Hello, I am Wreck, well that's what I'm called anyway. To my unlucky targets, I'm Major Majormajor. And I'm here to document my scamming experiences, some cool some not. (Remember, this was before the new trading system)

My first scam project, I could never forget it. I was a spring bunny, named a stupid name I cant remember "looking for new mommy" I said, hoping someone of decent rarity would adopt me. Then someone came. "Arctic wolf, nice" I thought, her name was Major Majormajor (this is where I get my name, to honor her) She had a pink long, so that was my target. Went to her den, she asked if I needed anything, I said "do u trust me" she said yes, so I said "my friends in school say if u true me ur rarest item ill be cool" so she said ok and I enabled an auto clicker, put my mouse where accept would be, and then the trade popped up, pink long for my pillow, the auto clicker clicked yes and I got a pink long and logged off.

10th scam, it got kinda boring at this point so I came up with some new ideas. I looked rare, so i went to a party for only rare people. Talked with someone, went to their den, said someone was gonna hack them and BOOM 3 spike wrist, a spike collar and a rare headdress all gifted to me, they said they thought you were gonna gift war and asked for the items back, and I gave one spike wrist back, but then I scammed another 2 from him. He said that he wanted them all back even the 2 new scammed wrist. I happily logged out.

100th scam, since this was a big moment I decided to score big. Ever heard of the user Salfish? No? He was famous before I did this, rarest user people could see. Then I became friends with him, and I told him to gift me all his rares for a Youtube video and I would gift them back, he was hesitant at first but I convinced him. He gifted me tons of black longs, nr headdress, any rare or unrare item you could think of, he had and gifted to me. I said that my computer was about to die and that he'd get the items back tomorrow, I blocked him and a week after he deleted all his accounts to everything, then I thought "I might have to lay low on the scamming for a little while" I wonder who I'll scam for 1,000, 100,000 and 1 million. I might just have to learn how to hack :)

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