Rogue glanced at her heels, tearing. Flesh had shown, and beads of sweat rolled down her forehead. Her brown hair darkened and was moist in sweat, and her gold wolf eyes creased. This was the time to prove herself. She leapt from one board to the other, her eyes trained on the gleaming knives on the bottom. She fell once, but it only hurt a little bit, and never went deep in the skin. Her teacher, Mr. Vhan, glared at her. "Very well," he said, eyeing the other students, Grimm, Rocky, and Luna. Four of them total. Rogue looked at Grimm, angrily. He had jet black hair and icy blue eyes. No matter how charming he looked, he was surely her enemy. He did everything better it seemed. Rocky, on the other hand, hand straw colored hair, and sea green eyes. He always helped Rogue in times of trouble, yet she felt no affection for him. Then there was Luna. Midnight blonde hair that covered her face, and violet eyes. They were about fifteen years old a piece, and were trained to kill. To kill the ones that brought hate in the world. The ones who drowned Christians mercilessly. Rogue never understood it, her mother placed her in this program to destroy. Besides, it would be at least ten more years until they would do the real thing.

When Rogue reached the finishing board, she pressed her hands against her knees, panting. She brushed her shoulder against Grimm, taunting him. Grimm rushed to the start, his eyes straight into Rogue's. He cracked his knuckles, and finished the obstacle, a second faster. "Very well, student." Mr. Vhan brightened. "The fastest time of the week."

"You always steal my thunder," protested Rogue.

"Ain't my fault. You're just weak." He grinned, brushing a blade of black hair behind his ear. 

Rocky wrapped his arm around Rogue. "Ignore him," he whispered. 

"Hands off," Rogues shooed his hands off. "That little bi-"

"Sweet, he's just the same cocky guy he'll always be." Luna combed her fingers through her hair. Rogue hated how Luna always called her Sweet. It just wasn't fair.

During knife training, Rogue was sure that she would destroy Grimm. "Rogue, Luna, you will use separate dummies. The same goes for Grimm and Rocky." Mr. Vhan instructed. Luna threw her first, hitting the leg of the dummy. Rogue watched as Rocky aimed, nearly hitting the center. She reached for the knife, catching it while it flew in the air. She chewed her gum, aimed, and threw. It whirled towards the center, and unexpectedly, Grimm ran in front of it and caught it in mid flight. "Are you crazy?" Rocky spat, his green eyes staring into the icy blue ones. Grimm smiled as he handed the knife to Luna, wiping blood on his pants. "Showoff," Rogue muttered. She was about to hit that bullseye. "Damn that hot-head." She threw the knife angrily, right on the dummy's head.

All night Rogue practiced with a gun, a knife, a sword, and all the other weapons. It soothed her anger. She pretended the dummy was Grimm, and shot it over and over, until it disintegrated into a hideous practice target. "He really is a dummy," she muttered to herself. Luna crept out in her sleep uniform, sitting down to watch. "Anger won't help," she said quietly.

"I honestly don't care. That animal is a disaster. Pretending to be better. He knows I can actually kill. He knows he can't. I just-"

"Sweetie-" Luna began, tilting her head.

"Call me Sweetie one more time, and I'll-"

Rocky broke in. "Ladies," he said softly."Calm down. You all should go to bed."

Rogue rolled her eyes and shoved him. The shove hurt not Rocky, but her. Rocky was always like a good friend, and she treated him like this? An stomped off to the balcony, which was high in the sky, reaching the clouds. Grimm stood next to her, resting his arms on her shoulders. "Get off me." She snapped.

"Look, I'm sorry," he said. "I shouldn't have done that."

"But you did," Rogue's eyes met his.

"I regret it. I really have been a hot-head." He said sarcastically.

"So you heard me." Rogue whispered back, blushing. She forced her mind to say that she didn't like him. But her insides bubbled. 

Grimm noticed her constant shivering. "Cold?" He asked.

In fear of him offering his jacket, she muttered, "No."

It was as if he read her mind. "Don't worry, I wasn't really gonna give it to you." He laughed. "Just make you jealous that I was warm and you weren't."

Rogue playfully punched him in the stomach.

"What?" He grinned, leaning against her. 

"You aren't much of a gentleman." She giggled.

Grimm raised his eyebrows. "I'm a fighter, not proper."

"I guess you're right," Rogue looked at him. 

They stood in silence for a while. "I have to go to bed now," finished Rogue.

"I guess I should too," agreed Grimm, slowly walking off. Then something happened.

Rogue grabbed his sweater, pulled him close, and kissed him. He didn't pull away, just kissed her back. Rogue thought how good he smelled, but then realized that, assassins couldn't have a connection with each other. She went straight to bed. 

The next morning, Grimm smiled at her, and she returned a frown.

"I thought you and Grimm were-" Luna began.

"No. We were not. We never have been." Rogue replied sharply.

"I actually thought you liked me," Grimm said sarcastically. "I mean, you kissed me."

"I was clueless. Last night never happened. I never kissed you, I never liked you, whatever." Rogue turned her head. Luna looked shocked, and Rocky seemed relieved.

"It's back to being enemies." Rogue ended, pushing her breakfast plate away. "I'm not hungry."

It was time for gun practice. Grimm pretended that last night never happened, just as Rogue hoped. She shot, her mind blank, as she helped Mr. Vhan teach Luna how to shoot. She wished she could just forget. "Students," began Mr. Vhan. "It is time for your first assignment. Equipt your weapons as I order." Luna reached for her pepper spray, just in case. "Rogue, stay Luna at all times." Rogue sighed as she reached for her knife, gun, extra ammo, and sword. She placed them in her belt, and added a hairpin filled with poison, and stuffed her boots with extra knives. It was a lot, but she would be prepared. "You will not kill. But you will steal." Informed Mr. Vhan. "This is practice, so the people I have hired will not physically hurt you."

Grimm went with Rocky, and Rogue went with Luna.



The mission was made clear: sneak in a totally not dangerous mansion filled with fake spies, steal a piece of plastic in a giant glass container, and avoid any possible traps. Killing was not allowed, and the first team to retrieve it would get a silver belt. Silver.

Crap I need another nerf gun

-note, I suck at writing and coming up with ideas, so since Moon is gone for a while, im continuing her stories-

The target was a large mansion like building, about eight stories high. The dummies you could shoot, the people were, well, decoys. 


I was bored ok

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