The Dark Servers

Warning: This may be scary for younger viewers.

Have you ever been to the glitched servers? Of course you haven't. Anyone that has ended up in these awful places have never come out. These servers aren't like your everyday servers such as Aldan, Tigris, Nile, etc. Oh no. These are servers that are also known as the dark servers. It is very very rare to end up in these places. But few people have. In fact, one of these people could be your buddy. The way to tell if your buddy is trapped in the dark server is that they are ALWAYS online. They never go off. It is also not possible to follow them. If you go to the follow button, it will be grey.

Just like when someone is playing a game. What happens in these servers in far beyond evil. It is torture. Pain. Suffering. Now, I don't know exactly what goes on inside these servers for I have never been. But I do know this; it is the absolute worst experience you could ever have the misfortune to encounter.

There are three ways to get to the dark servers. Number one, the adventures. Each time you leave an adventure you are teleported to a different server. You may end up being teleported to the dark servers. This is the most uncommon way to get to there. The chances are about one in a thousand. The second way of getting there is the server glitch. Sometimes there is a server that has no name. It is completely blank. Some people may become quite curious about this, for it is a new type if never-before seen glitch. Clicking it will take you to the dark server. The last way is the famous "untitled room." Now don't get me wrong, this room is extremely fun to play around in, but this isn't just an empty black room. On the very rare occasion, if you go to the edge of the room, you are transported to the dark servers.

Animal jam has no control over how these servers work. But they can remove them from jammer's access. This is why the dark servers are so uncommon to come across. But they find a way to get through. They always do. These evil people are from the deep web. They are cruel and heartless. They don't care about your emotions, they love watching you in pain. No one knows how long you're trapped there or if you even get out. Now, you're probably wondering if you accidentally get into the servers, will you be able to leave quickly so they won't see you? Well, yes. But there is a very low chance of arriving unnoticed. If you're lucky and I mean lucky, the members won't be in the township. The members are the sick people who are a part of the dark servers. As soon as they see one of the outsiders, as in you, they will attack.

I don't know the description of the members, but I do know they are wolves. Very detailed and disturbing looking wolves. If they aren't there, you slip away. If they do see you, don't scream, run or hide. Once you enter their view, they are given the ability to control you and your computer. But there is one thing they can't control: your emotions. They want you to live every single torturous moment. What you must do is click your change animals button and choose to make a new animal. There will be only one animal to choose from. You select it. You do not change the name. The name you are given is "untitled". And the only choice you have is to become one of them.

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