Blue has known about the Silver Stone for years, but what he didn't know is that it opens a portal into a dark and dangerous world...

Chapter 1

Awesome Sunnymajor, a blue artic wolf with rare sunglasses was being chased through Sarepia.

Chased by who? The Alphas' assistants for stealing something that belonged to them.

Awesome leaped over rocks and slid under a mossy log, trying to lose them. But the Alphas' assistants, or what Awesome called them, the 'guards', easily leaped over the rocks and over the mossy log.

Awesome's heart pounded. He hadn't expected them to catch up to him. Just when he thought he was caught for sure, a large shape swooped down into the trees and carried Awesome by the scruff into the air. The guards were standing below, wide eyed at Awesome and the large sun-orange eagle carrying him away into the air. They turned around and raced back into the forest.

Awesome stuck out his tongue at them, and said to the eagle, "I could've handled that just fine! Luna, you should've left me down there. Now it'll take a day for me to get to the monkey camp, and Ginger wanted the silver stone ASAP."

Luna glared at Awesome, her green eyes sparkling with anger.

"If I left you down there, you would've been caught, and you'd be locked up in the Alpha's hideout for sure. Behind bars until the end of time! Look- Blue, I know you have to get the stone to Ginger but there's something happening at the camp and I need you to go check it out."

A while later they arrived at their 'camp'. High up in Coral Canyons, only acessible by flight. It was a large sandy platform, clearly not natural. It was said that the Alphas wanted to build a shop up here only for flying animals, but thought the better of it and left it.

The platform was rather large, and there were five huts on it. Two were lined up on the left, two on the right, in front of the other huts, and one in the very center of it all.

Luna had a rough landing, and they both crashed into the sandy rock.

The camp was full of activity, with eagles doing flying excersices, artic wolves reading and studying the Alphas' secret hideout, and snow leopards, being dropped off in the camp by eagles, carrying items they managed to find in the now destroyed shops in Jamaa.

From the center hut came a lot of shouting. Luna shook herself and pointed her beak towards the shouting. "There," she said with a rather concerned tone of voice. "T...that's the problem we're having."

Awesome, aka Blue, padded slowly towards the center hut and listened.

"No! You've got it all wrong!" shouted one voice that seemed to come from a monkey. "The Silver Stone belongs to us monkeys not you greedy artic wolves!"

"Besides," said another voice in a calm and soothing tone. "The stone is rumored to open an old stone portal in the Zios rainforest."


Just then Blue strutted into the hut, his sunglasses shining.

The shouting stopped at once.

"Guys, guys, calm down," he said, looking at the table at the center of the hut. Papers and maps were spread across it, the Alphas' hideout, the 5 missing items, and the 'stone portal' that the Silver Stone opened.

"I know you guys are arguing about this stone. I have it right here."

He took off his black backpack, opening it and taking out the stone.

The Silver Stone seemed to be made out of silver, but it was not. It shone brightly at night, and was a silvery metallic color. It was round and smooth like a pebble, but rather large for one too.

All the eyes from the animals sitting around the table glittered with interest.

Someone cleared their throat, and stepped forward.

"Blue, I do think you've done a wonderful job at bringing the stone," a cheetah said, her voice smooth and calm. "But now that we have it here... wasn't it supposed to go the monkeys?"

A green monkey jumped up and down and howled with excitement. "Yes! Yes! It IS ours! Ha! Ha ha ha!"

"Clover, calm down before you hurt yourself," a voice growled in the shadows. "It does belong to the monkeys, but Blue, why didn't you take it to the monkeys?"

Blue rolled his eyes, and muttered, "Luna stopped me from taking it to them because 'they were going to get me for sure'! Sorry Leo, tell the monkeys their precious stone is coming a day late. I'll take the stone to Zios first thing in the morning tomorrow."

A huge, tawny lion stepped out of the shadows, his amber eyes seemed to burn into Blue's fur. He was the camp's leader, and whenever he gave an order, he expected it to be done.

"Alright," he snarled. "Ginger is probably wondering where her stone is..."

Blue lowered his gaze, his odd purple eyes staring into the ground.

An awkward silence passed by, before Clover said, "My sister, you know how she is, always wanting her things right now and there!" He gave a nervous chuckle, but one glare from Leo and he was silenced.

Leo slowly padded forward towards Blue, and growled in his ear, "This is the last time I'm having Luna rescue you. She's done it countless times and everything we promise to give to a camp always gets there a day late. Tell your friend 'Moony' to stop coming after you."

Blue gulped then nodded. "Y... yes Sir."

Leo strutted out into the camp, leaving only the three behind.

Chapter 2

Blue sat in the center hut for a while until he trudged out into the camp with a frown on his face.

Luna was sitting at the edge of the camp, enjoying the view. She didn't notice Blue creeping up on her

Blue snarled and lunged at her, holding her down. Luna's gasped and shivered in fear.

"Listen well Luna," he growled at her. "Don't EVER come for me when I'm in trouble. EVER. Leo is just about to kick the both of us out of here. Today I'm delivering the Silver Stone to the monkeys without ANY delay. Understand?"

Luna noded vigorously, her eyes glazed with fear. Blue let her go and she leaped into the air, grabbed Blue by the scruff with her talons, and flew into the Zios Rainforest.

For the rest of the flight they didn't talk.

Blue's eyes scanned the rainforest below, and barked.

Luna got the message and swooped into the trees below. They landed in the center of the monkey camp.

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