Everyone knows who arctic wolves are. The most popular animal in Jamaa. But lately, the snow leopards have become more and more popular. And the wolves want revenge.

Chapter 1

Myth was a very famous animal. She had millions of fans banging on her door every day and night. But today, only 508 fans were there instead of 1,349,394,234. So Myth decided to see what happened. She went to her BFF's house. She saw thousands of fans screaming at her friend, who is a snow leopard. Myth started to cry. How could she do this? she thought. After all I've done for her! Myth screamed as loud as she could to get attention. Everyone stared at her. And then Myth took the butterfly knife from her pocket. She walked inside the leopards home and stabbed her in the back, literally. The leopard gasped and screamed in pain.

All of them will perish... Myth thought.

The next day, the mayor of Sarepia Forest, Infinity Snowywolf, heard about the news.

"That wolf is a mad woman!" he said to the city council. "We need to do something, NOW!"

So he hired a personal assassin to kill Myth, as was voted.

But the assassin decided to not kill her, instead, turn her into a snow leopard. He grabbed a potion from his belt and poured it into a wine glass. Then, the assassin dressed up as a classy arctic wolf and invited Myth to Les Décès Magiques, the finest diner in Jamaa, and gave the her the wine glass. When he left, Myth drank the enchanted wine. It turned her into a leopard without her even knowing.

Chapter 2

Myth was excited for her date with the wolf. She pampered up and put on earrings. When she checked the mirror to see how she looked. she screamed. "I'm the ugliest thing ever!"

She was afraid to go to the diner with the wolf. Myth would just make a fool of herself. But she went anyway because she loved him.

At the diner, she went up to the assassin. "Um...excuse me...but I'm here for the date...with you..."

"Ah, Madam Mythical?" he said, "I have been expecting you."

Myth blushed. "Huh? You have?!"

"Yes," he smiled. "You're that young snow leopard I met before, oui?"

Myth knew he was just playing alone. He knew that she was that arctic wolf for some reason. "Um...yes..." she blushed again. "Yes I am!" she did a little fist pump.

Meanwhile, a strange lion and a young lion cub were sitting at the table next to them.

"Daddy, what are we doing?" the cub asked. The father looked at her. "We are going to kill that imposter." The cub looked scared. "But why?" The father looked at the cub again.

"Because she is an arctic wolf, an enemy of the lions."

The cub stared at Myth. "Let me do it!" she said happily.

"OK, then," the father chuckled, "Go on ahead!"

The cute little cub went up to the leopard and sliced her neck. Myth was gasping for breath. And then the assassin took a small bottle full of weird liquid from his tuxedo pocket and poured the substance on Myth's neck.

The cut was gone. The cub stared at the wolf in fear. "H-how did you do that?" She asked.

"Oh, just a little bit of cactus juice..." he said, "NOW SCRAM, RUNT!" he growled.

The cub ran all the way home with the father chasing after her.

Myth kissed the assassin. "Thank you. Now, I didn't get your name before. What is it?"

"Just call me Enchanted, madam," he said politely. "Just call me that and you shall not be hurt."

Chapter 3

Myth was now home in her cozy bed. She dreamed about Enchanted and how much she loved him. But then, she dreamt of dark things. Otters bleeding to death, eagles cutting themselves with cactus needles. And then, the worst part was seeing Enchanted in a dark phantom throne with her beside him in love. Then in the dream Myth watched as Jamaa was destroyed and replaced with an arctic wolf kingdom. Then, Enchanted pushed her in a vat of lava and laughed as she burned.

Myth woke up screaming. "QUIET!" a voice said. Myth looked around for the person and realized something.

She was in prison. In a dark, cold cell, all alone.

And then she realized that the voice was Enchanted.

He was watching her in the tiny cell. Enchanted was really a prison guard. And he arrested her!

Why did I even love him? She thought. My life is just a mistake...

Then Enchanted opened the cell. He looked at Myth with cold, blue eyes. His fluffy white fur was wet and dirty. Then, the worst words Myth ever heard came out.

"Get ready, you filthy clan cat." he growled, "Your execution is planned for tomorrow..."

To be continued!

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