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Interviewing "Little" about "The Incident"

The Story

"You know, I was just a wolf. Just a wolf called "Little". I was just walking through Sarepia forest when I saw a deer. I didn't want to cause a big commotion, so I just said "Hi, deer", then I kept walking on. I noticed the deer was tailing me, so I stopped. I was about to ask what's up?? when the deer KICKED me with a sharp hoof. I fell to the ground whimpering. My ribs felt crushed and every time I tried to breath, a shooting jolt of pain coursed through my body. The deer stood over me, eyes glinting maliciously in the sunlight. Then the deer did the unexpected: it LAUGHED. I understand if a deer kicks me for fear, but a deer kicking me for fun?? That's unheard of. You may say, 'You hunted 'em. You deserve it, but I NEVER even TRIED hunting any animal. The deer laughed a deep, low, hearty laugh and kicked me again in the head. Everything started going blurry, and the deep hearty laughing filled up my world, my head, my mind.... and everything went black."

"I'm dead, I thought. I 'm - WAIT!! If I am dead, how am I still thinking this?! I snapped my eyes open. My arms and legs hurt. Oh. I just blinked. That's all. The deer saw my eyes open and kicked me again. I yowled in pain. Another deer came over. The new deer had spots. Let's call her "Spot". Spot came over and kicked the deer that kicked me. There was a huge kicking fight with me caught in between. In the end, bystanders called the police and took them away. The deer that kicked me was trailed and put to jail for 1 day. He swore everlasting vengeance on me and Spot.... uh oh... I wonder what's next??"

How did I get everlasting hate on me?? Why did the deer kick me?? Why did Spot come rescue me?? Why did everything happen this way?? Well, I think those questions will be answered, because the kicking deer is coming my way right now......"

To Be Continued

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