The doctor

The Doctor himself. Some say he goes to the beaches to mourn for his dead lover, really who knows?

A mysterious wolf was walking across the beach, paws treading on the blazing hot sand and yet he still traveled here, to the hot beach. Maybe it's because of the females, maybe the trading and commerce. Really, who knows. This is a few pages from the diary of that wolf, from the phantom wars to the present day. The diary of Doctor fieryninja or the Doctor.  We can only show you pages 50, 51, 52, 60 and number 365 the last page as the others are to be revealed on his death.


Page 50.

Today is a day of fear and horror as the alphas have declared war on the phantoms. This is going to be horrible as the phantoms have 5000 legions of soldiers and we only have 2500 legions of soldiers. We don't have much of a chance at defeating them. On a more positive note, I have found a mysterious plant that looks like a Venus flytrap, it's kinda cute. My magical abilities are increasing day by day and all my weapons have been sold. Soon I will be a professional sword wielding mage. My claymore has also been fused with magic. The phantoms will taste my claymore during battle.

Page 51

I've been assigned to Greely's personal legion. In my own personal opinion its kind of a stretch. Met the great wolf himself, he's a great wolf and he's not an alpha for nothing. The Venus flytrap I've found eats phantom blood. I've taken it to Greely's lab. He says its a prototype chomper gone an interesting path. We gave it a small phantom, amazingly it was eaten in one bite by it. My mage abilities have reached maximum for wolves and tomorrow, I leave for the front lines.

Page 52

First day of battle, absolutely horrible. Almost half of the legion was slaughtered in battle. We battled against the phantoms most powerful legion. They don't call it the most powerful for nothing. My best buds Captain darkninja and Master Tinyclaws were killed in an artillery blast along with 100 others. May they rest in peace. If it wasn't for the plant, we would've lost many more. I've given it a name, Audrey Two after my first ex girlfriend. It's begun to speak. It too realizes the effects of this war. It's also a very good blues singer. We hear that the phantoms have attacked many small towns and have been setting up bases all over. Hopefully we will decimate the phantoms in at least a year. We leave for the first town in 2 days. Another damned battle tomorrow.

Page 60

This has been the sixth small town we have liberated from the phantoms. The plant has been invaluable in destroying the phantom legions. There are now only 2000 phantom legions remaining currently. No main legions are currently remaining so far. Unfortunately only 1550 of our legions remain, I guess that's the price of this plant. I've found something absolutely terrifying. The phantoms have been making trap inns so they can eat innocent animals. Fortunately I saved the fox who was gonna be eaten from my old enemy Palagon, who I met in my second battle. Audrey two liked him very much as a meal. I've taken a personal interest in the fox who was saved from that abomination of a trap. Greely doesn't mind, although the other wolves will probably grow jealous. Her name is Ruby.

Page 365, the last page.

The war has ended. Its been 30 days since Ruby died at the hands of the phantom king. Today I brutally slaughtered him and Audrey two ate the remaining warrior phantoms. Greely and the other alphas have left until they need to come again and we need their help, they also have taken Audrey Two with them. The remaining 300 legions have been disbanded but are ready to come back into battle if necessary. I'm starting a new life as a trader and hunter, I hope I will live well and remember that this war should never happen again. But I shall still be available for returning if necessary.


The diary still belongs to the Doctor as I am writing this, his orders on his death are that the diary be put in a museum and made into a book. He still lives and has supervised the reproduction of these pages. Palagon was a black arctic wolf that was turned to the side of the phantoms. He was eaten by Audrey Two. Ruby was a poor fox who fell in love with doctor after being trapped in a false inn for trapping living creatures as food. She was killed by the phantom king after finding his weak spot, she was pregnant with the doctors son. This is never meant to be edited, altered or plagiarized. If you do so you will be destroyed by the doctors own paws.

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