Story by Candykitty, do not steal.


It was a normal day in animal jam. I logged onto my account and waited with a bored look on my face as I was transported to Crystal Sands. I felt like looking for trades, so I went to servers and clicked Aldan. To my surprise, not only was I able to join the full server, but I was also able to go directly to the township! I smiled with glee as my monkey, Enchanted Prettymonkey loaded in. I waited in the middle of the township, and after a while of nothing but warriors drama, mate beggars, and scammers, a member appeared and started dancing right next to my monkey. “You are the dancing queen, young and sweet, only seventeen!” sang the owl, the nametag saying Dancing Queenowl. This person seemed cool! I sent a buddy request, which was almost immediately accepted. “myden” said the member before disappearing. I followed her to her den, wondering what was wrong.

Their den was a bit creepy, just a bare castle. Nothing wrong with that, maybe they were just redecorating. There was a group of other jammers gathered at the entrance, everyone confused and somewhat panicked. “whats wrong???” I typed. “we can’t leave!” Sure enough, when I clicked the map icon, it greyed itself out. I tried the same with the home button, but just when I was about to click log out a message popped up. You know, like the ones that say “go to the cloud party!” or “go to the hot springs!” The message eerily just said “You are all Dancing Queens, young and sweet!” Then I realized…All the animals in the group slowly started dancing. A few people, including me, backed our animals away from the dancing ones. “I CANT MOVE!!!” typed one arctic wolf. “ME NEITHER!” typed a seal. The group of jammers who backed away watched, scared, as their nametags changed from their normal nametags to something else. Sandy Desertpaw the wolf became Dancing Queenwolf. Large Gassyboy became Dancing Queenlynx. And they all suddenly stopped talking, as if their chat was disabled.

I moved my monkey closer, and suddenly Enchanted Prettymonkey started dancing. “WHAT THE HECK????” I typed, clicking furiously away from the group. The nametag on my monkey changed from Enchanted Prettymonkey to Dancing Queenmonkey, and my chat bar just disappeared. I was about to cry from sadness when I noticed one thing. The emoticon button wasn’t greyed out. I clicked it and selected the crying emoticon, letting all of the others know that it worked. Everyone’s animals started saying “You are the dancing queen!” going through the whole song, but being frequently interrupted by our emoticons of crying, anger, and in some cases just any random emoticon. Until the song ended. Suddenly, all our animals disappeared, and the loading screen popped up. When it ended, it said ‘You were gone for too long and got logged out!’

I logged on with my backup account, hurriedly going onto Aldan. This time, I wasn’t transported to the Township but instead I was transported to Coral Canyons. I kept trying to get into Jamaa Township until I got in. I only had to wait a few minutes. Sure enough, the dancing animals appeared into the township, including my monkey, Dancing Queenmonkey. I typed furiously, trying to warn the others in the township about what must be a hack or something infecting our accounts. “lol yeah right” “I seriously doubt that, sorry” “this is my fav song!!” It was no use. They didn’t listen. I logged out, deciding to play on my backup account from now on.

I completely forgot about Animal Jam, until Christmas came. The advent calendar was a good way to collect items for the backup account. I logged in and almost all the buddies of my backup account were online. On my backup account I buddied just about everybody, because it didn’t really matter in the long run. Curious, I opened my list and was greeted by identical nametags; all saying “Dancing Queenleopard” or “Dancing Queenshark” or any of the other animals. I scrolled through the list in disbelief until I reached the bottom. The last online nametag was quickly going through all the animal names at once. Curiosity was killing me. I logged out, made a new account, and searched up the player’s username before entering their den. I’m still in there, I just wanted to write all this down before I kept going. It’s taken about an hour to type it all up. I’ve been checking back to make sure I wouldn’t get logged out, and nothing seems to have changed (aside from my battery charge; I’m on a laptop). Wish me luck.

Hi. I’ve noticed that the original author hasn’t introduced herself. Well, her name was Tina, and I’m Angela. Tina left her laptop open, so I’m just gonna write stuff down, I guess. She’s just dancing on the other side of the room. I tried to talk to her, but she can’t say anything. She just makes weird faces. I read through the whole story-thingy, but the only thing open is Animal Jam, and it says “You were gone for too long!” blah blah blah….Tina’s getting closer.

The door’s locked. I’m calling the police.

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