̙͎͔̫͚͖̉ͫ̚ͅͅ ̵̨̾ͬ̌̌̓̓͏͖̩̝

Uni looked curiously at the corrupted message. "What.." she began, but then trailed off. 

"Who's world is this?" Diamond looked at Uni in concern, eyes glittering with worry, fretfulness, and sparse fear. 

"I don't know." Uni sighed. "Something is going to happen though. I can feel it." 

They continued on walking. 

Meanwhile, Chief and Deputron were still traveling. Chief was busy twirling around as she walked, deliberately avoiding the circuits. She was really, really bored. Deputron was silently walking, looking straight ahead at the path before them. Their footsteps echoed in the air, and so far, they had been walking for hours without rest. 

"So.." Chief began, attempting to lighten the mood. "..How's life?" She turned to Deputron, who, as usual, said nothing. Chief sighed. 

After about thirty minutes, Chief had caught her foot on a crack on the floor, and was about to hit the floor when Deputron had grabbed Chief by the back of her shirt and heaved her up. Chief, sighing thanks, looked at the protruding shard of glass that her face was about to make contact with, then at the cracks on the floor. Scarlet-Red blood was splattered around the cracks, and the floor in the center of the cracks was a bit caved in. 

"The heck?" Chief piped up, after a few seconds of silence. Even Deputron had that 'What the heck' face. 

"Let's go." Deputron said, after a moment, and startling Chief in the process. "Let's get out of here. Before something happens to us too." 

They ran the other direction. 

Puppy, Nunya, and Blue had heard the shriek, but were wondering if they should go check it out or not. 

"Maybe someone was killed!" Nunya shrieked, running around in a tight circle before eventually slamming into Blue and making them BOTH fall over. Puppy groaned. 

"We really should go check it out." Puppy said, heaving Nunya and Blue up. "It could have been someone we hold most dear." 

"Err.. fine.. I guess." Blue agreed reluctantly. "However, if we get killed, you're dead." Blue didn't even realize how nonsensical his sentence sounded. 

"Alright. Let's go." Puppy straightened up, bounding forward and sprinting towards the place, Nunya and Blue hurrying behind her. However, in Puppy's mind, she thought: Is it really worth going over there? 

Hurricane was still on his own. So was Icefern. By now, both were rushing around, looking for any sign of somebody. Then, after about an hour and a half running about, they had run straight into each other. 

"WHAT THE--" Hurricane had shouted, before running straight into Icefern. When they came to and realized who they had just ram-tackled by accident, they just stared at each other. 

"Oh.. Hey, Ice.." Hurricane spoke up. "You were alone too?" 

"Yeah.." Ice sighed, rubbing her head. "..What an odd predicament we've found ourselves in. Being trapped in this world." Hurricane nodded.  

"We should go find the others, and re-unite." Hurricane said. "We've already found each other, now where's everybody else?" 

Caspiea and Anakin were not getting along. Anakin already had a few slap marks on his face. "Will you just quit pestering me?" Caspiea had turned on Anakin. "This isn't helping my focus in any way. So quit it, or I'm going to put your head on my wall when we get out of here.." 

"Well, I'm boooorredd......" Anakin whined. Caspiea had shot him a look. 

A few minutes after that, Anakin persisted in his tactics. Caspiea proceeded to punch Anakin in the face--and kick him where it hurts--every time he tried to poke her. Several hours later, they had both fallen asleep on the floor, Caspiea at least 10 feet away from Anakin. 

Puppy, Blue, and Nunya had managed to find Reka, Mario, and Flaming. After arguing amongst themselves about where everyone else could be, they traveled on to find everyone else. Puppy was stressed; she had been chastising Blue and Nunya for fooling around countless times, and needed to untangle Blue and Nunya from each other every time either one of them had ran around and tackled into each other. After about an hour and a half of walking, Puppy was pacing back and forth, wandering around occasionally when they all heard ear-splitting, electrical noises coming from several yards away. They could see huge shards of glass go shooting into the sky, then rocketing back down to the ground and slamming into the black and blue floor, which split the circuits on the ground and sent blue sparks flying. 

"OH MY GOD." Reka had shouted. 

"Oohh..." Blue gasped. "Pretty blue sparks.." This earned him a slap in the face by Flaming. 

"RUN, EVERYONE!" Puppy had shouted. Everyone didn't have to be told twice, and they were sprinting away from the chaos. 

Hurricane and Ice were resting, sitting on the floor. Hurricane was just dozing off when they both heard a massive CRASH!, then they saw huge shards of black with lines of blue be sent flying, then to come slamming into the ground, sending blue sparks every where. Luckily, they were far enough away to be safe, and they watched the chaos. 

"What is going on there.." Ice murmured in awe, the blue light illuminating her face. 

As miraculously as it began, the chaos halted, and just as Ice and Hurricane were about to get up and investigate, Puppy, Nunya, Blue, Reka, Mario, and Flaming had accidentally ran into them, out of panic, and leading to a chaotic tumble. 

"Ice! Hurricane!" Puppy gasped, after coming to, upside down on the floor. 

"P-Puppy?" Ice groaned, stumbling up after being tackled by Flaming. " 'Ey, Puppy!" After that, Ice was crushed by a huge hug from Puppy. 

After the reunion, everyone continued on, looking for Anakin, Caspiea, Chief, Gray, Deputron, Klint, Dia, Uni, and Hawk. They decided to investigate the site of the massive explosion first, since it had apparently lead to their re-uniting. They had to walk several meters to get to it, since Puppy, Nunya, and everyone else had ran from the site so fast. When they got there, they were surprised to find no damage, nothing but a gigantic, gaping pool. Not a pool of water, but of coding, binary, auras, and more, all a luminous blue, reflecting like a mirror, and entirely flat like marble, a ray of shine flashing through it, as it it were a solid shape. Glowing blue veins, circuits, wires, and more clung onto the 'banks' of this little pool. 

"Wow.." Nunya gasped, gaping in awe. "Was this here before? I mean, this is so amazing! I wonder if there are any--" 

"Don't start." Mario growled. Nunya hung her head. 

Uni and Diamond had seen the flash of light, and the chaos vanished, like sunlight being cut off from a room, covered by a dark curtain. Slightly relieved yet bewildered, they slowly walked towards the source of the light, and Uni had pointed to a group of figures in the distance. 

"Hey.. Look!" Uni said, pointing. "Those.." 

"Are the others!" Diamond finished Uni's sentence. "Hey! You guys! Over here!" At Diamond's call, the figures turned, and looked at them. 

"Is that.. Uni?!" Puppy gasped. "A-And--Dia?!" Puppy was enraptured, and delighted. She knew that they only had to find Chief, Deputron, Caspiea, Anakin, Klint, Gray, and Hawk now. 

"Where are we going?" Hawk sighed. They've been traveling in multiple directions, and have gotten nowhere. "Why didn't we go to that light? I mean, it could be something that could've helped us." 

"It could've been something dangerous." Klint snapped. "It's better we keep on walking and look for the others." 

"Klint. The others could've BEEN at the source of the light." Gray muttered, voice laced with irritation, fatigue, and anger. "We could've been with them by now if we haven't avoided it." 

Klint turned to stare at Gray with cold eyes. "I know more coding, geography, and directions more than anybody here." Klint growled. "Are you saying that we should've risked our lives to go there? To that random light? Do you?" Klint's voice had risen in volume, and his eyes were filled with cold anger and rising fury. 

"..Yes. Yes I do." Gray said, in a cold, low voice. Hawk covered his eyes. 

However, before the argument could turn physical, a massive wall shot up from the floor between them, and a sentence slowly etched itself along the smooth, slightly ridged surface. It said: 

̙̱̣̥̕͜ ̵͙̯͎̙̯̰̀T̴̟̟̮͎̟̕h̰͡i͏̤̮̥ͅs̷̹̖̕ ̵̢̩̻̟̘̞͔̦į͓̟̲̦͞s̶͈̝͇̙̳̲̪͔ ̢̗̞̗̬͇̺͚̦̳t̴̳͇͖̣͍̗̘̪ͅh̨̬̺͕̻̟̦̯̩è̛͕̤͖ͅ ̷̹̯͙̭̠̲͡C̦͚ͅy̡̛̬̘̞͔̮͉̯̰̣͢b̬̼͇̳̞e̵̘r̴̴̲̝͘n̵̛̠̞̤̖̮̲̭͢e̛̠̜̤͙͜ţ͇̺͖̺͔̻͉̞į̺͚̥͘c̯̟͍̳͚͈̠̳͘͢ ̰̭̗͍̻͢ͅW̩̪̻͇͉̗̪̫͝o̧͖̲̙͎r̨͇̘̦̪̖l̵͎̖͍̤͜d̪̫̺̥,͏̝͎͇͚̥ ͓̣͞͠w͈̫̖̭͉͍͔͈͝h̦͇͉͓̙͢è̺͚̳͔̙̝̪͎͟r̞̙e̢̼̼͞ ̯͉̰͓͎̩̦̻͙͞v̵̱͝i̧͚̝̪̟̲̰͉r͇̭̩u̠͟s̳͞e͎̬̮͖̰̼͚̣̻̕͟s̥͟,̶̢̡͍͙̣͎̻͚ͅ ͉͓̙ḇ̶̰̣̼̕e̷̵̩̰̖͘a̢̭̙̻͉͡ͅs̖̤̻̣̝̤̥̕͟t͍̬̫͞s͕̩̩͎̞̦̺͇̻,̦̗͍͎̖̪̪͘͢ ̴̠̭̩̠͉̺a̡̙̟̲͎̞͈̥͜ń̝̪͉̤d̲̼̮ ͇̗̠͔̻̖̗̹̀͞d̘͖̤̼͜i͔͎̹͇̦̮ś̱͉́ͅa̳̗̙̦͖͉̺̠͟s̺̜̭̭͍̱̤̥͘t̻̲̼̲̭̺ͅe̸̛̪̦r͕͚̣̻̯̥̼͍̘s̗̙̟̹̘̥ ͓͉͚̣̭̼͈́͘a̴͕̲̠̖͟͢ͅr̸̢͉i̡͏̮̝̥s͓͖͍͡e̞̼̠͓͚ ̝̥̀f̜͇̣̣̱̟̀͢r͎̼̯̟̲͓̬̘o̦̭͙̬̼m̶̜ͅ ͏̞̼͎̭͉̠̹͞ṭ̶͖͈̠̱͖͍̣̞̕͜h̨̨̥͈͎̳̞̝̝͉e̵̡̧̱̪͔̻ ͡͞͏̥s̖͇̩͘͟͞ḛ̶̠͖̻̪e̷̶̗̞͚m̵͇͉̖͖͖͎̭͔i̭̯̙̟̜͙̹̩̕n͙̼̘͎̪͓g̴̰̮̳ ̱̼̤͈̘̥̬̭̰é͍͖̤̣͖̺̞̪m̰̠̜̯̰͢p̷̗̀ţ̮͚̯i͉̱̜͓̦͎̫n̛҉̦̻̖̲ḛ̢̙͜s̸̫͖͈̗͢s͏͏̝̥.̦̩̤̤͇̥͇ͅ ̴̸̜͔͍̠͘

̣̬̞͇̯͎͔͢ ̘̗̫̳̕͞ ͟҉̳̣ ̻͖̟̥͖W̡̟͙̼̤h̶̺̞͘e̸͍̠̕r̶̨̗̝̜̥̹ȩ̫̱͍̞̱ ̛̝̳͉̤͉̻c̶̲͚͎o̴͉̜̤̼̙̫̻n͈͓͈̰f͈̣͎͇̺̝̞ư̵̗̜̤̖͖̘̻͘s̵͍̩͚̞̺̝͜͢ͅị͚̯͓͔͢͜ͅo̴͉͎̥͍̰̟̝̕n̴̷̖͚̱̫̳̜̱̮ ͉͘l̢͔͝e̡͚ą͏͏̮̪͇̮͚d̶̶̯̞̬̝͓̜͎s̮̗͔̯̳̪̤ ҉̪̺͈t̯̲̭̫͖̰͙͝ͅo̡̝̬̘̗͝ ̸̶̰̝͓̼̦̤d̢͕̦̤̠͕̬͍͔ͅe̲̹ą̼̳͉͍t҉͉̰̖̜̟̥h͏̤,̧͇̠̟͔͖̦͉͘ ̴̦̲̯͕á͎̼̙͍̩̙͚͟n҉͙̜̦̺̳͕d̡͚̣̀ ҉̳̺̙d͚͖̰̜́͟é̠͎̟͉a̕͞҉̮͔̖̮͕t̹̳̫̣̣̘͙̥͠ẖ͓̪̮͈̰́̕͟ͅ ̴͇͕͎̭l͏̙̱͝e͇͎͡a͚̮̞̘͇ḑ͏̟͚͖̜̳s͕͎̪̝͍͡ ̶̞̻̯̬t̗̻͇̣̫̜̺͉ó͕̻̟͇̬̖̱ ̷̶͈͇̹͙̤͕̭̯͈c҉̷̮̳̪̫̪̮̠̳ͅo͝͏͈͙ṇ̰̹̰̙͇̟͘͞f͖͚̪u̲̭̬͕̲̦͈͠s̶̢̭̞̰i̜̬͙o͏̸̥͍̪̱͓̖̗̯̹̀n̢̙̯̟.̧̛̦͉ ̧͎̜̗̩͉͓͝

̷͖̱͡ ̷̷͇̞͈̙͍̘̤͜ ̸̷̖̠͜ͅ ̴͔̠̼W̵̹̬̕͠h̵̪̪͙̳̜è̼͇̩͉̤̝̰͕ͅr͈̪͎͖e̛̦̣͕͡ ̷̮͕̫̮̫̹͎a͙̭̗n̨̫̤̞̦͈͢͡y͟͏̬̹̙͇t̷̫̤͕ḩ̲̫͢i̸̼̜̪̼̭̼̖̦n̤̠̩̪͈g̵̲̖̞͎͉̞ ̴̢̛̫̜ć̡̛̙̫̮a̰͚̱͢͞n̡͉̦̮̮̪̰̣̕ ҉̸̯̳̗͚̀h͕͔͎̲͢a̝̭͓p͚͈̤̼̣͇̣̭p̸̸͓̗͚̼̮è̥͟n̴͉̥͙̹̤̱͘.̴̰͎̮͔̗͎͉̰.͚̰̖̬͈͚̫̠̻̕ ̨̮̲͉̥

"Whoa.." Hawk murmured. "But.. I don't understand, unfortunately." 

Gray stared at the corrupted writing. It was slightly glowing a bright Electric-Blue, and the tiny, intricately made circuitry lines looked like they were slowly creeping up and down the wall. Klint's face contorted with mixed emotions: anger, irritation, and slight awe. Hawk smirked. "Well," Hawk snorted. "This seemed to have stopped our little scuffle, hasn't it?" Klint and Gray turned their heads and glared at Hawk, who flinched and hung back. When they all looked back at the wall, the Electric-Blue veins, wires, and circuits were rapidly coursing around the small wall, and completely engulfing it in a blinding blue energy, turning it into an Electric-Blue, white tinged slab standing upright. 

Chief and Deputron had been traveling for several hours, which, to them, felt like an eternity. They had been sprinting the entire time for those several hours. Chief was stumbling along with fatigue, and was really, really bored. Even Deputron was starting to give out; he was unbalanced, and his eyes were half-open and dulled. Then, he finally gave out and lay crumpled on the floor in a heap, breathing hard. Chief slumped down, and relaxed, her eyes shut. 

"What are we going to do now..?" Chief groaned tiredly. "We haven't seen a sign of the others in hours.." 

Deputron let out a stressful sigh, sounding labored with fatigue. "I don't know.." he breathed. "I just don't.." 

After about 30 minutes of just sitting there, watching the waves of energy course through the veins and circuits of the Cyber World, they continued on, Chief occasionally shouting out everyone's name, Deputron using his relatively keen eyesight to scope out any signs of the others. "..Hey, look!" Chief pointed. "I.. I think those are the others!" 

Puppy was forced to stay at the little pool, to look around for any sign while the others went out to look for the others. She sighed, then turned and stared into the glowing pool of coding. She was a bit startled not to see any trace of a reflection, then, when she looked closer, she thought she could see a ripple in the 'water', before something eventually burst out of the pool. 

"WHOA!" Puppy had shouted, stumbling back. When she turned to look at what had come flying out of the pool, it looked like.. 

"Anakin?" Puppy whispered. What was he doing in there? Has he always been there? Was he caught in the explosion? Questions coursed through Puppy's head like minnows in a pool. "Uhh.. Uhmm.." Puppy stammered. She walked over, and poked Anakin. "Hey.. get up, Anakin.." Puppy's eyes soon filled with worry, but immediately faded when she heard Anakin cough and sit up. 

"Ugh.." Anakin groaned. "Wh.. Where am I..?" He rubbed his eyes, and looked at Puppy. 

"Oh, hey, Anakin!" Puppy chirped, brightening up. "How are you doing? Are you alright?" 

Before Anakin could answer, Uni, Dia, Flaming, and Nunya were walking back with Chief and Deputron, Chief smiling brightly at her friends. Even Dep had a small smile on his face. "Hey.. Is that Anakin?" Dia spoke up, tilting his head. 

"..It is." Puppy said, quietly. "He.. He kind of came flying out of this here pool." 

"So he was taking a swim while we were looking for him and the others?" Flaming growled. Chief punched him in the shoulder sternly. 

"Hey.." Gray murmured. "What happened with that wall..?" He was staring up at the broad, blue slab of a wall, while Hawk was squinting through its blinding glowing. Klint had his arms crossed, staring at his shoes. 

"..Maybe that message smudged up and spread up the wall." Hawk suggested. "Like Wu--" Gray smacked him. 

"Hey.. Who's that over there?" Klint asked, pointing to a group of figures in the distance. 

"Oh, great." Hawk groaned. "Is it some of those beasts that the message thing mentioned?" 

"No.." Gray murmured. "It's.. It's the others! Hey! Over here!"

The group consisted of Blue, Mario, and Ice. They had heard shouting and startled cries from where Gray, Klint, and Hawk were. Worried, they had taken a detour to investigate, and Blue was ecstatic to have found them. 

"Klint! Gray! HAAWKIE!!" Blue had shrieked happily. 

"Blue?" Klint and Gray had said in unison. They briefly flashed a glare at one another, then ran on over to the group, Hawk hurrying behind them. 

"'Ey, everyone." Ice said. "Good to see you all again."

"Let's go back to the others, everyone!" Blue chirped. "Let's go!" In a fit of happiness, he leaped up and sprinted off with youthful energy. Ice and Hawk looked at each other, smiling, then they ran off after her. Gray, Klint, and Mario trailed behind, Gray at least 2 meters away from Klint. 

"So.. Anakin's here." Uni murmured. "We just need to wait for the others to report back." 

~Several hours later..~ 

About half of the group at the pool was asleep, Reka and Flaming were put on patrol. Flaming was half dozing off, and Reka was watching the featureless world, looking for any sign of the others. When Reka came to realize that Flaming had fallen asleep--judging by the loud snoring next to her--she turned and slapped Flaming across the face. 

"Hey!" Reka had shouted. "Don't leave me staring at nothing all day!" 

"Why, that's not very nice to the Hound, don't you think?" a familiar voice rang out. Reka turned and saw Gray, Klint, Hawk, Ice, Mario, and Blue, standing there. "..Oh.." Reka said, quietly. "Hey.."

"What's all the racket going on about..?" Hurricane moaned groggily. The others stirred and sat up, and turned to look at what was going on. Calls rang out when they realized that Gray, Klint, and Hawk were among them. 

"Gray! Hawk! Klint!" Nunya had chirped, running over and squeezing the threesome in a tight hug. She didn't break the hug until Hawk let out a strangled cough. 

"Hi, guys." Chief yawned, rubbing one side of her face, squinting. "It's.. good to see you.. again." She didn't show it, but she was bursting with excitement, the very soul inside of her bouncing around like a Cheetah on a sugar rush, ecstatic with enraptured emotions. She was trying to keep her formality in check, considering she was a Second-In-Command Bureaucrat and all.. 

While everyone happily celebrated, Deputron broke away from the crowd. 

"Wait!" he shouted, backing up and looking around frantically. "Not everyone's here! Where's.. Where's Caspiea?!" 

 Chapter 3): Consumed by.. what? 

Everyone instantly fell silent. The reunion was abruptly cut off from Deputron's comment. 

"Wasn't everyone separated in a group?" Puppy asked, looking around at the rest of the crew. 

"Yeah." Hawk replied, nodding. "All except Hurricane and Icefern. Other than those guys, I'm pretty sure was in a pair or threesome." 

Anakin groaned. He was still lying on the floor now, and when Gray and turned him over, he had a stab wound in his back, bleeding, and seemingly deep. Chief flinched at the sight, and Puppy gasped, cringing and covering her eyes. 

"Christ.." Gray murmured. "Was it one of those beasts that the message mentioned..? 

"BEASTS?!" Nunya shrieked, jumping up and running around screaming in circles, her shrieks echoing everywhere. 

"Shut up!" Flaming shouted at Nunya. Nunya flinched and sat down, head hung in shame. 

"No.." Anakin mumbled. "It wasn't.. any f-foreign.. beast.." 

"Then who?" Ice asked. "Or what?" Chief was busy trying to stanch the bleeding from Anakin's wound. 

"It.." Anakin began, but then he passed out before he could get the answer out. 

"Dang it." Chief muttered, face-palming. "I guess we'll have to ask him again when he wakes up. 

Just then, the very ground beneath their feet began to rumble. 

"Whoa.." Hawk said, trying to keep his balance. "An earthquake? Here?

A massive, ear-splitting, deafening roar broke out, and when everyone turned to face it, a massive, crystalline-like wolf with a thick, spiky mane made of neat rows of sharpened crystals, glowing green-blue eyes, and a relatively spiky, yet lithe body with massive paws bristling with long, hooked claws. Standing atop its head was.. Caspiea. 

However, she looked nothing like the sane, quiet User that chatted with everyone. Her eyes were wide with demented insanity, and a huge, unnaturally wide smile was stretched across her face, seemingly taking up half of her face. She had blue circuits that was on the side of her face. 

"Oh my god.." Puppy gasped. 

"No time for talking!" Gray commanded. "Run!" Thus, everyone started running from the massive Cybernetic Wolf and the demented Caspiea. As they were running, they heard the massive wolf pounding after them with terrifying speed, and an insane, demented laughter ringing in their ears, and filling their thoughts with horrible, nightmarish images. 

"Trust me!" they heard Caspiea calling out to them in an insane tone. "I̝̪̅̇̒̊͐̎'̨̞͉̔͊ͮͦl̞̩͚̣͓͓͈͐̒̎ͧ̔͐ḻ̙̲̮͖͇̼́̓ ̣͑̾ͭ̊m̭̞̰̮͍̭͆́̑͟ȧ̜̟̺ͤ̚k̶̫ͤ̽̐̓ê̳ͩͯ̓̑̽ ̶̫͎͚͕̹͕̳̎ͪ̂ŷ̔̒̄̚o̵̜͈̩ͯͥ̀ͭ͐u͎̺͎̻̓̌͌̅ͬ͊̚r̫̘̟ ͙̤̭̼̥̝͑̀̇ͥͨͭd̼e͖̭̹͔̤̹ͣ̆̄ͦ͝a̮̪̯̪̭̝̋̀t̔̀́ḫ̵̯̓̅ ͖̻̟̰̼̈ͥl͖͎o̪̻̝ͨ̊ͤ̒̔͐̏͠ͅň̵̻g̲̱̗͖̥̺̦̒͋͑ͤ̉̚͢ ̸ͣ̅͑a̛͍̫̲̪̬ͮ̒̈́ǹ̵͚̣̗̹͓̝ḏ̨͓̾ͦ ̻͎͕̙̥̤͒́͋̐̌͑͂a͙̥͎̳̯ͥ͊̈́̅ͭ̅g̝̙̲͈͔̥͡o͉̠̥̍̔̈̀ͦ̿ͭn̷͖͔̠͓̝͎ͣ̓ͩ̃i̪͕͕̻͕̘̇͑ͣ̍̊z̹͓̱̬i̢̝̲̣̋͗ṋ̟̯̲ͥ̐ͤg̅͛̌̕ ̶̾̃f̱̫̥̥̦͉̓͌ǫ͇̼͔̒͋̒r̡̯ ͍̹̩̇̇͆̍̈͌͗ỷ̡̬̜͕͓͕ö́͛ͦ̊̋̇uͭ̓̾͆ͥ!̯͓̣̰̖̻̀ͪͅ" Her voice glitched like static from a virus, and sent cold shivers down every listener's spines. 

Hawk was carrying the unconscious Anakin over one shoulder, as if he were a half-filled sack of flour, and just then, Gray heard someone trip over and fall. It was Nunya. 

"No!" Klint yelled, screeching to a halt and running to Nunya's side, helping her up and running towards the others, Nunya stumbling wearily behind. Just then, Klint saw a massive claw lash out towards his back. He managed to dash forward a few feet, but it scratched his back, and seemed like the giant virus wolf could electrocute things at will, as he felt a massive burning and stinging on his back. Causing him to fall on his face on the hard ground. 

"The heck!" Flaming yelled, breaking away from the group and running to Klint's side, glaring up at Caspiea and the massive Cybernetic Wolf. 

"Flaming!" everyone yelled. "What are you doing?!

At this rate, I don't care if I live or die, all I want is this stupid, idiotic beast and this chaotic madman to get outta here and let me go back to playing Don't Starve already! Flaming thought angrily as he stood his ground against the massive creature. Also, this guy doesn't torture everybody else like they're nothing. That's my job! 

The massive wolf creature was towering over Flaming, and then it whipped its head back and roared like the mix of a demon and an enraged lion, which then broadened into a long howl. Flaming, unbeknownst to everyone else, had a dagger, which, for reasons he didn't care for, kept it in its sheath, attached to his belt. The massive creature's eyes glowed, and Flaming managed to snatch a sight that made him rage inside: Caspiea had escaped. The heck, Flaming thought, raging. I was going to kill her. The enraged, aggravated User was left alone to take matters into his own hands, and dagger, and knowledge of Don't Starve. The horrific creature, satisfied with its howl, looked down at Flaming with eyes that glowed with disregarding contempt, and white slits of pupils followed the stumbling Klint and practically unconscious Nunya. 

"You!" Flaming snarled, pointing at the corrupted Virus. "You don't torment my friends the way you do, that's my job!!

Just then, Gray, Klint, and all of the other Wikia Users started noticing a fire that they had never seen before. They knew Flaming just loved joking around and pranking just about every User on the Wiki, but never knew how much Flaming loved doing it, nor knew how determined he was to keep his reputation in place. They sensed a clear rage boiling within him, like a truely flaming Fire Hound. 

"ALRIGHT!" Flaming had yelled, the circuits on the ground around him turning red, glowing with prominent anger and determination. The ground cracked beneath his feet, and everyone was starting to fear Flaming's dramatically angry state, started to slowly.. back.. away.. 

"Alright!" Blue started, backing away slowly with his hands held up near his chest. "Eh.. heh heh... Ehh.... I think I've had a great time here, now, let's go... GET OUTTA HERE!!" So, everyone proceeded to run like heck towards a safe place. 

The Virus, which is officially known as the Computeratric Animated Networking Ion Sector, or C.A.N.I.S., was letting out virtual yelps and looking frantically at the changing circuits below its massive, bristling paws. Then, realizing that it was going against its primary objective--which was to kill and show no mercy or fear--its eyes narrowed into a fierce glare, and glowing a Blood-Red, and it threw its head back and howled so ferociously that the ground shook. It was mono VS. Corrupted Virus. 

Flaming lowered himself into a crouch, and then dashed forward, eyes practically glowing red, and letting out a battle cry as he drew his dagger. The C.A.N.I.S., snarled and, tail coiling and writhing like a snake, threw itself forward, paws pounding the ground with powerful strength, claws gouging deep fissures into the lit ground, and roaring vicious, threatening snarls at the seemingly puny competitor it was about to face. In truth, it was slightly bewildered and appalled that this was the first being to ever try and fight it, and showing surprising amounts of strength and power. It decided, in its super computer mind, to report to its master with the information in time. 

When they were near enough to cross paths, the virus lifted its front arms, rearing back slightly, then slamming its paws down into the ground, smashing and caving it in, and nearly clipped Flaming, who then after had thrust his dagger into the beast's crystalline forearm, causing it to screech horrendously, and lash out with one paw, causing debris to go flying, and one piece of which hit Flaming in the head, but, struggling not to falter, took his dagger and lunged, throwing the massive Kukri into the C.A.N.I.S.'s spiky, bristling head, causing it to scream so horribly that Flaming's ears were ringing terribly, and his head was spinning. 

Caspiea had been walking for several hours now. She knew that it was Kyrus's shift lurking in the Cyber World, and had remained alert, yet more irritable. After about two more hours of traveling, Anakin had fled to be on his own, leaving Caspiea to walk alone, which was fine with her. He was a nuisance, it's better here. she thought warily, her eyes narrowed with an odd mix of weariness and irritation. She just so happened to know more of the Cyber World than any other User on the Animal Jam Wiki, yet she never showed it. 

"Kyrus hasn't shown herself in--" Caspiea murmured to herself, but then got cut off by a massive crash, then a loud, savage howl rang out, seemingly shaking the entire Cybernetic World like an earthquake. "Oh, god.." Caspiea face-palmed. "Looks like she did show herself." She then picked up her pace until she was literally sprinting through the Cyber World in long strides, pounding through the empty, featureless plain of black and blue. "Why why why why why..!" Caspiea hissed angrily. "She sent out one of the C.A.N.I.S. viruses on everyone?" She listened, carefully sorting through the sounds of her feet impacting the ground, the loud, vicious snarls of the C.A.N.I.S., and the occasional sparks of electricity. She managed to pick through the messy tangle of sounds, and pick out the sound of Flaming's battle shouts. "Dang it.." Caspiea muttered. "What is Flaming doing this time?" 

She was bounding through the Cyber World so fast that she managed to make it towards the battle in a relatively-short time. She saw that Flaming was trying to jab the C.A.N.I.S. in what were supposed to be the fatal places. His attempts were futile, and just as she was about to advance and drag Flaming out of there, a swift figure zipped through the air, and slammed down in front of her, caving in the ground, making a massive crater, and sending cracks rippling through the landscape countless meters off. Caspiea managed to stumble back far enough to avoid sliding into the crater, and looked around, only to see a smirking Kyrus standing in the center of the cave in, looking up at Caspiea with eyes wide with insanity. 

"..You.." Caspiea murmured, glaring down at Kyrus. "Call off the virus. Now." Kyrus's smirk got wider, and cheekier. Then, she snapped her fingers, the sound echoing through the entirety of Cyberspace, and then the C.A.N.I.S. looks up. It had been pinning down Flaming and was just about to eviscerate him, when Kyrus had called it off, and it stepped off of Flaming; leaving him a bit crushed on the hard ground, grimacing, trying not to show pain. Caspiea proceeded to pick him up, and throw him where she knew the others would be. 

"Why'd you send us here, Kyrus." Caspiea snarled. 

Gray, Klint, and the others were still safely tucked away near the pool. Puppy was staring at her reflection in the virus-filled pool. Nunya and Blue were busy tussling wildly, keeping their wild shrieks quiet. Flaming and Mario were busy snoozing, leaned up against each other back to back near the 'water', the glowing pool illuminating their faces with a blue-ish hue. Ice was just playing with her cloak, hood casting shadows over her face. Hurricane, Uni, and the other Administrators and Bureaucrats were quietly discussing random, yet important topics--how to get out of the Cyber World, etc. 

Little did they know, that the battle was only just beginning. 

 Chapter 4): "Only one of us can get out of here.." 

Kyrus and Caspiea were glaring at each other, Caspiea at the rim of the massive crater that Kyrus had created, and Kyrus was in the center of it, staring at Caspiea, smirk wide, and cheeky. An unknown wind smelling of frost, wind, and the night sky blowing around them. 

"Why did you send us here, Kyrus." Caspiea snarled. "Also, I said, call off the Virus.

Kyrus let out a brief chuckle, then said: "Fine. Leave, C.A.N.I.S. 041, I don't need you anymore to do my dirty work." She turned her glance to the C.A.N.I.S., which then silently padded off, paws shaking the ground with each step. 

"Now, to answer your question." Kyrus purred, glancing back Caspiea. "All I want is to get to the real world." 

"Then, what was the point of sending us here?" Caspiea hissed. "Couldn't you just warp?

Kyrus narrowed her vividly-glowing, Turquoise-Blue eyes, swimming with small, Pale-Blue orbs, computer circuits, and more, like the pool. Then she pretended to have a sudden interest of the occasional glitching of her hand. Then, she glanced back up at Caspiea, her face clearly etched with annoyance and irritation. Then, her entire body glitched fiercely, and she had teleported her way in front of Caspiea. 

"Do you not know anything, you scrap of circuitry, coding, and binary?" Kyrus scowled, glaring at Caspiea with eyes that would have burned into any lifeform's soul. "My warping may get me to the real world. Yes, you are right. Yes, affirmative, positive. However, I cannot stay for a prolonged period of time, for I am no lifeform consisting of carbon, phosphorus, and other vital elemental compounds that form flesh. I am a virus. A corrupting form consisting of intricate computerized coding. So, the purpose of your being here is because, purely, 100%, entirely, positively, if I am to be able to permanently reside in the world of those known as homo sapiens, and other lifeforms, only one of us is able to leave this place." 

Usually, Caspiea would have zoned out before she heard everything, but she had listened intently, eyes narrowed. Only one of us? Caspiea thought, considerably. "Hm, then the person has to be trapped here for you to get out of this place you call a world?" she asked tautly, crossing her arms. 

"No. Incorrect. Negative." Kyrus replied, voice glitching intensely. "The person must die, if I am to permanently escape this Hell." 

Caspiea flinched. 

Gray was sitting amongst the Administrators and Bureaucrats. He knew it was up to him to protect the Users he led, and he tried desperately to come up with a plan. He couldn't. 

Uni and Diamond were quietly whispering to each other, occasionally glancing in the direction of the battle. Diamond flinched when she saw something plummeting in their direction. Shouting a warning to the others, they all tumbled out of the way, just before the thing had crashed onto the ground, slightly cracking and caving it in. Nunya was crouched behind Uni, shaking and shuddering. Diamond then tentatively walked over, and poked the figure that had crash-landed in their temporary camp. She realized it was Flaming, because of the strained groan, and the dagger clutched in his hand. 

"The heck?" Blue piped up, poking out from behind Gray. "Was Flaming trying to fly?" 

This had earned Blue a hard, solid punch in the shoulder by Mario. 

"Shut up, Blue.." Flaming croaked, lifting his head. He had cuts and scratches on his face, hands, and legs. Bruises of a deep purple was on his face and arms. He let his head fall, letting it bang on the hard, glass-like floor, while Puppy tentatively inspected his wounds from a distance. 

"What did that thing do, Flaming?" Chief asked, nudging him, causing him to groan. "Did it do this to you?" 

"No dip, Sherlock." Flaming growled at Chief, clearly annoyed by her question. "What, do you think I just walked into a giant eggbeater and got all these cuts?" 

Mario scowled, and looked away. Reka had a look of mild worry, head tilted slightly. Nunya, who was usually always full of spunk and foolishness even in the most absurd, adverse conditions, pounced upon Blue again and they started tussling again, causing Gray to face-palm. Flaming eventually, slowly stumbled to his feet, slightly dizzied and unbalanced, swaying lightly. Then he shook his head, and retained his usually arrogant attitude. 

"What, I don't need babying!" Flaming spat. "I can take care of myself, quit worrying about me!" Then, with that, he walked off towards the pool and sat down, looking down at the luminious blue pool. 

"You're kidding." Caspiea sneered. "You must be saying that just to scare me. I'm not stupid." 

Kyrus's smirk fell, and her eyes narrowed with suspicion. "Are you stalling?" Kyrus growled, stepping forward, bringing them closer to each other, face-to-face. 

"Oh, no." Caspiea said casually, her arms crossed. "Let's get this party started." With that, she lunged, and caught Kyrus right in the face, with a solid middle punch. 

Kyrus stumbled back slightly, then she sprung up and did a triple tornado kick right across Caspiea's face. Caspiea, struggling not to get tripped up off her feet, lashed out and caught Kyrus in her neck. Getting more enraged blow for blow, her eyes flared turquoise blue and she glitched right behind Caspiea, and caught her full in the back, who tucked and rolled when she had hit the ground and flipped up onto her feet. They both lunged and both of their tightly-clenched fists slammed into each other solidly, sending a shock wave rippling throughout the entire Cyber World, and causing the others, actually not so far off as they thought, to lose their footing, some falling straight into the pool of coding and binary. 

"Only one of us can get out of here, you fool!" Kyrus snapped, lashing out with her other hand, which Caspiea had intercepted and caught Kyrus's fist in her hand, then leaning back and head-butting Kyrus full in the face. Stumbling back, and holding her bruised face in her palms, Kyrus's face contorted with rage, and her eyes blazed like blue fire. She lashed out, and before Caspiea could block it, had slammed a hand straight over Caspiea's throat and lifted her up, causing her to start choking and struggling. After a few moments, Kyrus felt a blow to her stomach, and she dropped Caspiea and staggered back, grimacing. 

"Give it up, Kyrus!" Caspiea snarled. "I'LL be the one getting out of here, not you!

While the group settled back near the pool, a massive shockwave slammed into the landscape, rippling through the entire Cybernetic World. Everyone cried out and was swept off their feet, some unfortunately ending up in the pool, namely, Flaming, the still unconscious Anakin, Blue, and a few others. 

"WHAT! WHAT HAPPENED!" Anakin yelled, wildly splashing his way back to the surface, coding weaving past his legs underwater. 

"Help! I'm drowning! HELP!" Blue screeched dramatically, splashing like a helpless fish in the pool of computerized coding.

"Ah, shut up!" Mario snapped. "Just swim on up already!" Blue glared at Mario, then managed to calm her composure, and splash out of the water. 

"HEY!" Flaming spluttered, wildly splashing and thrashing back to the surface, choking out the 'water'. "I didn't ask to be dunked into this thing!" Then, he clawed his way out of the pool. 

As the others came out, another thing was rocketing towards the group. Half intentionally, Gray shoved Klint into the pool, and he tumbled out of the way of the flying figure. As the others shrieked and took cover, Caspiea--who had been body-slammed, tackled, and sent flying into the temporary camp of the Animal Jam Wiki members--smashed into the ground so hard that she left a long rut in her path, before finally coming to a stop on broken 'glass' and snapped circuits. 

"Caspiea!" Nunya had shrieked, getting up and running towards her friend. She gave her a crushing hug, unaware that she was just hurting her friend even more, and digging the broken shards of the hard, glassy floor even more into her back, arms, and shoulders. Caspiea let out a cry of pain before Nunya had realized what she was doing, and she stumbled back at the sight of an emaciated Caspiea. 

Just then, Kyrus slammed down upon them, caving in the floor, cracking it severely. Nunya screamed and stumbled back just in time. 

"I believe, oh yes, so very much, that it is time for my turn." Kyrus hissed, eyes glinting. She kneeled down and took hold of Caspiea's throat, tightened her grip to the point that would've crushed her entirely, then lifted her up, Caspiea hanging limply above the ground. There wasn't anything anyone could do but watch.. 

Then, apparently, Nunya had leapt onto Kyrus and clung onto her like a vice, laughing, in what Caspiea would've called a 'death hug'. 

"Nunya!" Gray shouted. "Are you insane? Get off that psychopath right now!" 

Of course, Nunya didn't give a thought to it. 

"Release me, you insolent fool!" Kyrus snarled, struggling to wrench away from Nunya's grip. "Get off!

"No! I always wanted to try this on a psychopath!" Nunya chirped happily, laughing as Kyrus was trying to untangle Nunya's gripping fingers to escape. "You were perfect to try this out on!" 

By now, Kyrus had dropped Caspiea and had become distracted on trying to get Nunya to release her. Puppy, quickly seizing this opportunity to grab Caspiea, crouched down low, then slowly crept across the hard floor. Gray and Chief hastily followed after Puppy, and they managed to slowly make their way into the rut that Caspiea was almost buried in, among sharp, jagged shards, live circuitry sparking and popping at their sides, and, most of all, scarlet puddles of blood, and jagged, protruding shards dripping with red.  

"Is she alright?" Gray whispered, managing to heighten the volume of his voice enough to get a bit over Kyrus's shouts and vicious glitching. Puppy, shaking as she slowly reached over to see if Caspiea was still there, tentatively held her hand onto Caspiea's cheek. It was stone-cold, but Puppy, panicking on the inside, touched Caspiea's chest, and felt the subtlest heartbeat, but no slow rising and falling of breath. "She's not breathing!" Puppy gasped, then she made the mistake of accidentally touching a slight bit of red. A shiver rippled through her entire body, as if she saw a giant fly, and she quickly jerked her hand away. Quickly, Puppy slowly picked up Caspiea, and ran out of the rut, Gray and Chief stumbling after her. She realized that shards of the glass-like floor was still in Caspiea's back, shoulders, and a bit of her neck. I hope she makes it.. Puppy thought, shutting her eyes as she ran towards the others. 

Meanwhile, as Nunya was still clinging onto Kyrus, Flaming, Mario, and other Users were shouting at Nunya, telling her to get off Kyrus before she got torn to shreds, but to no avail. 

"Nunya!" Flaming shouted. "I'm going to--" Before he could get his sentence out, Gray had gently set a hand on Flaming's shoulder, and looked at him, shaking his head. Flaming looked down. As Puppy and Chief were desperately shaking Caspiea, trying to wake her up. After a few moments, Caspiea coughed and, shaking, managed to sit up, and say: 

"S-Stop, Nunya.. You d-don't know what she could do.." She collapsed and managed to look at Chief and Puppy. "Heh.." she chuckled. "I.. I'm glad you're all fine.." Chief looked up, tears threatening to flood her eyes, and she had caught sight of Hawk sprinting towards Kyrus, face clearly etched with an indescribable rage. He was shouting: "How dare you hurt one of my friends!

"No! Don't do it, Hawk!" Chief shouted, hastily leaping up and running towards Hawk. Just then, a shadow crashed into the scene.. 

Hawk stumbled back when the shadow fell crashed in front of him. When the light illuminated on the figure, it showed a figure that was similar to one of Caspiea's 'Cassie and Kassiden' drawings. Puppy speculated that Kassiden had now arrived into the scene, to kill them all. 

"I heard you needed some help." Kassiden sneered, glancing at Kyrus, who was still busy trying to wrench Nunya off her back. "Heh. You have to quit killing these meddly scraps of flesh just to keep a fangirl from hugging you? That's a shame, Kyrus. Wait until Virus hears about this one!" The taunting figure then proceeded to cackle more insanely than Kyrus ever could. 

"Quiet your coding, Kassiden!" Kyrus hissed, turning on Kassiden. "This laughing bafoon has more strength than she appears! Release me, you fool!" Kyrus jumped, and landed on her back, hoping that Nunya would get crushed, but to no avail. Kassiden was really enjoying this, laughing hysterically at Kyrus's classic show of attempting to remove Nunya from her back. "Oh, c'mon, Kyrus!" Kassiden taunted again. "Just kill her already! What's taking you so long? Can't you electrocute the brat already? Or is she supposedly keeping you from using any of your attacks? Just kill her!" 

After about an hour, Kyrus managed to throw Nunya off her back, and electrocute her so that she goes unconscious. Kyrus, who normally had a calm, cool personality, was clearly ticked off to the extreme. 

"I've had it!" Kyrus yelled, sparks exploding around her. "All of you, die where you stand!" 

Then, the electric aura around her practically exploded. Massive bolts of blue lightning shot in every possible direction. "Run!" Gray shouted. Before anyone could run a few meters, they got struck. 

Everything. Went. Black. 

   To be continued.. 

   This is the end! Wait for the sequel people. :P 

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